A Human Being Evolves a Little

Below is the latest video from Aldo Sterone, the Algerian-French car pundit who now lives in London.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hello everyone. As expected, I was extremely
00:04   criticised for my last video.
00:08   For some I have become the axis of evil. Why?
00:12   Because I dared to protest against
00:16   Algerians getting into the Tube in London
00:20   carrying Algerian flags, shouting
00:24   ”Bin Laden Bin Laden”, filming it,
00:28   terrorising, frightening whatever
00:32   Metro travellers.
00:36   This presented an extremely disgusting picture
00:40   of our country, of our people,
00:44   of what we are. Then they put it online,
00:48   and the video went viral. I had said
00:52   that this kind of abuse had become so common
00:57   that many countries have forbidden the presence,
01:01   and had prevented the presence, of Algerian
01:05   tourists, by complicating passport controls etc.,
01:09   limiting the access to work for Algerians,
01:13   and many other things such as
01:17   access for Algerian football supporters, because of this.
01:21   So, rather naively
01:25   I considered that I had the right,
01:29   seeing that the symbols of my country of origin
01:33   were soiled, trampled on
01:38   in the country where I live now.
01:42   It seemed opportune to intervene and post
01:46   a different content, so that people who look for
01:50   ”Algeria Bin Laden” would find instead
01:54   a video by an Algerian who said publicly
01:58   that he did not approve and that this kind of association
02:02   was not part of our heritage.
02:06   Now, it’s true that
02:10   it’s not easy to get this message out,
02:14   because among us there is a sin which is practised with
02:18   diligence: it’s the sin of pride called
02:23   ”Nif??”, a kind of displaced pride.
02:27   It’s no accident that pride is the first deadly sin,
02:31   because it contains nearly all the others.
02:35   One could almost call it “the only sin”, as all others stem from it.
02:39   There are a certain number
02:43   of people who think it’s completely okay
02:47   for Algerians to soil the Algerian flag, to insult Algeria,
02:51   to insult millions of Algerians by associating them publicly with terrorism,
02:55   but I don’t have the right
02:59   to try, desperately,
03:03   to distance
03:08   even by one millimeter “Algeria” from
03:12   ”Terrorism”. Some people think
03:16   this is abuse.
03:20   I did not see them complain when we were associated with terrorism.
03:24   So, sometimes I ask myself
03:28   if I represent no-one but myself.
03:32   Or if I have left a country which has ceased to exist,
03:36   or things I am attached to
03:40   have only existed in my imagination.
03:44   It’s terrible. I will tell you a little anecdote
03:48   to share this feeling. Yesterday
03:53   I heard an imam speak
03:57   about solitude. There are good people among them.
04:01   He said that…
04:05   he told a “parable” (if you are not a believer)
04:09   one has to find the wisdoms one can find
04:13   in those images. He said that on
04:17   the day of the last judgment, each prophet
04:21   is sent with his Ummah
04:25   in Arabic, people who identified with him
04:29   and who came with him. And he said
04:33   it appears there was a prophet who arrived
04:37   with one single guy. He was asked “where are all the others?”
04:42   he answered: this one (he arrived with one single guy).
04:46   A prophet with a divine message and when he arrived
04:50   just one person had followed him. And there is even worse,
04:54   and with that one I can nearly identify:
04:58   He arrives, and when they ask “where is
05:02   your Ummah?” he says: “I am alone.”
05:06   What I’m trying to tell you is that this very powerful parable
05:10   tells us that one must continue to fight
05:14   against lies, fight for truth even
05:18   if one is alone.
05:23   So, your attacks achieve nothing
05:27   I’m not a masochist, so I don’t like it, but
05:31   it will not stop me, because this battle is worth it.
05:35   Even if my videos are watched by just one person, I will continue.
05:39   So there you are.
05:43   This Imam said another interesting thing:
05:47   he said: “The worst that can happen to Muslims,
05:51   the WORST would be for them if they win.”
05:55   He said, “You want to take over
05:59   the world, you want to create a global caliphate.
06:03   Well the worst that can happen is that god says: OK,
06:08   I heard you, do it.” Because you risk regretting it.
06:12   Because if you watch the Nation of Islam today,
06:16   if you have never been in an Islamic country
06:20   just take the Metro and go to a Muslim area,
06:24   this would give you an idea.
06:28   What we call
06:32   today the “Muslim Caliphate”,
06:36   whatever name you give it, is based
06:40   on nothing constructive. Look at
06:44   Syria, there are 80 different nationalities.
06:49   People who decided to establish a Muslim caliphate,
06:53   what do they start with? They bomb
06:57   cities, kill civilians, pile up corpses, practise cannibalism,
07:01   destroy, raze. They took one of the most ancient civilisations,
07:05   the cradle of civilisation. Look at some images,
07:09   you’d think a nuclear bomb had hit it.
07:13   That’s it. There is nothing, no project of construction,
07:17   because unfortunately so many taboos are imposed.
07:21   A ban on criticism, a ban on science,
07:25   on any thought, so what is happening
07:29   is
07:33   we are (unable to open?) a tin. Try to construct
07:38   a caliphate with that. If I enter your idea of creating a caliphate,
07:42   go and create a caliphate with that, get it?
07:46   There are civilisations, people have invaded other countries,
07:50   but they had construction machines behind them.
07:54   They could raze a country and rebuild it in their image the next day
07:58   what have we got… even arms —
08:02   if the Americans didn’t give them to us
08:06   we would be incapable of making them, we would kill ourselves with (inaudible?)
08:10   Well, he also said other things,
08:14   this imam.
08:18   He even said worse things: He said
08:23   that Muslims have to expect a wave
08:27   of atheism because
08:31   over centuries
08:35   low-level imams,
08:39   relatively uneducated, sold us religion by un-education:
08:43   the less people are educated, more religious they get, so they forbade people to reflect
08:47   and in doing this they have
08:51   spread a kind of archaic religion
08:55   based on
08:59   myths, based on things
09:03   which only primitive humans can believe in.
09:07   They took any intelligence out of the religion.
09:12   They just left in the emotions and the myths.
09:16   As soon as a human being evolves a little,
09:20   as soon as he opens his eyes, what happens?
09:24   He looks at all that critically and he says,
09:28   I’m not into that; my mind, my brain,
09:32   my head cannot believe in those things any longer.
09:36   I’m in a parking garage, sometimes
09:40   the light goes. In fact,
09:44   he said that one can expect
09:48   that as long as Muslims
09:52   don’t fight to get a
09:56   better image of themselves, as long as they don’t fight
10:01   to do things intelligently,
10:05   as long as we don’t fight spiritually
10:09   rather than to see who can massacre the most civilians,
10:13   they won’t go far. That’s
10:17   what he said, and more. I’ll stop here, see you soon guys,
10:21   and we will continue, that’s for sure.
10:25   as the Germans say:
10:29   ”The slobber of the toad
10:33   will not stop the caravan from passing”… or something like that.
10:37   Go, see you guys.

