Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: “Close the Borders! Tackle Islam!”

Geert Wilders and the PVV (Party for Freedom) released the following open letter today addressed to Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands:

Open letter to the Dutch Prime Minister

Prime Minister,

Yesterday’s joint statement by the cabinet and the Jewish organizations about the growing anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is worthless. There is an elephant in the room, but you refuse to see it.

Such lax behavior is unworthy of a Prime Minister.

You are afraid of Islam and therefore refuse to say what everyone knows: the more Islam in the Netherlands, the more anti-Semitism one will get.

“Together we are responsible for ensuring that conflicts that occur elsewhere in the world do not lead to tensions and conflicts between groups in our Dutch society,” you state.

What nonsense!

We are not responsible together; you are responsible!

That “conflicts that occur elsewhere in the world” lead to tensions in the Netherlands is due to the fact that you do not close our borders to people from Muslim countries. As a consequence, you allow the hatred of Jews, Christians, atheists, and non-Muslims in general, which characterizes the Islamic world, to spread throughout the Netherlands.

Do something about it, Prime Minister: Close the borders! Tackle Islam! Lock Jew-haters and Isis-supporters up and expel them. Do your duty, and reduce anti-Semitism in the Netherlands by reducing Islam.

Yours sincerely,
Geert Wilders

11 thoughts on “Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: “Close the Borders! Tackle Islam!”

  1. In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is seen as a revolutionary act.

    Vote PVV

  2. These politicians that continue to favour muslim immigration, do they think that there will not be trials and retribution. The delusions they function under are, in an odd way, impressive.

  3. Someone at some point in near time is going to have to pull the trigger on the Islamic tormentors and their enablers. What part of “Christian and Jew hating peaceful muslim” do we not understand – yet? One co-ordinated suicide assault anywhere and we will have our knickers in a serious twist – again. I’m being rediculous – aren’t I?

    • I don’t really think so.
      As someone on another blog put it, sort of, Europeans can go from kumbaya to jackboots faster than anyone on the planet. This is provided that they finally get fed up.
      Americans are some of the most vicious killers in history-again once we get riled up.
      The problem is that both are still, with few exceptions, asleep. The Holger Dansk picture on the sidebar of this blog is an apt metaphor.

    • “Someone at some point in near time is going to have to pull the trigger on the Islamic tormentors and their enablers”.

      The sentence above captures our dilemma well.
      1 Citizens in the West obey the law by instinct.
      2 In general we do not take the law into our own hands.
      3 We are unarmed and unaccustomed to violence.

      However, Muslims do not share points 1 and 2 and take advantage of point 3. They are inspired, prepared and positively eager to work outside every law but Sharia.

      Dr Warner at “Political Islam” suggests we stop talking about the problem and start demonstrating, on the streets.

      However, many people who understand the Islamic problem and would be willing to demonstrate are middle aged or women or young men and women with no experience or inclination to participate in running battles. Given the behavior of Antifa and police inaction, demonstrating has become a dangerous activity. We have no choice in the matter. We must fight fire with fire.

      Muslims have fallen into the habit of intimidating the public in various ways. Their demonstrations make extravagant and often violent claims. And groups of Muslims in some cities accost members of the public near Mosques to instruct them on how to behave according to Sharia.

      Both are good examples of how to undermine public self-confidence. Let us turn the tables.

      1 Demonstrations : Any (peaceful) organization which opposes the Islamization of the West must contain some individuals capable and ready to meet violence with violence. The Jewish Defence League in France is a start in that direction.

      Those individuals should be chosen for the following traits.
      1 They are intelligent and fully understand what we face.
      2 They are young, fit and capable of fighting aggressively.
      3 Most important, they are disciplined, capable of functioning as a group and are able to control their tempers in the heat of action.

      When a peaceful demonstration is attacked, the stewards react immediately and forcefully. They don’t look for trouble but deal forcefully with it when it occurs. Eventually, the message will get through to Muslims and their allies extravagant behavior will no longer be tolerated.

      2 Policing the streets : At the moment the streets belong to Muslims, particularly in Muslim areas.
      We can change this by applying the Islamic method. The aim is to intimidate them in precisely the way they feel they have a right to intimidate us.

      Accost individual Muslims in the street and explain to them why their behavior, dress and general appearance is not acceptable and what the consequences will be if that individual is intercepted again. Consequences are implied rather than detailed. This must be done in a disciplined way. Indeed, being accosted by two or three politely determined but deadly serious individuals would frighten most folk. No violence is necessary. And a complaint to the police is difficult to substantiate.

      For those who believe any of this is wrong, I would say both approaches are certainly preferable to civil war.

        • Civil war is inevitable. It’s either that or Europe will become a carbon copy of the middle east and africa. Choose your pick.

  4. …..Same old story, I’m afraid. Reluctantly, I have concluded that the only way to achieve positive change is for a pan-European popular uprising and the man above is the most qualified to lead it.

  5. The mess we are in and is there an end to it?

    I am surprised that even Geert Wilders does not see that his government wants the violence. And it is apparent if not obvious.

    We know the government does not want to integrate Muslims in our society because if they did they would promote integration. Allowing sections of towns and cities to become increasingly Sharia self governing areas cut off from the rest of society by Sharia – from this it cannot be but utterly clear that the government is not seeking integration. You can’t seek integration and actively and aggressively promote separation.

    And the same holds true from integrating Sharia concepts form the basis of national and popular law. Making your law compatible with Sharia is to replace your law with Sharia law.

    The people have voted, they vote wrong, we need to overthrow the people and replace them with new people – Muslims. This integration is intended to replace you.

    Otherwise I defy anyone to otherwise explain what the government is doing.

  6. Geert Wilders should keep running for higher office. He is a man with a high IQ, common sense, and a proper understanding of the dangerous Islamic situation. He should advance to the highest positions of responsibility, as his leadership is needed and indispensable. [redacted]

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