Burka Don’t You Come Around Here Anymore

A couple of years ago a group of doughty Australians (who have more, ahem, manly generative equipment — the women included — than most other Westerners) donned burkas and did a walkabout on the streets of Sydney to make a point.

As you can see from the videos below, these ladies and gents faced “discrimination” whilst in their culturally enriched garb. But it wasn’t the standard kind of WAYCISM that the mainstream media would have you expect — it was the anger of “Australian” youths that these pale-skinned interlopers should be wearing garments reserved for their own chattel womenfolk.

Sydney banks made amends for such maltreatment by allowing the Burka Boys unfettered entry to their premises — which they most assuredly would not have allowed to anyone wearing a ski mask or a visored motorcycle helmet:

These Australian videos came to mind a couple of days ago when a freelance British journalist and producer emailed me about a documentary she intends to produce for the BBC in which young men put on burkas to test the reaction of passersby when they go out on the street.

As it turns out, Vlad Tepes also received a copy of the same email. Now, I hadn’t expected that BBC documentary would have the same “Islamophobic” intentions as those bag-headed Australians. However, I hadn’t thought out the full ramifications of the Beeb’s scam like Vlad has. Below is a cross-post of what he had to say.

The BBC plans to run another burka scam.
By Eeyore for Vlad

To be perfectly fair it is quite possible that Kate Mead, the freelance journalist who is doing this piece for the BBC, may well be sincere and may well not understand this the same way. Its also possible that she is not setting up her social experiment the way I suspect she is. But as pretty much all the other similar articles I have read are designed to deliver the same results I figure it is probably safe to at least speculate that this BBC repetition of it will likely be set up the same, will yield the same results and for the same reasons.

Below, the contents of an email forwarded to me by someone who received it directly from Ms. Mead.

Subject: Documentary

Dear Sir or Madam

I came across your blog while researching for information about a documentary I am developing for BBC Three and I wonder whether you can help. We are in the second stage of our development for this one-off programme which will look at the Burka and whether it should be banned in the UK.

We are currently looking for young men (18-35) to take part in this project who have strong views either in favour of a ban or opposing it. The idea is that they will journey around the country speaking to various women about their experiences – positive and negative – and work with a Muslim social worker who encourages men to experiment with the experience by wearing a Burka themselves for a few days. It is meant to be an accessible look at the issue of Burkas in the UK for a young audience and we hope that our contributors will go on a journey of discovery that might change or intensify their feelings.

As we are looking for potential contributors throughout the UK, we would be really keen to hear from anyone articulate, passionate about the subject and willing to explore the issue directly. I thought that one or several of your writers might be interested in this and would welcome hearing from them. Please do forward my details and invite them to get in touch. I would be most grateful for any help you can give.

We are currently doing screen tests to take back to the channel ahead of commission. This would take about half an hour and we can travel to where they live or pay expenses.

I hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Kate Mead
(Contact info redacted)

The first problem of course is that it is a setup for tyranny either way. The question is not whether or not to ban a style of clothing. One does not guarantee personal freedom by draconian laws on women’s fashion, even if this is more than just matter of women’s fashion. The solution to the burka problem is giving back people the freedom to discriminate for their own interests and for society to discriminate based on what is in the public interest.

This translates to private store owners having the right to refuse admission to people who are wearing a disguise whether that disguise is a Nixon mask, a pig’s head or a burka and in the public sector, to refuse admittance to people wearing a disguise in public transport, in public buildings and so on. This is more than reasonable, it is actually necessary. While this looks like a nudge nudge style banning of the burka it is not. If women want to wear fundamentalist islamic garb good. Then let them. That way we can know who they are, as the degree of threat they represent to liberal democracy is directly proportional to the degree of religiosity they display. But wearing a disguise in public should be illegal and in many cases already is, and exceptions are made for muslims. So once again, the real solution is not a new law, but to stop making exceptions for the existing ones. Just try and walk into a bank with a motorcycle helmet and a tinted visor and see how long you stay in line.

Now on to what I suspect is a public sympathy scam for the BBC:

Imagine you took a class of grade 7 kids who had not learned any 20th century history at all, and not even having even heard of, let alone played Wolfenstein 3D, had no idea who the Nazis were. Now tell them that you were doing an experiment to show them how racist people are towards certain groups and you were going to dress them up as members of a group and they are to report how they are treated over a week of wearing these costumes so they could understand it from the minority’s point of view.

