“The EU Stands for Everything That is Wrong in Europe”

Below is the text of the speech given by Geert Wilders in Los Angeles today.

The Resurgence of National Pride and the Future of Europe

Speech by Geert Wilders
Los Angeles, June 9, 2013

Dear friends, thank you for inviting me to Los Angeles. I always like coming to the United States. There are many things that I admire Americans for. One of them is that they are unashamedly patriotic.

The American Freedom Association has asked me to speak to you about the future of Europe.

Europe is in a terrible state. Bit by bit, European countries are losing their national sovereignty. The economy is in shambles. Islamic immigrants riot and terrorize the many locals. And when people’s throats are slit in the streets, while the murderers shout “Allahu Akbar,” the authorities appease the killers and declare that Islam has nothing to do with it.

Europeans feel that the gap between them en those who rule them is growing. Many no longer feel represented by their politicians. There is a complete disconnect between the people that truly rule Europe and the people that live in it.

The blame lies to a large extent with the European Union and the weak leadership within the European countries which have signed away their national sovereignty. The EU cannot be compared to the United States. Europe is a continent of many different nations with their own identities, traditions and languages. The EU is a supranational organization, but its leaders aim to turn it into a state. To this end they are destroying the wealth, identity and freedoms of the existing nation-states of Europe.

Before I elaborate, let us take a closer look at the terrible mistake that Europe made.

Following the Second World War, Europe’s leaders mistakenly thought that patriotism was the cause of the war.

All over Europe, not just in Germany, but everywhere, they equated the defense of national identity with extremism.

Politicians told the electorate that the nation state was dangerous.

On the rooftops of Europe’s parliaments and official buildings, they flew the EU flag next to the national flag, as if the nation is nothing but a province of a Pan-European empire.

On the number plates of European cars, they put the EU flag instead of the national flag, thereby forcing people to drive around with the symbol of their subjection.

They signed away their national interests for the goal of so-called Europeanization.

Such policies could never have been possible if the ruling elite had not fallen for the ideology of cultural and moral relativism. Patriotism, which is a virtue, came to be seen as a vice.

Today, the citizens of Europe are reaping the bitter harvest of this arrogance, this refusal to stand by the ancient nations of Europe, the mothers of modern democracy, the guardians of our liberty.

  • The EU stands for everything that is wrong in Europe.
  • It is a gigantic undemocratic transnational monster.
  • It issues legislation permeated with cultural relativism.
  • It meddles in the everyday lives of millions of people.
  • It has opened Europe’s borders to uncontrolled mass immigration, mostly from Islamic countries.
  • And it has deprived Europe’s parliaments of a huge amount of their legislative powers.

The European Union has brought one-size-fits-none policies that have resulted in economic disaster. It has led to growing tensions between the nations of Europe. It has led to the loss of democracy and liberty. Because the premise on which it was built, was false.

Robert Schuman, one of the EU’s founding fathers, said that the EU’s aim was — I quote — “to make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible.” — end of quote. But the idea that Germany, France, Britain and other nations in the past went to war because they were sovereign nations is simply ridiculous.

As I tell my audience whenever and wherever I speak in Germany, it was not German patriotism that started the Second World War; it was Hitler’s vicious totalitarian ideology of Nazism.

It was not German patriotism that caused the holocaust. German patriots, such as Count Stauffenberg, fought Hitler. “Let the world see that not all Germans are like Hitler; that not all Germans are Nazis,” he wrote in his diary the evening before Hitler’s hounds executed him.

Likewise, it was not Russian patriotism that sent people to the Gulag; it was the Soviets’ vicious totalitarian ideology of Communism. Russian patriots, such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, stood up against the Soviets.

Nevertheless, the proponents of the EU keep pretending that without the EU, the Germans, the French, the British, the Dutch and the other nations of Europe would go to war again. The European Union has even been given the Nobel Peace Prize for the achievement of preserving peace in Europe — an achievement that is according to me NATO’s rather than the EU’s.

My friends, no-one knows this better than American patriots such as you: True patriots are always democrats. Because true patriots love their people and their country. You do not want your nation to be invaded by other countries. But neither do you want a totalitarian ideology, such as Communism or Nazism or Islam, to rob you of your own identity and enslave you.

Patriots want their country to be free. But people only care about the freedom of their country if they love it first. That is why one of my heroes Ronald Reagan said in his Farewell Address that we have to teach our children what our country is, what it stands for, what it represents in the long history of the world. Reagan said that Americans need — I quote — “a love of country and an appreciation of its institutions.” — end of quote.

Patriotism is not a totalitarian ideology aiming for world control; it is love of one’s own country and identity — and as such it is the strongest force against totalitarian ideologies aiming for world domination.

Love your country, appreciate its national institutions. As long as you do this, your country will remain the land of the free. But if you fail to do so, you will lose your freedoms. That is the lesson that we, Europeans, have learned the hard way after the past six decades of experimenting with EU transnationalism.

