“Sweden is More Dangerous than Mogadishu”

A young Somali journalist in Sweden named Amun Abdullahi got herself in trouble with the politically correct elite by reporting the truth about the radicalization of young Somalis in Rinkeby (a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm), where they were recruited for jihad by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab.

The treatment meted out to Ms. Abdullahi made her decide to move back to Somalia. She acknowledges that Mogadishu is a dangerous place, but she considers Sweden more dangerous, because “here you cannot tell the truth.”

Transcript (untimed):

Amun is a journalist, and the first thing you notice is
that she has more passion for journalism than most people do.
Let’s say that if all the jobs in the world were a person, then the journalist would be the head
and all the other jobs would be the different parts of the body.
Now that you have spoken so warmly about journalism,
I have to assume that you would like to work as a journalist in Sweden?
Never… I wouldn’t do that.

Amun came as a refugee in 1991, first arriving in Umeå,
which she describes as one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
Later on she moved to Rinkeby near Stockholm.
She had made the whole transition from refugee to reporter on Swedish Radio.
And her knowledge and contacts as a Somali led her onto a story which changed her life.
One morning she recognised a young Somali,
who had changed character after studying religious scripture.
That was the beginning of an investigative report,
in which she revealed how a leader of am after-school activity center lured youths into Al-Shabab
“It’s half past five, you are listening to Ekot.
Many of the young men from Sweden recruited by the Islamist rebel group Al-Shabab
have come from an after-school activity center in Rinkeby.”

After the report was aired, Amun received numerous threats.
And one night her car was torched on the street.
But she had prepared herself for the threats and social ostracism.
But she was not prepared for what followed later on.
A few months later criticisms emerged from an entirely different front.
From her own colleagues on one of Sweden’s most influential political radio shows, “Konflikt”
Here Ekot’s and thereby Amun’s research was dismissed as mere “hearsay” and “rumors”.
Behind it stood Randi Mossige-Norheim, who has been awarded
the Swedish “Grand Journalism Award” among many others
It’s simply normal to ask “did it really happen?”
I don’t think we made a claim of truth. And I could say that about many things.
We did not say that anything was correct or incorrect.
-You didn’t claim anything was correct or incorrect?
No, we didn’t say anything was correct or incorrect.
But isn’t it your job to say, that which is correct?
But what I mean is, we don’t judge anybody. We don’t judge anybody.
Amun tells us, that after the program on “Konflikt” was aired, she became even more ostracized.
And it confirmed the religious groups’ belief, that they were right.
She received more threats, a mutilated doll among other things.
And her own family now turned their backs on her.
My family told me: “You see, what the Swedish journalists have done?”
“Why should you want to report (on Al-Shabab) when the Swedes don’t want to?”
Amun Abdullahi says she ended up moving away from Rinkeby due to the threats.
Ever since that show, she has been unemployed or on sick-leave.
And she will now be abandoning the journalist profession for good.
You cannot grasp this, because you belong to this group of Swedish journalists
who sit around debating… “We really can’t report this, it’s too sensitive.”
“If we do this story the Sweden Democrats could get more votes.” You belong to this group.
In the past 6 months Amun has been in Mogadishu as the leader of a girls’ school.
She is only in Sweden as a matter of coincidence. She will now be moving to Somalia permanently
But Mogadishu is a dangerous place?
It is also dangerous here. This place is more dangerous than Mogadishu.
What do you mean? Here you cannot tell the truth.
The truth is kept hidden, and the people are silenced.
Not all dreams come true, she says.
She came to Sweden as a refugee, now she is fleeing again. On her way to Somalia to start anew.
If you lose your things in a fire, it is not a problem.
But if you have faith in something, and you lose it, then it hurts.
I had faith in journalism, and in spite of its shortcomings I also believed in Swedish Radio.
I also had faith in myself, quite a lot actually.
And all three things were crushed in one go.

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22 thoughts on ““Sweden is More Dangerous than Mogadishu”

  1. This is the story of a soul-killing.

    Of what use is it to be famed for your wealth, your high intelligence, or your “nice” manners if in the end you wring the neck of Truth in the name of some greater good. How far astray has Sweden wandered from Goodness and Beauty in its pursuit -to the death – of Truth.

    Someday there will be an entrance sign into a hollowed-out space. It will read:

    Sweden existed here once but Fear ate out all its vital organs; the heart was the last to be consumed. Whatever you encounter once past those gates ahead, I cannot tell you. But be assured that despite the name it bears now, the husks of true Sweden have been consumed by vultures who wait patiently for the multitude of empty husks on which they gnaw.

    • Worse than soul-killing, Dymphna – Amun Abdullahi has been raped by the entire Swedish society. This is the speciality of Sweden of today. And the fear of being raped has silenced the swedes.

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  3. A journalist reports upon what is there, a publicist reports on what someone thinks ‘ought’ to be there. The MSM does not employ Journalists, it employs hacks who write what they are told to write.

