“It’s More Than Worry: It’s Fear”

Sarcelles is a culturally enriched suburb north of Paris. Last weekend, especially on Sunday, Sarcelles was catapulted into the headlines by pro-Palestinian demonstrations that metamorphosed into anti-Jewish riots targeting a synagogue and Jewish businesses. The smoldering shop fronts and smashed display windows were reminiscent of Kristallnacht in 1938, only this time the perpetrators were not blond blue-eyed Europeans wearing uniforms, but culture-enrichers wearing sweatshirts, sneakers, and baseball caps — “youths” exemplifying France’s rich rainbow tapestry of vibrant diversity.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this French news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Translator’s note: “Be aware that Chanel 2 — French State TV, probably the French equivalent of the BBC — are dhimmi and Islamophile, so it must be really getting bad over there if even they come out on the side of the Jews.”

Below are excerpts from several news articles about last weekend’s violence in Sarcelles. First, from The Local (hat tip Fjordman):

Pro-Palestinian rally near Paris ends in violence

A Pro-Palestinian demo ended in violence in a Paris suburb on Sunday, just a day after a similar rally to denounce Israel’s attack on Gaza in the centre of the French capital, also descended into a riot as protesters clash with police.

A rally in the Paris suburb town of Sarcelles that had also initially been banned ended in chaos as several cars were burnt or vandalised, shops were looted and young protesters lit firecrackers and smoke bombs.

Early Sunday evening, tensions were still high in the town, with riot police blocking access to the local synagogue, where a group of young vigilantes stood armed with clubs and iron bars — one of them flying an Israeli flag.

The violence echoed similar scenes at a banned pro-Palestinian rally in the cente of Paris on Saturday afternoon.

As the evening wore on in Sarcelles, looters then began raiding shops, wrecking a funeral home and destroying its front window as several protesters shouted: “F*** Israel!”.

Others raided a drugstore which caught fire. Young girls grabbed baby milk inside.

“We’re going to get the cash register,” one person shouted, his voice drowned by the noise of a police helicopter overhead and the alarm of a nearby pizzeria.

Security forces then fired rubber bullets in the direction of the looters as police helicopters buzzed overhead.

At least 13 rioters had been arrested by the early evening, and four policemen had been hospitalised with several others injured. There were also reports of journalists being attacked by the rioters.

Le Figaro newspaper also reported that a molotov cocktail had been thrown at a synagogue in the area, which was being garded by police. The makeshift incendiary device exploded next to the building but did not set it alight, the newspaper reported.

“The atmosphere is very tense, we are waiting for reinforcements from the gendarmes,” one police officer told Le Figaro.


Organisers have defiantly called for another rally in the French capital on Saturday, starting at 1300 GMT in the central Republic Square.

The Israeli offensive has stoked passions in France, which has the largest Muslim population in western Europe as well as a 500,000-strong Jewish community.

From Al Bawaba (hat tip JP):

Fears grow in France as anti-Israel protests turn violent

Fears are growing that the Gaza conflict could transfer to the streets of France after Jewish-owned shops were burned and pillaged last night during a second violent pro-Palestinian demo in the space of two days.

Riot police held back a mob of youths who tried to attacks two synagogues in the town of Sarcelles in the northern Paris suburbs.

A pro-Gaza demonstration in a town with a large Jewish population began peacefully but degenerated into attacks on Jewish and Chaldean businesses and four hours of running battles between youths and police.

Several cars were burned. Three shops, including a Kosher grocery, were burned and pillaged. A railway station was severely damaged.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneve said today: “When you menace synagogues and when you burn a grocery because it is Jewish-owned, you are committing anti-Semitic acts… That is intolerable. Protest against Israel is legitimate. Nothing can justify such violence.”

The riot in Sarcelles — which was for many years run by disgraced French politician, Dominique Strauss-Kahn — followed violent scenes during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in northern Paris on Saturday afternoon.

From ABC News (hat tip JP):

French Youth, Police Clash at Anti-Israeli Protest

Pro-Palestinian French youth defying a ban on a protest against Israel’s Gaza offensive clashed with police Sunday, setting fire to cars, pillaging stores and attacking two synagogues in Paris suburbs.