And the worst thing, my friends, the worst thing is that we could and should have known better.

In her last book, Statecraft, Margaret Thatcher wrote — I quote: “That such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked on will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.” — end of quote.

My friends, let me tell you about the terrible consequences of this folly.

The Europeans set out to build a political tower of Babel.

In 1957, six European nations, including my own, the Netherlands, signed the Rome Treaty. They committed themselves to the formation of — I quote from the Treaty’s preamble — “an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe.” — end of quote.

From the original six, the European Union’s member states expanded to 27 nations today. Nations as diverse as Finland and Portugal, Ireland and Bulgaria, with their entirely different languages, cultures, traditions, habits and mentalities, were forced by their political leaders to adopt the same economic, fiscal, social, security, and foreign policies.

These policies are drawn up by the enormous, ever expanding bureaucracy of the so-called European Commission in Brussels. It issues laws — so-called “directives” — that the member-states are forced to implement in their national legislation.

As a national legislator in the Netherlands I daily experience how little we still have to say about our own fate. We are expected to rubberstamp legislation made behind closed doors in Brussels.

Both the EU Council of Ministers and the European Commission negotiate in secret and then emerge to announce their agreement and present it. That is how the system works. And we are not allowed to ask questions.

Those who dare think differently are labeled enemies of European integration. They are the so-called Europhobes.

The former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky calls the EU the EUSSR, because of its striking similarities to the former Soviet Union. He compares the European Commission to the former Soviet Politburo and Brussels to Moscow before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Two weeks ago, I went to Prague and met with Vaclav Klaus, the former President of the Czech Republic. President Klaus speaks of Europeanism as one of the new and dangerous ideologies that have supplanted Socialism.

During his ten years in office, President Klaus refused to fly the EU flag over the Czech presidential palace. He points out that the EU is — I quote — “based on big and patronizing government, extensive regulating of human behavior and large-scale income redistribution. It shifts government upwards, which means to the level where there is no democratic accountability and where the decisions are made by bureaucrats appointed by politicians, not elected by citizens in free elections.” — end of quote. Mr. Klaus.

The EU supranationalism has brought the once prosperous, sovereign and free nations of Europe economic misery, a loss of national identity, the demise of freedom and independence.

17 of the 27 EU member states have even been so foolish as to dump their national currency. By adopting the euro, the common EU currency, they joined the so-called eurozone.

Strong and solid currencies that were the pride of their nations, such as the Dutch Guilder and the German Deutschmark, were sacrificed on the altar of European unification. The then German Chancellor Helmut Kohl sold this project to his people as — I quote — “a matter of war or peace.” — end of quote. The euro was presented as — I quote again — “an angel of peace.”

But what did this angel do to us?

All the countries that joined the euro lost the power to adjust their currency to their own economic needs. They have destroyed their economies and have doomed their people to rising poverty and unemployment.

They all suffered as a consequence. They all have to share the burden of other countries, even if the latter are suffering from self-inflicted policies, corruption or fraud, like in Greece.

Last year, my party, the Dutch Party for Freedom, commissioned a study by the renowned independent British bureau, Lombard Street Research, into the cost for the Netherlands of the euro so far.

The study found that, since the Dutch introduced the euro, the growth of consumption spending no longer matches the growth of GDP, as it did before we joined the euro and as it still does in all the countries that kept out of the eurozone. The cost was a huge loss in consumer spending.

The study showed that continuing to uphold the euro would cost the Netherlands billions of euros. The Eurozone is a huge transfer zone, whereby taxpayers in our country are forced to subsidize other countries. The rising taxes have pushed our country, the Netherlands, into economic recession. Unemployment has grown to over 8% — the highest in decades.

And the countries that receive our taxes have no chance of recovery. They have no chance of economic growth within a monetary union where the currency is too strong for them. Millions of people are losing their jobs as a consequence. Countries such as Spain are doomed with unemployment figures reaching almost up to 30% today.

EU countries have also lost sovereignty over their own national budgets. The European Commission — not our national government — decides how big their deficits and national debts are allowed to be. It imposes austerity measures. But at the same time it demands ever larger sums to be transferred to Brussels or to so-called rescue operations for the euro and to bail out countries, like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus.

Last month, the EU decided to raise its budget. My country and the Dutch government opposed this decision, but we were simply overruled. We have no veto right. Now we are forced to pay even more to Brussels. While government expenditure cannot be slashed by cutting the sums demanded by the EU, the Dutch government has raised taxes dramatically. The impact has been devastating. Higher taxes have resulted in less government income and have led to a contraction of the economy and a rise in unemployment.

The same phenomenon can be seen all over Europe. The growth of expenses and taxes, the inability to create a competitive environment, the overregulation of the economy, the stifling bureaucratization — all this is leading straight to economic collapse.

But there is worse. EU member-states no longer control their own borders.