    Swedes with a conscience, indeed, all of us with a conscience, need to examine our every action to see the ways in which we support a corrupt establishment.

    If the news media is corrupt, then we must leave it behind and seek alternatives. The societal creep towards extremist socialism can only be countered by individual action to walk away from the coersion. Its called passive resistance. But it needs all of us to take action all the time.

  4. Sad day when someone like this has to learn how bad things are in this manner. Nobody is immune from the left’s character assassin machine. Really truly evil in the most imaginable way.

  5. After four decades ruled by a mob of euro communist a vast swath of the Scandinavian society has been ‘zombified’; what once was quite an accomplished race, minority within minority, meaning Vikings within whites, has turned into a pitiful bunch of spoilt grown-ups unable to defend themselves, let alone their countries. Whether or not they will recover is the crux of the matter for the rest of Europe because those societies are still portrayed by fellow socialists as the perfect model to follow. This time the battle must be won in the North. One question remains: Are there some modern Ferdinand and Isabella ready to face up the challenge? The reward will be a meaningful life and recognition for generations to come, nothing less…

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  7. Amun is innocent!
    The Ummah and their enablers are absolutely criminal here.

  8. Hello there….its me again….Don Laird……..

    It seems the Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well in Stockholm.

    What bothers me (that bother and irritation a condemnation of my occasional ignorance of over 2000 years of the sunnier side of human nature) is that this cancer, the cancer of the collaborator, is far deadlier, far more insidious than the murderous brand of terminal disease brought to the table by the Muhammadans.

    I am reminded of the words of a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, Roman constitutionalist and passionate orator, I am reminded of the eloquent reference to the traitor made by Cicero, a reference made acutely relevant to not only Sweden but to a multiplicity of countries across Europe……..read now the echoes of truth over 2200 years old……read now the timeless words of Marcus Tillius Cicero…….

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    I can think of many men and women who are the quintessential manifestation of Cicero’s philosophical musings relevant to traitors, Randi Mossige-Norheim is simply one more in a legion of treasonous cowards.

    To quote myself……you cannot blame a pig for rolling in mud and so too a dog for howling at the moon…….as such you cannot blame muslims for the persecution and cold blooded murder of all those who do not believe as they do, it is in their nature, it is their life’s work, it defines them, it is what they are commanded to do by the Koran.

    But to be put to the knife by our own?………..how rich……..

    Here is another quote from a small ramble I wrote after the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas where the “religion of peace” slaughtered 13 souls including an unborn child……..

    “It is a war whose Muslim allies are the Canadian and American governments, law enforcement agencies, media, judiciary, civil rights advocacy groups. Our constitutions and Charter of Rights and Freedoms are simply weapons in their arsenal. There is no beachhead in this war from which to repel the enemy. There are no clearly identified legions of uniformed troops to be fought. It is a war being planned in mosques across North America. It is a war whose combatants need not muster standing armies or logistical support units as this has been handed to them on a platter by the very men and women the Muslims seek to slaughter. It is the war of ten thousand cuts designed to bring western civilization to its knees and to this point it is succeeding.”

    Moving on……..

    When I was a young man I used to wonder how an entire nation could sit idly by as National Socialists enthusiastically attempted to stuff an entire race headfirst into ovens…….I wondered how so called “civilized” men and women could sit and watch as cattle trains, stuffed to bursting with miserable, wretched humanity, rolled past on their one way journey, all whilst these “civilized ” men and women noshed on bratwurst and steamed sauerkraut, all washed down with jugs of icy lager, I wondered how “civilized” men and women, belting out lusty renditions of “Ich Hab Mein Herz”, could sit and watch while many of their former neighbors, little children, toddlers, the elderly, the women and men……could sit and watch while the sum total of those miserable souls concluded their life’s journey as foul, oily smoke rolling out of crematoria chimney……….I wondered……….and I wondered………..and I wondered of Armenia, of Bosnia, of the killing fields of Cambodia, of the Stalinist Gulags……..of, of, of, of, of, of………and still I wonder…………

    In closing…….

    So…..to those men and women who wear the accoutrement of patriotic citizenry yet whose actions are those of the suicidal, the vicious, the self-loathing, the collaborative, the complicit and the treasonous…..to the Randi Mossige-Norheim’s of the world…….I am eternally grateful for your diligence in service of those who seek our collective demise and the dismantling and destruction of the civilized world…….it has provide me answer to questions the answer to which has been vexatious in it’s absence…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there………………………..”

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  14. Somebody, somewhere in fifty or a hundred years time is going to cite in bewildered amazement the words of Amun about Sweden in 2013:

    “This place is more dangerous than Mogadishu.Here you cannot tell the truth. The truth is kept hidden, and the people are silenced.”

    How could it come to this? Sweden? Of all places? And then one thinks of the naive, posturing, ideologically bankrupt stupidity of Olaf Palme in the 1980’s with his equanimity over the virtues of the Soviet Union vis-a-vis the West. And the lionisation of him in Sweden and the West by “progressives”. It was when and where the rot set in. It is, sadly, no surprise that a female refugee to Sweden from Somalia cum journalist wants out from a hellhole of ideological repression.