Police, backed by a helicopter overhead, responded with tear gas and shots from non-lethal guns during hours of unrest in the northern suburb of Sarcelles, home to a large Jewish community.


An umbrella group representing French Jews, known as CRIF, said Sunday night that the Sarcelles synagogue was attacked. The group said that in nearby Garges les Gonesse, Molotov cocktails were thrown at another synagogue, starting a small fire that was quickly extinguished.


France “will tolerate no act, no words that could give rise to anti-Semitism,” [President François] Hollande said.

The words by the French leaders were ignored by Sunday’s events.

In Sarcelles, several hundred young protesters broke away from a calm pro-Palestinian gathering to riot and clash with police. Some went after the synagogue, CRIF said. Scores of Jewish youth — some armed with iron bars — then encircled a synagogue to “protect” it, watched by a cordon of police.

Video transcript:

00:00   This morning in Sarcelles, the day after clashes in several areas, especially
00:04   around the synagogue. Five hours of urban guerrilla and violence targeting
00:08   the Jewish community, anti-Semitic violence, denounced by the Prime Minister,
00:12   riots which exploded at the margins of a pro-Palestinian rally.
00:16   Reporting by David Fossard:
00:20   a still smoking heap in the middle of the road,
00:24   burned-down, ransacked shops after five hours of attacks,
00:28   the streets of Sarcelles are defaced. At 3 pm
00:32   yesterday the start was calm.
00:36   Despite the ban on the demonstration,
00:40   pro-Palestinians assembled to let their voices be heard.
00:44   (shouts: Israel Assassin) It’s not possible (inaudible)
00:48   it’s a demonstration of support, it’s not to smash
00:52   (unclear). Yet, when dispersal is announced,
00:56   a group of demonstrators head to the synagogue and militants of the Jewish Defence League.
01:00   A cordon of riot police faces them.
01:04   The face-off is violent. Stones against tear gas.
01:08   A car in the middle is set on fire, too.
01:12   Then the thugs attack shops.
01:16   This tobacconist’s is sacked.
01:20   Shop manager: They tore off the curtain.
01:24   There were dozens to enter and vandalise
01:28   the inside and take valuable objects
01:32   such as tobacco, stamps, games.
01:36   They are not demonstrators, they are thugs,
01:41   they are thieves. Among the targeted shops, this kosher grocer,
01:45   already victim of an attack two years ago.
01:49   18 persons have been arrested, 11 were still detained this morning.
01:53   During a visit at the synagogue, the Interior Minister
01:57   has firmly condemned this violence.
02:01   It’s intolerable that one attacks
02:05   synagogues or shops because they belong to
02:09   Jews. Nothing can justify the anti-Semitism.
02:13   In the days leading up to the rally, posters
02:17   and graffiti appeared. Calls to come equipped and armed.
02:21   Advertisements which announced already what was to come.
02:25   The emotion is huge because 15,000 Jews mix with an important
02:29   Muslim community. By the way, the town is called “Little Jerusalem”.
02:33   The coexistence had been rather peaceful, but today
02:37   the Jewish community is in shock:
02:41   Sarcelles, unrecognisable this morning, licks its wounds.
02:45   This town for so long paraded for its multiculturalism.
02:49   The siege of one of the most important Jewish communities in Europe,
02:53   between 12,000 and 15,000 Jews who are devastated today.
02:57   I have lived here 41 years, we have never seen this.
03:01   They should not do this.
03:05   To see the shop of (Nauri?) and the other shop
03:09   where I buy my papers, it’s horrible.
03:13   We are in a war.
03:17   Onlookers also share their anger.
03:21   What happens in the Middle East is political, it’s their problem.
03:25   We are Jews, it’s their problem, they should not mix up everything.
03:30   The Jewish community of Sarcelles started
03:34   in the sixties with the decolonisation. Jews from North Africa
03:38   settle down massively in this new city, in the Val d’Oise.
03:42   It is estimated that 60% still keep kosher
03:46   and practice their religious holidays.
03:50   Since then the city has cultivated its specificity, Jews and Muslims side by side, peacefully.
03:54   It’s the first time that Sarcelles has been the theatre of such violence
03:58   This place was created by
04:02   immigration, an encounter between Jews,
04:06   Muslims, Christians, and all communities.
04:10   What happened is a first, and must be condemned. A pharmacy destroyed
04:14   by yesterday’s riots. A symbol: The staff were here,
04:18   Jews and Muslims. We always worked together.
04:22   All communities were in this pharmacy.
04:26   Everything was always good among us, we would never have thought
04:30   that such things could happen here in Sarcelles.
04:34   You were happy to work together? Yes, frankly,
04:38   it was a joy to work here.
04:42   The town mayor visits the Jewish community,
04:46   aware of the trauma. For the first time they have seen
04:50   HATRED. Anti-Semitism has been here for a long time, they lived with it,
04:54   but such a hatred, such a collective violence that attacks the community,
04:58   they have never seen that. So it’s more than worry, it’s fear,
05:02   anxiety, and so people are terrorised today.
05:06   Tears must be tried in Sarcelles, trust between communities must be rebuilt,
05:10   seriously damaged. Other reactions
05:14   come from the Prime Minister…