Immigration policies are decided by the European Commission and the cultural relativists who are in charge there. The current European Commissioner overseeing immigration policy is Cecilia Malmström, formerly a left-wing kind of hippy politician from Sweden. Third-World immigration has turned Sweden into a nightmare, with immigrants frequently rioting in major Swedish cities such as Stockholm and Malmö.

Mrs. Malmström is forcing all EU member states to follow the Swedish example.

Last year, I wrote her a letter. “Not one single Dutchman has voted for you,” I told her. “We do not know who you are. We do not want to know who you are, but you force your ideas on our people. We are suffering from your absurd refusal to allow us even the slightest restriction to our immigration policy. You do not even want to limit the number of partners that one is allowed to bring into the Netherlands! We urge you to cease your activities and give us our sovereignty back,” I wrote.

Needless to say that I am still waiting for an answer from her, despite the fact that I am an elected politician, accountable to the voters, while she is not. That is why she can afford not to answer a parliamentarian.

Millions of non-Western immigrants are flooding into Europe, predominantly people from Islamic countries. The Pew Research Center estimated the number of Muslims in Western European countries at 18.2 million in 2010. It expects that this number will rise to almost 30 million by 2030. The Netherlands will see its Islamic population grow from 5.5 to almost 8%, Britain from 5 to 8%, Sweden will even see it double from 5 to 10%, and France will see a rise from over 7 to over 10%.

A demographic catastrophe is about to happen.

During the past three decades, so many people rooted in a culture entirely different from Europe’s own Judeo-Christian and humanist tradition have entered Europe that its heritage, its freedoms, its prosperity, and its culture are in danger.

The signs are there for all to see.

Look at the names people give to their children. Mohammed is today the most popular name among newborn boys in many French, Belgian and Dutch cities. Mohammed is even the most popular name among all newborns in England and Wales.

Look at Europe’s inner cities. Visit Europe and you will see that they have come to resemble Northern Africa and the Middle East. They have become areas ruled by Islamic Sharia law. Only last month, a Dutch newspaper reported that a neighborhood barely two miles from our parliament building in The Hague is now a Sharia zone.

Islamic areas also border the EU headquarters in Brussels. And less than 10 miles from Westminster, the mother of all parliaments, a British soldier’s throat was slit by Islamic murderers.

Paris, the capital of France, is surrounded by largely Islamic suburbs. And so are other cities. The French authorities have even drawn up a list of 751 so-called “sensible urban areas,” where it is dangerous to go, especially for native Frenchmen. These are the lost territories of the French Republic, even though a staggering 5 million people, or 8 percent of the total French population, live in them.

Even soldiers are no longer safe in Europe’s streets, as the recent horrible events in Britain and France have shown. But neither are Jews. Anti-Semitism has risen, and keeps rising the more Islamic immigration we get.

Indeed, my friends, after Nazism and Communism, another totalitarian ideology is threatening Europe: the evil ideology called Islam.

In Europe, we are experiencing that the more Islamic a society becomes — even when the majority of Muslims are moderates — the less free and tolerant it will be.

Atrocities, similar to the recent bombing in Boston, where Islamic immigrants massacred innocent onlookers at the marathon, occur in Europe as well. In my own country a few years ago, Theo van Gogh, a film maker critical of Islam, was butchered in the streets of Amsterdam.

Today, hundreds of young Islamic inhabitants of our countries have flocked to Syria to wage jihad there. They will return as experienced jihadists, trained in urban guerrilla warfare. But while you in America are still able to do something about it, while you can control and close your borders, while Congress can vote legislation to protect American citizens, we in Europe have been robbed of this possibility by the European Union.

And there is not only the threat of terrorism or violence; there is also the phenomenon of non-violent jihad. The rise of Islam means the rise of Islamic sharia law in our judicial systems. In Europe, we have sharia wills, sharia schools, sharia banks. In Britain, they even have official sharia courts.

Europe is gradually Islamizing. People who criticize Islam, such as myself, are threatened by Al Qaeda and dragged to court by Islamic and leftist groups. There is not just me, there is the journalist Lars Hedegaard, the author Salman Rushdie, the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, and many others.

We criticize Islam and we will keep on doing so, because it is a dangerous ideology. It is intolerant, it is violent. And, worst of all, it cannot be reformed. It cannot because it believes that the Koran is a book written directly by Allah himself. And it cannot because it calls on Muslims to follow Muhammad as the role model for their personal life. There could not be a worse model than this man, who was a warlord, a terrorist, and a pedophile.

While most Muslims are moderate people, those who think that they have to follow Muhammad’s example are not. That is exactly the reason why the more Islamic a country becomes, the more unfree and violent it will be.

Europe needs to be protected against this new totalitarian threat.

That is why I say: No more immigrants from the Islamic world! My party wants to close our borders to immigration from Islamic countries.

And ever more people support us.