9 thoughts on “A Human Being Evolves a Little

  1. I’ve lived in Algeria for the past 18 months, and they are generally nice people, but they are completely confused as to their national identity because they’ve been conquered by so many outside forces.

    That said, this country would be a jewel of the southern Med if they could bring themselves to stop submitting to a certain set of beliefs and values. Sadly, I don’t see that strength within them, and their hydrocarbon numbers are in steep decline, so the gravy train will be coming to a halt within the next decade or two.

  2. I like this guy. Not just because he talks sense, but he’s so obviously “French” in his manner.

    Which reminds me: does anyone know what happened to “The Blonde”? Hope it’s nothing bad.

  3. Rapsailwasright: “That said, this country would be a jewel of the southern Med if they could bring themselves to stop submitting to a certain set of beliefs and values.”

    How could you say something like that? A nation or a people without a set of beliefs will perish by being taken over by another people who have a set of strong beliefs. Just look at the Netherlands or Britain. They shed the beliefs of Christianity in order to become perfect. Then look at the fate of the Scandinavia countries who have even less beliefs. They are worse even than Britain and France. How do you think Europe saved itself from the Cruel, savage, inhuman, criminal Ottoman Invasion. They could not until they supported each other by a common feeling : that they were all brothers in Christianity.
    Today all western countries are in disarray because they “are not their brothers keepers”. Europeans have become very individual, selfish, smug,and so arrogant they can’t see the danger. They have no faith in anything. They don’t feel they have to support each other in the name of Christianity. That’s a shame. But it is not a shame to support muslim invaders. How can Europe forget about the siege of Vienna, Richard the Lion Heart, or about Charles Martel. Have no faith, be selfish, don’t care about your neighbors or love your country and then pay the high price of losing everything.
    Listen to what muslims say about us: Westerners know very little about their faith, they are cowards. They don’t defend what little they know. Isn’t that the truth? And, pray, who made us cowards? our own politicians who have authority to fire and imprison anyone who simply open a manual called koran and reads from it to tell the asleep what islam is all about. Simply it is all about invasion, grabbing lands and raping kuffars to satisfy allah. Why is it so difficult for western mind to understand the obvious?

    • Murad: I suppose I was a bit too subtle in my prior post. I was trying to suggest this country move onward from Islam. There are Berber Protestants here attempting to do that, but there just aren’t enough of them.

      I agree with your points about the West losing its beliefs and self-confidence. We need to stop poisoning ourselves with self-doubt and misplaced guilt, the sooner the better.

      I am also well aware that the believers here refer to us as ‘les gentils’ because they think we are easy to push around.

  4. The face that the Muslim world turns to the rest of the world is ugly. Matthew Arnold wrote about how humans live lives that reflect their view of what is “sweetness and light.” To the Muslim, it is “martyrdom” in a car bombing, and it for sure does not involve writing novels, screen plays, political analysis, or history. Forget medical, scientific, or theological inqury. DON’T be on the lookout for symphonies, chanteuses, or legal codes that are anything but laughable afterthoughts of shariah primitivism. We see the Muslim world in a completely parasitic and hatefilled relationship with West. Sweetness and light as the man said.

    Mr. Sterone is an attractive person who has experienced the awakening that humans sometimes experience.

    A Muslim in the Netherlands was just like him. He wrote a great essay about Islam and had to pay a fine. Cool guy.

  5. Scholarly articles are written in war tactics journals that American war strategists have used the tactic to give power to Islamist groups with the goal that Muslims will hold these Islamist groups accountable for providing Muslims with the comforts of civilization.

    The videos by Algerian Muslim Aldo Sterone are an example of a Muslim exhorting other Muslims to hold Islamists accountable for their impact on other Muslims.

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