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

29 thoughts on ““It’s More Than Worry: It’s Fear”

  1. Savages.

    Dirt worshippers.


    Typical sons of Essau.

    America, here it comes. And just think…you can thank Little Pustule of Arrogance, elected twice, for it all.

  2. Why do they call them “youths” when they are obviously rioting criminals? Just wondering. Over here, in USA, I think we would call them criminals, at least out here in the midwest where do know what we see, unlike on the coasts.

    • Well, when they’re black, they’re known as “teenagers”.

      In any news report about the “knockout game” or flash mobs, “teenager” is now a media code word for “young black person”.

    • “Why do they call them “youths” when they are obviously rioting criminals?”
      I think they call them youths to confuse the public and throw sand in their eyes, and ask for sympathy and understanding for them. Because, we ourselves were youths once, and we must remember that we did the same “irrational” boisterous horsy behaviour. Obviously we behaved rough when we were youths, well some of us, but the difference, these criminals youths have a definite agenda, and no one dare punish them.

  3. What will be the breaking point where steel replaces rubber?

    On a related note, the National Post (Canada) today ran a story questioning why the police are focusing on public order rather than enforcing laws, as is their job. In the case of Europe I think it’s that the muslim conquest has proceeded to the point where events documented here on a regular basis in the news feed are merely an accepted part of the new normal public ‘peace’ and order.

  4. I wish to reiterate a point I made in earlier GoV comments: the French-Jewish establishment is now crying wolf after decades of doing everything in their power to import the wolf, feed and coddle him, protect him from “racism,” “discrimination” etc.

    CRIF, which is the major pillar of that establishment, is referenced above per “An umbrella group representing French Jews, known as CRIF, said Sunday night that the Sarcelles synagogue was attacked. The group said that in nearby Garges les Gonesse, Molotov cocktails were thrown at another synagogue, starting a small fire that was quickly extinguished.”

    But CRIF is also one of the major pro-immigration (i.e. Maghrebization) and pro-multiculti forces in France. After the pogrom in Sarcelles , CRIF’s president Roger Cukierman was quick to issue a formal statement that only a small portion of the wonderful, peaceful Musulman community was responsible for these outrages. CRIF’s web-page lists “Fighting against all forms of antisemitism, racism, intolerance and exclusion” as one of its four major objectives, and does not evince any awareness that it directly undermines CRIF’s other objective which is “Affirmation of solidarity with Israel and its support toward a peaceful solution ..” etc. etc. — you can complete the rest from any John Kerry presser or statements of any other prominent prog moron http://www.crif.org/crif/pr%C3%A9sentation-du-crif/27328 .

    Following the lunatic pronoucements of top French politicians, including the “conservative” Sarkozy, CRIF encouraged some years ago the practice of interracial marriage (“métissage”) as the road to future social nirvana in France. Moreover, over years of catching references to CRIF in the French press I’ve not seen a single instance of its supporting a France-for-Frenchmen position, but have seen many evincing that CRIF considers Front National its worst enemy in that country.