A poll, which we commissioned ten days ago, shows that 77% of the Dutch do not see Islam as an enrichment for our country, 68% say there is more than enough Islam in the Netherlands already. A majority of the voters of all the major parties in my country — even the voters from leftist parties — agree with these two principles.

The poll also showed that 55% of the Dutch want a stop on immigration from Islamic countries, 63% want no more mosques, 72% see a relationship between Islam and the recent terror attacks in Boston, London and Paris, 72% want a constitutional ban on Islamic Sharia law.

Ordinary people in Europe want three things.

One — They want their politicians to tackle the problem of Islamization and mass immigration. They want to control their own borders.

Two — They want to restore their national sovereignty. They do not want their countries to become provinces of a pan-European superstate.

Three — They do not want their money to be used to pay for mistakes made elsewhere. They do not want a transfer union where they have to pay higher taxes to bail out other countries, whose leaders were either corrupt or incompetent.

Poll after poll show that ordinary Europeans do not want their democracy to be subverted. Last April, a pan-European poll showed that a clear majority of the population in the major EU member states no longer trust the EU as an institution. Even in Germany the number has reached almost 60%.

This week a Gallup poll showed that for the first time in history in the Netherlands as many people want to leave the EU as stay in. A few years ago, this was unthinkable.

The strength of Europe is its diversity. Europe is not a nation; it is a cluster of nations, bound by a common Judeo-Christian and humanist culture, but with different national identities.

Last January, British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech in which he said that the EU needed to change.

He spoke about “the lack of democratic accountability,” “the excessive regulation,” and everything that is wrong in the EU. And there are many things I agree with, but I do not share his belief that the EU’s nature can be changed. Mr. Cameron believes that the EU can be transformed into — I quote — “a more flexible, adaptable and open European Union.” — end of quote. I do not believe this. If an organization has as its explicit goal that it strives for “an ever closer union,” it simply cannot start moving in the opposite direction and relinquish the powers it has already acquired.

We can see how the mechanism works in the way in which the EU deals with the eurozone crisis. Rather than turning away from the destructive path that has so far been followed, Brussels is using this crisis to enforce an even tighter control over the member states.

The European Union simply cannot be democratized because the whole structure is built on a negation of democracy. As President Klaus pointed out, there can be no European democracy because there is no European demos — no European people. There can only be various European democracies — plural! — in the various European nations. What the EU does is destroy these various democracies.

And, hence, my party’s position is very clear. We opt for an exit from the European Union. We want the Netherlands not just out of the Eurozone, but out of the EU altogether — including the so-called Schengen area, the group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders. We reserve the right to reinstall random border controls.

We want to retain our independence. We want home rule! We want to be the masters in our own house! We want to be the masters over our own borders. We want to be the masters of our own money. The Party for Freedom wants the Netherlands to leave the EU and join the European Free Trade Association EFTA.

But here is the good news, my friends. As I have already indicated, public support for the EU is growing thin by the day.

For months now, my party has been the biggest in the polls.

And we are not the only one.

In Britain, UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, which wants to lead Britain out of the EU, has come second in many by-elections and local and county elections during the past two years. It is polling an average of a quarter of the votes. And it is growing.

In France last year, Marine Le Pen scored 18% in the presidential elections. She has now overtaken President François Hollande. She opposes the EU. And her popularity is growing.

In Germany, it is still considered far too politically-incorrect to reject the EU. Nevertheless a new party, the Alternative for Germany, wants to take the country out of the eurozone. And its appeal is growing.

In Italy, both the country’s largest party, Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement, and the Lega Nord, the largest party in the North, want a referendum on a return to the Lira, while the Lega Nord has called the EU a failed project.

In Portugal a book advocating quitting the euro has become an instant bestseller. A proposal that was taboo until recently is now discussed openly, with the country’s Chief Justice personally coming out in support of eurozone exit.

All over Europe, anti-EU feelings are growing. All over Europe there are patriot parties that reflect the resurgence of national pride in their countries, whether it be the Netherlands, Britain, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Flanders, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the other nations currently trapped in the European Union.

As I said, here is the good news.

Europe might be on the verge of a fundamental change for the better. We seem to be on the eve of a major and truly historic event. In Europe, the time is ripe for a glorious democratic and non-violent revolution to preserve our national freedoms and restore our sovereignty.

Exactly one year from now, the 27 member states of the European Union will be holding elections for the European Parliament.

People are finally ready all over Europe to rebel in the ballot box.

They reject the transfer union. They no longer want to pay for corrupt states.

They reject the supranational experiment of the European Union.

They are ready to cast their votes for a restoration of national sovereignty.

They are ready to defend their own cultural identity.

All they need is decent political leadership able to lead their nations out of the EU and towards a better future.

America’s first president George Washington has shown that when courageous and democratic politicians are available to lead their country, they can lay the groundwork for a lasting democratic framework that guarantees freedom and prosperity for centuries to come.