    Last night I had the extraordinary experience of being at dinner with a group of younger-than-I Australian-born Egyptian Copts (a Coptic female friend invited me into this gathering unaware of the way they thought) who, priding themselves on belonging to and having fully absorbed the PC/Multi-Culti/Leftist mindset and remonstrated with me over my anti-Muslim “bigotry”, equated Islamic “fundamentalism” with Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist “fundamentalism” – yes, you may think I’m over egging the pudding here, but Buddhists (Jesus wept!) were included in the roll call of religious badness because, as I was told, women are not allowed to touch a Buddhist monk.

    For them Geert Wilders was a repulsive “right-wing extremist” who should have never been allowed to enter Australia because of his views. I didn’t ask whether they had actually read anything he had written or watched a YouTube video of him speaking – I did learn that there is a Facebook page devoted to hating Mr Wilders which was educational I guess. Yup, Australian Copts implacably opposed to the notion that Islam, of its good self, is in any way a problem in Egypt or Australia.

    As I was a guest in somebody’s home I was constrained by good manners. Somehow the conversation drifted to the 1973 Arab-Israeli War where I learned that, but for the resupply of armaments by the big bad US of A, Israel would have been done in by Egypt and Syria. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth that this didn’t come to pass. I mentioned the simultaneous Soviet armament resupply of Egypt and Syria and this fact was strenuously denied.

    I asked did they attend the regular public demonstrations – completely ignored by the MSM – of thousands of Sydney Copts against the persecution and maltreatment of their co-religionists in Egypt. It was a subject of no interest to them. In this context I was advised that the Coptic Church was “patriarchal”. Such is the determination to be blind.

  15. Oh Dear Amun,

    Oh most dear Somalians in Sweden. I so much feel ashamed for my country how we have not taken advantage of the lovely resourceful group of people you are…I hope we will have time to correct it, before you all go back…(Promises of peace and constructive development of your country you now finally and so worthfully seem to be reaching…)

    Why must this be some strange debate about religousity? Is this not just matters of basic humanity? Basic humanity that meant well, but that did not use the collective “brain” of our society? …This is in my opinion what happens when we have welcomed refugees from war thrown/political violence thrown countries, especially teens, childrens and their parents (wich I truly and proudly, from my heart, bless my country for doing!). But, and this is according to my opinion, where the problems start to grow, with the achievment of the asylum of this families, the political thinking and proactive planning in Sweden, ends abrupt. No, what so ever, taking advantage of evident knowledge/research about how to most effective and most humanly integrate this newly arrived people into our society. According to my oppinion, we in Sweden are such mayor loosers when it comes to integration of our refugee people! So much that it gives me an internal ease to finally write it down somewhere !!! We have made all the mistakes that our western partner, US, has done long before us, and even worse.

    Schools are , and I have everyday eyewitness and professional experience of it, underpriviliged in segregated areas. What we know from pedagogical research about teaching newly arrived children to be truly bilangual, “nada”. We end up with a good proportion of children with a poorly language ability in their first language (even among children born here, sec. generation, immigrants). And hence, of cource, with an even more, poor ability in their new language, swedish. I see this in my professional work all the time as a school psychologist. Imagine what a halfhalf language ability is doing to a young child or teenager? Academically, yes of course! But also as a growing human being? The ability to put words to your own thoughts and your own feelings in your everyday life?! Add this with ethnic discrimination on job market for their parents (according to statistics at least one of the countries on the last third part in the world, especially when it comes to utilizing academical achievments among immigrants/refugees. I bet hard for Sweden, on one of the most well educated taxi chaffeur leauge in the world…) Add this to extremely segregated living areas. For instance Rinkeby…Or where I have my job, in Gothenburg, Biskopsgården. 98 % of pupils in schools with foreign background. In contrast to where I live, >1 % with foreign background…Add this to the political, hence economical state budgetal ignorance of the existing massive research evidence from sociology and psychology: Those refugee children/teenagers and foremost their parents are truly and cheaply helped by, proactive parent education, for example becoming a parent in a very different environment from home. Dito research of the effective, and relatively cheap, benefits for parents and children when it comes to treatment strategies on how to help them heal from war thrown experiences.

    According to my oppinion, no wonder youngsters are prone to seek their meaning of life in fundamental activities in segregated surburbs in our political correct country. Because we stayed so pleased with ourselfes in Sweden, being good letting people in, with no further political planning or insight about how to deal with the integration. As usual the issue mostly stayed within the area of political ideology. No, as usual, taking advantage of the existing evidence from research, nor succesful experiences from fieldwork. I am so sorry and ashamed Amun, our academically overqualified top world taxi league and all the rest of my country, Swedens, highly embarrasing immigrated braindrain…

  16. Sweden is a gulag and social experiment full on nonsens and [repulsive stuff].. Destoryers of human rights and other criminal [ordure] to mention.. .. Its a communist contry afterall..

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