    How dumbly suicidal can a group of intelligent people get? It’s too late for French or Dutch or British Jews, but American Jews still have a chance, if they but wake from their postmodern lefty Kumbaya somnambulism and Hussein Obama worship.

    • Unfortunately, they are still think about the Nazis. Fighting the last war. PTSD or some other mass disorder I think.

  5. PRICELESS: The more than five hours of urban guerrilla and anti-Semitic violence targeting the Jewish community was denounced by the Prime Minister.

    That will show them. Yes Sir denounced them as being wrong. A powerful, powerful chastisement that Prime Minister performed. I feel more safe now. Yes Siree Bob!

    Well actually the French Revolution was bogus also.

  6. Clue to the wordy broadcast. Alan Dershowitz wrote it. What a Paean to pious Liberalism. There was a “demonstration” that started calm that didn’t erupt into violence until they were pushed and then only its fringe elements.

    From the text
    00:12 riots which exploded at the margins of a pro-Palestinian rally

    00:36 Despite the ban on the demonstration,
    00:40 pro-Palestinians assembled to let their voices be heard.
    00:44 (shouts: Israel Assassin)
    00:48 it’s a demonstration of support, it’s not to smash
    00:52 Yet, when dispersal is announced,
    00:56 a group of demonstrators head to the synagogue

    If the “Demonstrators” had been gay the commentators would say a fringe elements violently expressed decorating differences with the municipality with especial attention being paid to the architecture of the Synagogue that took sustained hits.

  7. It could easily be imagined as a softening up process. Saturation first with useful idiots, bribed politicians, degenerate parties in the Gulf, massive armies of retarded yuts on standby in prisons, ghettos and……….everywhere really – for the main assault. The objective. Just inflict death and chaos on the kufars. Israel is finding out about tunnel vision. I hope the non mutant world is too.

  8. I recall way back after Regan had used his little finger to push in the rotten door that was Soviet Communism, what seemed to whiff of payback for Florida and the 1930’s. A distinctly Middle Eastern flavor was added to immigration. If so it was very short sighted and has gone terribly wrong.

  9. I would like to make compulsory to Jewish “Obama worshippers” to read Takuan Seiyo’s writings.

    • Thank you. And if any Jewish persons are reading this, do let it penetrate into your consciousness that the ADL, AJC etc. are doing to you what CRIF has done to the Jews of France.

      An item that caught my eye today is about the president of Brandeis University, Frederick Lawrence, being considered for prez of ADL. http://www.truthrevolt.org/israel-revolt/brandeis-univ-president-considering-jumping-ship-take-over-adl .

      That be the same Lawrence who disinvited Ayaan Hirsi Ali from receiving an honorary degree in April 2014, but welcomed a Mandela spawn, Ndaba, to deliver the keynote speech at Brandeis’s annual celebration of “social justice” — a speech that was anti-Israel, anti-America, and that contained other tasty delicacies like Ndaba’s assertion that Africa was the cradle of human civilization. Of course, all to a thunderous ovation of a predominantly Jewish, high-IQ, high-education audience.

      That be the same Lawrence who, after Ndaba Mandela’s speech wrote in his personal blog “DEIS Impact — our festival of social justice — gets better and better.” Who allows that a poisoned Prog Jewish antisemite, Judge Richard Goldstone, chair Brandeis’s International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life. Who, of all the great Jews who could be commemorated at a Jewish university (and why not Commodere Uriah Phillips Levy or Gen. Sidney Shachnow?) saw fit to dedicate in its library a bust of Martin Luther King (gift of an actual helper to MLK, guess his ethnicity).

      That be the same Lawrence who, as a legal scholar of “hate” has written and spoken much in favor of stiffer punishments for “hate crimes’– i.e. reaching beyond the justified punishment of a criminal or merely illegal act in order to punish the thought that inspired the act. The latter, of course, is the mantle under which Eurabia’s rulers intimidate and muzzle Europeans who object to the Islamization of their continent, and America’s rulers, Republicrats all, intimidate and muzzle Americans who object to the ruling elite’s coddling of Blacks, lying about Black crime and other dysfunctions, officially encouraging inundation by super-murderous gangstas from Central America, and so much more.