My friends, my party in the Netherlands and several other parties in other European countries are preparing themselves for next year’s electoral landslide.

We can feel the heartbeat of the New Patriotism in Europe.

Winter is over.

Spring is coming.

The European Spring is upon us.

And we are getting ready for it.

We are aware of our historic task.

That is why I am especially happy to be here in California today. Because the great inspirer of our upcoming democratic revolution, is one of yours. Your hero, my hero, Ronald Reagan! — who in his presidential Farewell Address said that the achievement he was most proud of in his entire presidency was “the resurgence of national pride.” “The New Patriotism,” as he called it.

Next year’s European elections offer a unique opportunity to liberate the nations of Europe.

Next Spring’s European elections offer a unique chance to correct the fatal error made by previous politicians who sold away their taxpayers’ money and their national sovereignty to Brussels and delivered their countries to the evils of mass immigration and Islamization.

As a European politician, I am fully aware of my duty to grab this chance. The European elections next May must deal a blow to the parties that sold us out to the EU. Not just in the Netherlands. But everywhere in Europe.

That is why I do what is in my power to forge an alliance of democratic parties standing for the restoration of the sovereignty and freedom of their nation. I want to bring these parties together in a common endeavor to defend our identity and our values. I do not know whether I will succeed, but I am trying. It is my conviction that we have to work together. Because we are all in the same boat.

My friends, it is easy to despair. Time is running out for Britain, for France, for Germany, for the Netherlands, for all the other great nations of Europe. The present situation in Europe is bleak. If we do nothing, it will become even bleaker. If we do nothing we will be swept away by economic and demographic disaster.

But it is wrong to despair. The present is bleak, but the future looks bright. Because the future depends on our actions. We are the actors on the stage of history. That, too, is a lesson from Ronald Reagan, who said: “We need to act today, to preserve tomorrow”.

I went to Paris recently to talk to Marine Le Pen and see for myself who she is and what she stands for. She is not her father. She is not anti-Semitic. She cares about France, its identity and its sovereignty.

I went to Prague to talk to President Klaus.

In the coming weeks and months, I will try to see as many patriot leaders in Europe as possible. And I always ask them for their views on Israel. Because Israel is the litmus proof.

The Jewish people did exactly the opposite of what the Europeans did after the Second World War. They drew the right conclusion. They realized that without a nation-state of their own there could be no safety for their people.

Without a nation-state, without self-governance, without self-determination there can be no security for a people nor preservation of its identity. This was the insight that led the Zionists to strive for the re-establishment of the state of Israel. Theodore Herzl said that there had to be a Jewish state in order to ensure — I quote — “a new blossoming of the Jewish spirit.” — end of quote.

Indeed, a soul needs a body. The spirit of a people cannot flourish outside the body of the nation-state. The nation-state is the political body in which we live. We must preserve and cherish it. So that we can pass on to our children our national identity, our democracy, our liberty.

My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe. The Europeans need to follow the example of the Jewish people and re-establish their nation-state.

And that, my dear friends, is why every patriot, apart from being a democrat, by definition also has to be a true friend of Israel. A patriot cannot be anti-Semitic.

My friends, the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky said about the Jewish people: “We do not have to apologize for anything. We are a people as all other peoples; we do not have any intentions to be better than the rest. We do not have to account to anybody. We are what we are, we are good for ourselves, we will not change, nor do we want to.” — end of quote.

And so it is. For all the peoples. We do not have to apologize for being good to ourselves. We do not have to change if we do not want to change.

The peoples of Europe resent the permanent alienation of power from their nation-states. They care about their nations because they care about democracy and freedom and the wellbeing of their children. They see their democratic rights and their ancient liberties symbolized in their national flags. They are proud of their flag. And as long as their pride lasts, they will have a future.

Let us emphasize this commitment to the resurgence of our national pride with a symbolic gesture. Let us do so by endorsing the Jewish nation-state and move the embassies of our countries from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Let us fly the flags of all the free and proud nations of the world over embassies in Jerusalem, the only true capital of Israel and the cradle of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

Israel deserves our support. Not only because it is the frontline against the totalitarian threat of Islam, but also because it shows how important it is for a people to have its own homeland.

My friends,

Today, a new threat is confronting us. But history shows that we can withstand it if we stand together.

We need an alliance, not only of patriots in Europe, but also an alliance between America and Europe.

We need the help and support of American patriots such as you. Such an alliance brings out the best in us, and allows us to beat the totalitarian menace.

This was proven by the alliance between Roosevelt and Churchill in the 1940s.

It defeated Nazism.

It was proven by the alliance between Reagan and Thatcher in the 1980s.

It defeated Communism.

Today, Islam is a threat to all of us, to Israel, to Europe, to America. But together we can withstand it.

And we have to stand together or we will be defeated. We have no other choice.

As the great Margaret Thatcher said:

“Defeat — I do not recognize the meaning of the word.”

And neither should we!

Thank you.

