When Civil Disobedience Becomes Terror Riots

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from SIAN.no with the latest disturbing news about Norway’s slide into sharia. The translator includes this introduction:

This article concerns a recently published survey which was conducted in 2009. There is really nothing remarkable about the survey itself, at least not for those who are familiar with Islam and its stated intentions, but it’s worth documenting just the same.

Christian Tybring Gjedde, the politician who is referred to in the article is one of the few remaining honest politicians left in the FrP (progress Party), a party which could end up forming a coalition government with Høyre (the conservatives) after the election later on this year.

Unfortunately, nothing good is bound to come from such a partnership. Current immigration and asylum policies are unlikely to change radically, as Høyre is a strong supporter of the open door immigration policies.

Here are a few other articles about Tybring-Gjedde:

Also, see this brilliant video clip where Tybring-Gjedde describes the situation in the eastern parts of Oslo for ethnic Norwegians.

The translated article:

Civil unrest could erupt if Tybring-Gjedde becomes “Islam minister”

Approximately 100,000 Muslims are ready to revolt if Islam is threatened.

Approximately half of all Muslims living in Norway are willing to resort to civil unrest if their religious leaders decide that a law passed by the Norwegian Parliament is immoral. This is one of the findings presented in a new survey conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of the project “The end of National Legal Culture?”

The survey was referred to today on the radio program “Verdibørsen” (“The Value Exchange”) on NRK P2. The program will be aired again tomorrow at 5 PM. The survey also reveals that Muslims want to see the introduction of special laws in Norway — thus confirming what SIAN has claimed for years now — that Muslims in general want non-Norwegian legislation to be applicable to Muslims.

The survey also reveals that 28 percent of Muslims in this country — which translates to more than 50,000 — believe that some of the current Norwegian laws shouldn’t be applicable to religious or ethnic minorities (read Muslims). It also concludes that 68,000 Muslims want Sharia law implemented on matters related to inheritance and family law. The information presented in this survey represents something very sinister and very frightening — not only do Muslims and Islam represents a tangible threat, but they are in fact a ticking bomb.

In order to give an accurate description of the survey, it has to be noted that 48 percent of the Muslims will not “revolt” — the term used in the survey is “civil disobedience”. The corresponding figure for Norwegians is 3 percent, i.e. individuals who would resort to civil disobedience on various religious matters. The term civil disobedience normally refers to nonviolent resistance against decisions made by the authorities.

When Muslims resort to civil disobedience, however, cars and buildings are set ablaze and police and firefighters are greeted by potential fatal showers of stones. We have witnessed the uprising across much of the Western world — most recently in Sweden — accompanied by the victorious cries of: Allahu akhbar! It is therefore misleading to refer to Islamic terror riots as civil disobedience — unless one completely redefines the meaning of the term.

The supplement version of Aftenposten, ‘Magazine’ has previously written about the Islamic Fatwa Council of Europe and its powerful leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi. In one of the articles it was claimed that Qaradawi wields so much power that he can, if necessary, mobilize several million Muslims in Europe in a matter of hours. Hence we know the limitations of our options. In theory, this fatwa general can literally light up Norway if, for instance, the parliamentarian Christian Tybring-Gjedde becomes a Government minister after this coming autumn’s election — not as a Minister for immigration and Inclusion — but as Minister for Deportation and Exclusion of Islamists who violate Norwegian law and who refuse to sign a declaration of loyalty to Norway.

The survey confirms that if Qaradawi gives the order that Islam is being subjected to pressure and that it has to be defended, approximately 100,000 Muslims are willing to resort to “civil disobedience.” Faced with such a threat, it is highly unlikely that the Parliament will adopt any resolution against the current Islamization. Submission to Islam is thus a fact. One can of course cling to hope, but there is every reason to fear the worst — that it is Erna [Erna Solberg, leader of Høyre, the Conservatives] who will preside over the immigration and inclusion policies — which in reality will be a continuation of the red-green coalition government’s policies [the current Government].

The Norwegian Bureau of Statistics has estimated that by about 2040 ethnic Norwegians will be a minority in Oslo and that three out of four immigrants will be of non-Western descent, which invariably means that at that stage the Mohammedans will completely control the political life of the capital.

On this basis, the situation appears to be quite hopeless when we sign yet another article:

Stop the Islamisation of Norway (SIAN)

Arne Tumyr

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  1. Lucky Norway. Ethnic English are already a minority in London, next Birmingham and by 2040 will probably be a minority in the whole of England. Surely, therefore, we can explain to the benighted Norwegians the blessings that come with being a white Christian minority in what used to be until 50 years ago almost 100% white and Christian.

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