      But enough about Lawrence. The outgoing ADL president, Abe Foxman, whom a Polish-Catholic woman fake-adopted and had baptized during WW2 in order to save his life, is notorious for his bashing of the “Religious [Christian] Right”, cozying with Muslims (here http://www.adl.org/press-center/press-releases/miscellaneous/foxman-delivers-keynote-on.html and here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eboo-patel/why-i-joined-abe-foxmans-_b_707745.html) and with the pseudo-Hispanic (what do they know of Spain and the Spanish gene pool, pray?) anti-American org I call Die Rasse, though it’s better known as La Raza. He once called Pamela Geller “no better than Farrakhan or Buchanan” — and it’s telling that he put the odious black Mohameddan hatemonger and Patrick Buchanan on the same level.

      Counter-jihad thinkers often say that while it’s true that only 10% of Muslims may be considered as potential terrorists-for-Allah, the 90% are an alien menace too for they do not disassociate themselves from the murderous fanatics and indeed help them morally and financially. But the same may be said of the larger Jewish community without whose support and donations demented Jewish dhimmi (literally and metaphorically) institutions like ADL or Brandeis could not exist. And as America’s Christian European-origin population and WASP ways and norms are being gradually overwhelmed by hordes of hostile racial minorities, American Jews (not to speak of consequences for Israel) will one day find themselves extremely uncomfortable in a reality that they, far above all other white ethnies, will have worked most zealously to install.

      • “….American Jews (not to speak of consequences for Israel) will one day find themselves extremely uncomfortable….”

        Again, is it all about Jews?

        • At least on Christian radio, Christian leaders speak constantly of protecting Jews, Jewish interests, and Israel.

          But, is the situation reciprocal?

          Do Jewish leaders speak constantly – and publicly – about protecting Christians – and the Christian aspect of ‘Judeo-Christian’ civilization?

          • The situation is not reciprocal, alas. In a recent Pew poll 69% of Evangelicals expressed a favorable opinion of Jews, but only 34% of Jews expressed a favorable opinion of Evangelicals. But the real shocker is that 35% of Jews expressed a favorable opinion of Muslims. Over one third of American Jews prefer Muslims to Evangelical Christians! http://www.pewforum.org/2014/07/16/how-americans-feel-about-religious-groups/

            A comment would be redundant, but as I maintain here and in my writings elsewhere, a plurality and perhaps even the majority of Jews are their own worst enemy, in the US like in Western Europe.

  10. For what it’s worth. Drudge had some links posted regarding protests in London and Paris. For having the appearance of spontaneity they sure did have a lot of nice protest signs with all sorts of anti-israeli phrases. Drilling down into the pics I became curious of the small print. The signs were compliments of PSC and NPA. The PSC website palestinecampaign.org had the smallprint socialistworker.uk.org on a side pic. NPA was reference to a communist or anti-capitalist group. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    The Commies and Islamist are out to destroy the West. Together.

    • …which is why a certain group of ‘intelligent but dumb’ people do NOT want the roots of Communism examined too carefully….

      • Here you have gone too far, and far from the truth. Tarring Jews with a broad brush makes it impossible for more finely drawn portraits to gain currency, if they are critical of that group.

        The roots of communism are embedded in Thomas More’s 16th century “Utopia,” and in England’s 17th century Diggers, and in the writings of quite a few 18th century Frenchmen, primarily Rousseau, Fourier and St. Simon. Even American communism predates Marx, e.g. read up on Robert Owen.

        Moreover, Karl Marx was born to a Lutheran Jewish family and in his youth wrote a Christian essay entitled “The union of believers with Christ according to John 15: 1-14, showing its basis and essence, its absolute necessity, and its effects.” He was antisemitic, widely read in and adored the Greek and Latin classics. And he had a gentile partner/ benefactor, Friedrich Engels, and a gentile (and subversive) German philosopher, Hegel, on whose ideas to graft his own.