30 thoughts on ““The EU Stands for Everything That is Wrong in Europe”

  1. Maybe yis is the answer to the influx of Muslims:-
    In November 2008, Gordon Brown and the then Business Secretary Lord Mandelson went to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, to ask them to fund our shaky economies by putting billions into the International Monetary Fund.

    Lord Mandelson acknowledged that they offered the Saudis some financial influence over Britain and the West. This in my humble opinion is allowing Islam to take over Europe.

  2. I wish he was prime minister of Great Britain, a very inspiring and eloquent gentleman and I have never forgotten his speech when he was on trial for hate speech. I was so pleased that the gentleman who tried to keep Geert out of Britain, the former Liberal Democrat mp Chris Huhne, was charged with getting his wife to take his penalty points for speeding and slung into – albeit a rather cushy – prison. Justice at last for the scum who inhabit our parliament and have done so for the last 60 years dedicated to the dismantling of Britain and handing it over to the Marxist one world totalitarian state, from which there is no escape and of which the EU was meant to be the first building block. Now they seem to be in a panic to get the rest in place with sudden trade agreements between the EU and the USA, China and the USA and Russia and China all on the cards. They want to get it done and dusted before Europeans pull the plug on it and revolt.

  3. Truly inspiring vision from Mr Wilders.
    His point about Israel being so hated because it chose the democratic nation state model, as opposed to an EU umma-type of trust community is a new one to me, but makes a lot of sense.
    The Eu detests the very existence of Israel, and would much rather have a totalitarian bloc of Islamic traders to prostrate itself before with neck bared, head down to the sand.
    The pan-Islamic totalitarian Trading bloc is the very epitome of EU fantasies for itself-unelected, unaccountable, totalitarian and sinister.
    God Bless Israel-and God keep Mr Geert Wilders too!..with love and respect from England!

  4. The question is :”Do we want a Waffen europe[the EU];or do we want a Hansiatic europe?”.

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  6. A few years ago I read a comment by a European parliamentarian (who wished to remain anonymous) to the effect that the survival and success of Israel as a state could only be interpreted in Europe as a failure of the European model. This, according to this parliamentarian, explains the ongoing European animosity toward Israel, as shown by Catherine Ashton and Javier Solana before her, as European commissioners for Foreign Affairs.

    What Geert Wilders said with regard to Israel seems to confirm the above.

  7. The communists said “The Capitlists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” In the end that did not work out too well for the communists. However, it seems to be working like a charm for Islam. Whole populations and governments seem intimidated and scared useless by Muslims.

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  10. Pope John Paul II once said: “The Future Belongs To Our Youth”. Truer words were never spoken. That is what scares me the most living in the United States and having friends & relatives in Europe. Our youth are infested with liberal, Marxist-Communist ideology. Math & science (logic, reasoning skills) are taking a back seat to socialism, globalism, and narcissism. On Friday in Santa Monica, California, a 23 year old man (John Zawahri) full of testosterone who lacks reasoning skills and emotional stability, killed innocent people at a Santa Monica college. No mention in Press of Zawahri’s heritage or nationality. When acts of violence are televised and disseminated across the globe, another copycat terrorist is waiting for his/her 15 minutes of fame. Islam tends to thrive on such violence and terror.

    Sadly, it was Ronald Reagan (with good intentions) who ended the funding of state run, mental institutions to save taxpayer money. Now we have thousands of emotionally unstable individuals with access to guns, killing people in alarming numbers. And the insane person’s family members are expected to monitor medicines, ensure compliance, while being overwhelmed & exacerbated with the lack of group homes and treatment facilities. Protection of society and its citizens should always be a priority whether it be from militant terrorist groups, crazy people, or totalitarian ideologies!!

    The Tommy Robinson’s of Europe, members of Generation Identitaire, and other Patriot groups must continue the fight against EU dictatorship and third world immigration. Otherwise, all the efforts made by Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Lars Hedegaard, Salman Rushdie, Kurt Westergaard, Enoch Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Nigel Farage, Paul Weston, Baron Bodissey, and many others who continue to fight for national sovereignty, free speech, self-protection, and individual freedoms will have been for nothing! Islam will erase our history and recreate its own version of Islamic conquest and subjugation.

    • Pope John Paul II also said something else that may be of interest, in a speech to youth, at Westerplatte, Poland in 1987 (the site of a famous siege at the beginning of World War II): “Your callings and professions are different. You must deeply think, in what way – on each of these paths – “being more” is related to “having more”. But “having more” by itself can never win”… (my rough translation from Polish).

      Well, 26 years later, with the majority of peoples’ interest focused on reality shows and with hip-hop videos full of bling and wildly expensive cars dominating the charts, can we be in any doubt that “having more” has won? When you have all these riches to choose from (even in a crisis!), why bother with caring about Islamisation, or the fortunes of the EDL or Nigel Farage??