Now imagine you see all kinds of 12 year olds walking downtown in Waffen SS uniforms heiling and goose stepping with total absence of conscience about what it is they represent. How do you think they will adjust their sympathies? Frankly I am surprised the Neo-Nazis haven’t thought of this yet. I suppose they don’t have enough control over schools or the media to get away with it.

Of the several similar experiments of this nature I have seen, this is how it generally works out. The people wear a burka, are treated in a somewhat cold and occasionally even hostile manner, and then the subject develops empathy towards the wearers of the burka, even as the kids would almost certainly feel that racist co-residents of their city have an irrational hatred of Nazis just because they wear a different kind of suit and hat.

It should be normal to show contempt to burka wearers when they expect to interact with the public 100% on their own terms, where they are invulnerable to you because you cannot tell who they are as well as that the burka is the uniform of a culture and legal system utterly bent on the destruction of our entire being and history.

Personally it shocks me that people can walk around in a burka and not be treated exactly as people wearing Nazi uniforms, the white sheets of the KKK or a full on Mao suit should be treated in a public street, which is with scorn and contempt and most importantly, defiance.

A final note to our British readers from the Baron: If you’re planning to participate in Ms. Mead’s project, you’d be well-advised to keep Vlad’s caveat in mind. If you are in fact being used to score multicultural points against “Islamophobes”, it may be possible, through prior awareness, to subvert the BBC’s intentions.

However, in that case the final cut of the documentary would probably omit any footage of you from the project. So the whole thing might end up being wasted effort on your part.

10 thoughts on “Burka Don’t You Come Around Here Anymore

  1. Making final cuts to omit disagreeable footage of a documentary that purports to conduct an experiment would be like a scientist conducting an experiment and hiding data that do not comply with his theory. The scientist would be charged with fraud and maybe worse. The journalist would be granted editing privilege.

  2. Hmmm, in the past I have wondered what a Moslem cross-dressing male could possibly do. Flaunt it in Western style, not flaunt it in Burka style. These guys (partly) do this to say “look at me”. The burka doesn’t help that. Anyway, has the odious organ called the BBC seen my meanderings on this and have thought of a way to end the game of victim poker? Behind everything the BBBC does is an agenda. Watch them like a hawk, they let their guards down so often I wonder how they still have their charter.

    • “Behind everything the BBC does is an agenda…” Absolutely correct. Every BBC programme, whatever the subject, is calculated to have its audience think in a particular way.

  3. A variation of the “blue-eyed/brown-eyed” fractured empathy exercise with the Burka as the prop and an agenda inspired social worker as the deviant-pacifier of the lab mice deconstructing their fear and alarm.

  4. Mao suits? They are still widely worn in China, where Mao still has many sympathizers–probably about half the population I would guess. There is no stigma attached to them, nor is there any multiculti or race-hate angle. Wouldn’t want to think GoV was merely parroting bien-pensant stereotypes here, you know.

    • I wasn’t “parroting” anything, I was quoting Vlad, who is hardly a bien-pensant.

      By the way — he and I are talking about Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia, not China.

  5. I have recently been drawing an affidavit for proceedings in New South Wales. I note that the witness must, when signing, declare inter alia having seen the face of the deponent at the time the affidavit was made, unless it is covered for good reason. Good reason is further defined as ‘medical’–i.e., you’ve got bandages on.

  6. Here in the Middle East the burka is an overt sign of alliance with Islamic fundimentalism, whilst the Hijab (head covering) is mandated by Islam, the Burka is ‘voluntary’ and tends to be inposed on women by peer pressure. If I were to walk through Beersheva, the Duttee (extreme religious talmudic) Jewish women will be in their long black skirts with their hair covered (if married), the muslim women will be in pretty colours but with Hejab. Israeli Arabs are the freest in the world, but they too must go through the motions of Islam as enforced by their communities.

    The wearing of a ‘uniform’ seems to be part of human psyche, it is an identity statement, and perhaps an icon of ‘ownership’.

  7. Before the appearance of Islam in Britain, the last time anyone dressed in that manner they were called highwaymen.

  8. I wonder if the documentary will recount any of these other experiments involving men wearing burkas?

    Men in burkas robbed Selfridges in London.

    Man in burka robs jewellery shop in Burnley
    (Part of a gang consisting of muslims: http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/9491004.Armed_robber_holds_up_jeweller___wearing_a_burka/)

    Terrorist allowed to pass through British airport and escape – wearing a burka, of course.

    Woman conceals identity behind burka to throw acid in another woman’s face.

    Man in a burka robs jewellery shop in Rusholme, Manchester (an area as islamic as Tower Hamlets).

    6’6″ man in burka robs jewellery store in the Midlands.

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