        So Jews have nothing to fear from the exposure of the roots of communism. On the other hand, if someone traced BHO’s road to the White House, that’s an entirely different story….

        • Not to forget of course his extremely close bond with Kenya’s Muslim leader and Sharia pusher, Raila Odinga, who’s followers have destroyed hundreds of humble Christian prayer houses and churches. As we enter deeper into the mad mad mad world of multi culti election free self destruction.

        • “COMMENTARY was founded in 1945 by the American Jewish Committee.”

          From Commentary:

          “‘It is critical to recognize how central social justice is to Jewish consciousness,’ writes Sidney Schwarz of the Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values in Righteous Indignation’s opening essay. He is, of course, right. In Mosaic law, in biblical prophecy, and in rabbinic jurisprudence alike, the idea that God is well-served by decent and equitable relations among human beings is basic. This is not an invention of American Jewish liberalism, nor of the German Reform and Jewish socialist movements that preceded it and bequeathed to it many of their attitudes.

          “But there are different conceptions of what social justice is and requires, within Judaism no less than outside of it. In stating that the ‘prophetic legacy is why the Jewish people were put on this earth . . . to be agents for the repair of the entire world,’ Schwarz dismisses most of post-biblical Jewish history. For, to a great extent, rabbinic Judaism, though it never openly admitted as much, developed as a means of containing and redirecting the prophetic legacy, whose grand vision of a utopian tikkun olam had brought the Jewish people to the verge of ruin.

          “Of course, no period of exilic Jewish history, even the most rabbinically normative, has ever lacked messianic expectancy. Throughout the Exile, rabbinic pragmatism and prophetic utopianism existed side by side in a state of collaborative tension: the one the reality, the other the dream; the first entailing the practical regulation of the innumerable contradictions of daily life, the second representing the faith in a future in which all contradictions would be resolved. This collaboration was only disrupted in times of historical crisis in which, in what is known in Hebrew as d’hikat ha-ketz, ‘the forcing of the end,’ the ‘some day’ of normative Judaism became the ‘now’ of messianic ferment and the dream rose up to challenge the reality.

          “This happened when Christianity broke away from Judaism. It happened again in the great messianic eruption of the Lurianically-inspired Sabbatian movement of the mid-17th century—the debacle of which, while leading to the rabbinic repression of messianism in Jewish life, only heightened its unconscious pressures. Ultimately, for many modern Jews, these found their release in the two secular movements of revolutionary socialism and Zionism. The course run by the former in Soviet Russia and elsewhere needs no comment: determined to bring about heaven on earth, it created a hell. Yet its logic was impeccable: men are perfectible; if they refuse to be perfected, that is their own fault; hence, they must be whipped until they stop refusing.”


          • If you want to make the case that European Jews (and not only in Russia) contributed mightily and disproportinately to the Communist cause, that is true. But that is not the “roots” nor is it analogous to modern Jews’ liberalism now.

            Europe’s communist states freed Jews from common folk religious hate, middle class economic hate, contempt and discrimination by the ruling class, pogroms, murder, antisemitism, you name it: particularly in czarist Russia. They would have had to give up their survival instinct not to be enthralled by the Communist prospect of equality and opportunity. In stark contrast, the leftist drift of Western Jews since the 1950s harms them and harms the societies that have given them the best lives that Jews have ever had in all their long history. What was logical and compelling for them in 1900s is insane and needless now.

          • I participate in these discussions with one hand tied behind my back – and yet, I still try because the past is so related to where we are in the present – and where we are headed in the future.

            I disagree with you about the roots of Communism. I think that the roots predate your examples.

            I disagree with you about individuals – or groups comprised of individuals – having generally ‘good’ intentions. I think that individuals and groups have mainly selfish intentions.

            Christians believe in original sin – where all people are naturally evil. It is my understanding that Jews reject original sin and believe that Jews are naturally good. So, perhaps it is understandable that you attribute ‘good’ intentions where I attribute evil motivations. I judge what I see.