  11. I may be one of the few in Britain to watch the Swedish crime dramas on BBC4. The last episode of the Arne Dahl series was screend on Saturday. Like most Swedish crime writers Dahl seems to veer to the left and be totally politically correct. I was surprised this Saturday, therefore, to hear an Italian mafiosi boss say to the Swedish detective that Sweden used to be such a peaceful country. The detective replied that everything changes. And so it has since mass, mostly islamic immigration but also since the EU, Schengen and open borders. Watching their crime dramas you will become aware that there is a constant stream of mafiosi and other criminal elements coming in on the ferries from Poland and the Baltic States and originating not only there but elsewhere in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. Open borders means all the world’s detritus can just flood in. I always think of the saying Good fences make good neighbours and the same goes for countries as well as houses. Unfortunately, we cannot all accept the naive Leftist belief that we are all just people and they are all as nice as we are. The world beyond Northern Europe never was quite as civilised and as with all leftist ideas they just result in everbody sinking down to the lowest common denominator.

    • I am in Poland. A few years ago I was on a canoeing trip in the North, by the sea. We went to the seaside – a port town with ferry lines to Sweden. There, very close to the harbour where the ferries left, I saw a Pakistani-looking man hanging around, waiting for something. (a Pakistani or Arab-looking person is still something unusual around here). A few minutes later, a police car arrived on a signal, and stopped by the Pakistani. A few minutes later still, the Pakistani man was taken away by the car… whether it was due to terrorism, drugs or something else, I have no idea… but the moral of the story seems to be – not everything bad on the ferries from Poland may come from Poland 😉

  12. Check out Cecilia Malmström’s EU webpage. It tell you all you need to know – she makes no bones about it…

  13. Nigel Farage has just warmly welcomed Mr Amjad Bashir as UKIP’s expert on small businesses. Mr Bahir was born in Lahore Pakistan and came to Bradford at the age of eight when his father came as indentured labour to work in the woollen mills. Bringing over Pakistani labour to work in the textile mills of northern England was one of the most stupid things Britain did in a history of doing stupid things. The mills soon were undercut by textile mills in the Sub-continent and and closed and their greedy owners now long dead. Bradford is now, of course, 25% muslim – I would have guessed higher. Mr Bashir could be a Christian although I doubt it. He opened an Asian restaurant and now owns a company importing food from the muslim world. This will make for interesting times. For example, would Mr Bashir block any invitation for Geert Wilders to come and speak in Britain. I think Mr Bashire knows exactly what he is up to. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Enoch Powell never said a truer thing.

    • Muslims attempt to infiltrate every niche of the host society.

      I watch how the gay muslim group in the UK advocates for the Caliphate. I watch how the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britian shills for the muslim grievance-mongers Tell Mama.

      When there was to be a Gay Pride march in east London, the gay muslims were providing to muslims at large, the name and address of the gay kuffar organising the march. (The gay muslims go to great lengths on their own forum to shield the identity of their members).

      As we’ve seen in the UK from Baroness Warsi wanting to speak at islamo-fascist conferences, from Lord Ahmed petitioning Downing Street with 10,000 muslim signatures, and with the LibDem Fiyaz Mughal setting up his grievance-mongering business Tell Mama, they all show their true colours.

      The number of muslims or ex-muslims in the west who will stand up for liberal democracy and oppose islamic fascism can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

      • It’s my new favorite neo-con, Joe!

        These tactics are famous. GOP Proud is not about promoting Conservatism, but about promoting the Homosexual Agenda within Conservative institutions.

  14. Speaking as an American, I suspect (and could be wrong) that post-war Europe’s mistake was to condemn patriotism. It might have been better served by elites who kept patriotism but damned the dictatorial, over-wheening state. But I guess that when some of your biggest parties are SD and, in Italy and France, Communist, you probably can’t get away with that.

    But also, Mijnheer Wilders, I fear that we Americans did a lot to encourage the growth of the European Community. We sort of hoped it would do away with the need to have our own young men bleed and die in large numbers to save Europe from its worst elements a third time.


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  17. I’m in [expletive] L.A. and I didn’t know Geert was coming. [expletive]!

    Great speech once again but it really needs to be heard in Europe more than the U.S..

    The U.S. is less than 1% Muslim and we have an ocean between us and mass Muslim migration. Thank the gods!

  18. The anti-EU stance should not be predicated upon an aversion of other European peoples, UKIP have deployed those very sentiments of self-loathing division as the vanguard of their assault on the EU. This could prove to be a future political legacy that opens up the deep wounds of European internecine. A configuration that the JIM would be more than capable of exploiting.

    Careful with that EU axe Farage, European invigoration not decapitation.

  19. I disagree with Wilders. A united Europe based on the U.S.A model is what Europeans should still want. What is ruining the EU is not European values, but Islamic values. Let’s not break apart in a time when our enemies are uniting. Let’s deal with the real problem in Europe: Islam.