            Time and experience show me that original sin is a much stronger explanation for evil than ‘good’ intentions gone horribly wrong – unless ‘good’ intentions are defined that one group (that is superior for some specified reason – be it morality, intelligence, or inheritance) should rule over other groups.

            I think that it is a chicken & egg question regarding Jews joining Communism – and then administering Communism as a Jewish oligarchy.

            I think that it takes PEOPLE to enliven philosophy – and we need to understand the original sin behind why people enlivened Communism in the way that it was enlivened then in Russia, Europe, and the USA. I think that the truth is damning which is WHY Diana West was academically crucified for her laudable exploration of the roots of American Communism. Mustn’t pull that thread too hard….

            In summary, I am thoroughly grateful for the work of Jews who enrich the world and seek the truth – without seeking to ‘repair the world’ via a Jewish oligarchy.

  11. ”I like the Walrus best”, said Alice, “because he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.”
    ”He ate more than the Carpenter, though,” said Tweedledee. “You see he held his handkerchief in front, so that the Carpenter couldn’t see how many he took: contrariwise.”
    ”That was mean!” Alice said indignantly. “Then I like the Carpenter best- if he didn’t eat so many as the Walrus.”
    “But he ate as many as he could get,” said Tweedledum.
    This was a puzzler.

    -Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass”. According to the excellent notes (by American scholar Martin Gardner) in my copy, “Alice is puzzled because she faces here the traditional ethical dilemma of having to choose between judging a person in terms of his acts… or his intentions.”

    I appreciate that as someone whose political instincts are mainly to the left, I’m in a minority here, but are the many clever people posting opposing views constitutionally incapable of understanding that not everyone who disagrees with them, Jewish or otherwise, is dedicated to the destruction of our civilisation? That some indeed might regard a redistribution of wealth and power- by democratic means- as the best alternative to the non-democratic imposition of a dictatorship of the “right” or “left”?

    I’ve met people (and observed politicians and journalists) whose sincerity on political issues I’ve doubted: some were on the left- and some not.

  12. Mark,

    You make a point that I formulated as a charge against “third-way” intellectuals (I don’t deal with more extreme factions; they are simply Nazis and beyond polemics).
    Among such contemporary intellectuals you’ll find Kevin McDonald & Acolytes currently in the US, though there were in the recent past others of high (and poisoned) intellectual caliber, e.g. Revilo Oliver and William Pierce.

    These people do not merely say that Jews, their inclinations, activities etc. are harmful to “whites” (i.e. Jews are not whites). They say that Jews are programmed biologically to harm the “white” societies among which they live. Jews intend to sabotage white society and follow suit in their actions.

    That is in my opinion insane and little different from “Mein Kampf” or ancient charges of poisoning wells and desecrating the host, though it’s couched in scientific concepts and language of evolutionary psychology and biology. There is nothing in my long experience with Jews in several countries, and very little in anything written by Jews that I have read, that supports such views. The few exceptions are intellectual leftist Jews who flipped after the Holocaust and expressed views such as Susan Sontag’s, “The white race is the cancer of human history” or, because of their fervent belief in Communism (e.g. the Rosenbergs), turned traitor.

    Jews, in my experience, are motivated primarily by the quest for Tikkun Olam, i.e. repairing the world. That is a pure and once-salutary ideal that goes back to Abraham, Moses and Jesus too, most saliently. You will hear that theme in practically every Friday night rabbi’s sermon — but you will hear it in most any Christian church on Sunday too: after all it’s a church about a Jew, founded by Jews and anchored to the holy book of the Jews.

    The problem is that what was salutary in the days when the Bible was written, or during Roman rule, or even during the European Enlightenment, is destructive and harmful now.

    The question is, do all those good intentions, the sincerity, shield one from the charges of destroying Western Civilization and from enmity by those harmed thereby?
    In my opinion, no. Socialist, Jew, Christian, progressive professor: however noble the intention of the ideology it’s by its fruits that it must be judged.

    • I wasn’t thinking exclusively of your good self, Takuan! We’ll have to differ about the relevance of Tikkun Olam today; I’ve no time for PCMC, but this doesn’t mean everything is peachy.

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