    • The USA model has been a failure. The balance of power has continuously moved from the States to the Federal Government….which even fought a war of subjugation to establish it’s unconstitutional usurpation of power.

      I wouldnt be looking forward to that subjugatory war as a wonderful aspiration.

      • We don’t need to repeat that mess. For some ideas of what might be possible in the US, look at this essay in City Journal.

        Rise of the Republican Governors

        There are currently thirty Republicans running their respective states, and their political philosophies vary. Melanga says:

        The next-wave Republican governors have ignored proclamations that President Obama’s victories have vaporized fiscal conservatism and opened a new era of American big government. At a time when Washington policymakers seem paralyzed by our toughest problems, these state-level revolutionaries have restrained government growth and radically reformed local tax codes. They’ve made their states friendlier to business, reshaped government-employee pension systems to reduce state debt, and restrained the power of public-sector unions over state and local budgets. Some have even proposed eliminating income and corporate taxes.

        He begins with Christie in NJ, not a favorite of conservatives at the moment. But great attention should be paid to Snyder in Michigan who did away with union control. IN MICHIGAN! Of course, Wisconsin was no less ham-strung by the unions, but it led the way on this issue. It was the Tea Party vs. the schools’ union leadership. Definitely a David vs. Goliath situation, which the MSM studiously avoided after it was clear the Tea Party was going to carry this off.

        The unlikely story in Pennsylvania is a sign of returning health on the state level, too.

        One has to look beyond the MSM to get a glimpse of reality. Their shameful behavior in Wisconsin is proof of that. And every single push-back by the thuggish unions – so ballyhooed by the media – failed.

        Too bad Romney didn’t grok the revolution when it came time to strategize for his campaign. Mitt didn’t get it and he shows no signs that he’s gotten it yet. Still in thrall to the Beltway insiders. Still doesn’t realize they don’t win national campaigns. Makes you wonder how he ever managed to successfully hedge those funds…

  20. Until the middle of the 20th century the British Isles were one political entity. This was achieved through Norman not English colonisation please and of course the Act of Union in the 18th century for the sake of the merchant class. The United Kingdom is now on the verge of fragmentation. So why should European nations which are more diverse than those of the British Isles be united? I would ask this gentleman from America if he would value the prospect of the United States being one nation with those of Central and South America. As Europeans we share a common culture and a common religion, Christianity. But individually we are different and there is the delight. We do not want to descend to a lowest common denominator coca cola culture. Despite all the fighting, which will never happen again without the European Union, we have together produced the most advanced civilisation the world has ever known. China has more people and is one country but without Europe would still be in the middle ages. So where is your argument? Also, French and British Canadians share one country but I would hardly say they were the best of mates and Quebec wanted to secede remember. And who is to say that America will stay together when whites are in a minority? The European Union has made Europe less rather than more united as for example Britain adheres to EU directives rigidly whilst France ignores them and the North is having to bail out what it sees as the fraudulent South. You would have to be European to understand this; believe Mr Wilders, he knows what he is talking about.

    • Well, Anonymous, I’ll do the best I can.

      We Americans, white and non-white, are reasonably good at muddling through when we don’t quite know what we’re doing. All I can say is that there are plenty of non-white and off-white Americans who’d paraphrase Confucius and say “A harsh government is worse than racist white people” rather than “A harsh government is worse than a tiger”–hence they leave a number of proud, nationalistic, “liberated”, non-white nations to become American wannabes, and sometimes succeed pretty well.

      I’m mostly white, and teach in a mostly non-white school. Once, during the O’s first election (in one of my family’s heritage languages, “O” means in one tone and infant [儿] and in another “to defecate” [屙]) it turned out there was another Republican in the room–a very black young man with an obnoxiously Yoruba surname. His Nigerian dad had caught the American dream, and wanted to preserve it. Also, I understand that a lot of Mr. ROmney’s black support in my country came from recently naturalized African immigrants. Back when our universities were falling head-over-heels ga-ga with Mao and Castro, the most impervious to that siren song were people whose parents spoke with accents (and not Southern or British, mind you). I myself am pretty unsentimental about some of my family’s “old countries”–and shocked the stuffing out of someone from the Chinese foreign ministry over it when I was US Vice Consul in Guangzhou.

      We whine about being swamped by the Hispanics, but I recall watching two of my fresh-off-the-plane students passing by speaking Spanish, but then one of them quoted a teacher and code-switched into English, and the conversation went on in that language.

      I guess I’m a confused character. I have scarcely a drop of Anglo-Saxon blood in my veins, but I identify religiously with the old Puritans. I think the limited government ideal running from Magna Carta through my own country’s Constitution is a wonderful thing, and will fight tooth and nail for itl. At the same time, there’s lots in traditional Chinese culture that I think showed there’s such a thing as common grace. There are even things other immigrant groups with whom I share no links of kinship have brought that I also like. Maybe they feel the same about me.

      How do we do it? I’m not really sure.

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