The Persecution of Jews in Malmö — Again

Tonight seems to be the night for Swedish cultural enrichment.

The following news report from Germany discusses the ongoing persecution of Jews in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, mostly at the hands of the city’s “New Swedes”.

Many thanks to Myriam for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   An external security system.
00:04   The construction workers cement the massive metal pillars.
00:09   Shneur Kesselmann has been waiting for it for months.
00:13   The rabbi hopes that the synagogue in Malmo is now finally better protected.
00:20   “These are security pillars. We need them for protection
00:23   so that no vehicle can go too close to the synagogue
00:27   and throw various things against the building.
00:29   Unfortunately, this is our situation at the moment …”
00:35   Shneur Kesselmann came here nine years ago —
00:39   the hatred of Jews in Malmö surprised him from the beginning.
00:43   He tells us: “Anti-Semitism has become increasingly worse!”
00:46   It often happens that people on the street throw cans or other things at me.
00:52   A motorist has once tried to run me over.
00:56   He got into reverse with full force as I crossed the street with my wife.
01:01   Thank G’d nothing happened.
01:09   Malmö is booming. Under the swanky Turning Torso, the south Swedish city
01:12   has developed in recent years into a center of rendition of services.
01:17   At the waterfront, posh urban districts have emerged
01:19   and since the bridge over Öresund ensures fast connection
01:22   to the Danish capital Copenhagen,
01:25   it attracts even more people from all over the world here.
01:28   And now for the highlight of the emerging city:
01:31   the EuroVision Song Contest 2013 — tens of thousands of fans have already arrived.
01:36   Malmo cleans itself, wanting to show itself as a lively, beautiful city.
01:48   However, hardly any of this glamour gets to this place.
01:51   Rosengaard, the giant satellite town on the outskirts of Malmö.
01:55   The neighborhood of Siavosh Derakhti and his friends.
01:58   The 21-year-old grew up here and he knows from personal experience
02:01   that you have a hard time, if you come from Rosengaard.
02:04   If you are looking for a job, then you immediately
02:07   get a negative stamp if you name Rosengaard as your address.
02:12   In the news the only show the horrific stories anyway.
02:15   This makes it difficult to find work.
02:19   In Rosengaard most immigrants first find a place to stay
02:22   because the rents are so low. Unemployment, however, is high.
02:27   At night, gangs rule the streets.
02:30   Again and again people are dying in the war of drug gangs,
02:33   more then anywhere else in the country.
02:35   The Swedish dream of a multicultural society,
02:38   respectful of each other — in Rosengard it flatlined.
02:42   For their exasperations many search the right concept of the enemy
02:44   – the Jews of the city come to the fore consistently by young Muslims.
02:49   “It’s true that young people are violent time and again,
02:54   torch cars, but I ask you why? Because nobody listens to them,
02:58   because they are disappointed, because they left to be high and dry.
03:02   They want to be listened to, want attention.
03:05   I don’t like that they set fire to cars, but I can understand it.”
03:13   The aggression against the Jews of the city — for many it has its origin in Rosengaard.
03:26   It is now four years ago as a pro-Palestine demonstration got out of hand.
03:31   On the edge of a Davis Cup tennis match Israel against Sweden.
03:34   The overwhelmed police couldn’t stop the violence, which started a series of attacks.
03:41   A terrible event. Rockets and smoke bombs were fired,
03:46   we were insulted and harassed.
03:50   At the end we had to escape under police protection.
03:59   Shortly after, the chapel burns in the Jewish cemetery. The perpetrators were never found.
04:08   Last fall an arson attack against the Jewish community building.
04:12   Police ascertained two immigrants as criminals,
04:15   but the prosecutor did not want to charge them, labeling the attack a prank.
04:20   The heavy front door is now repaired and back in order.
04:24   The fear among Jews in Malmo, however, remains,
04:26   and the safety precautions at the community center was aggravated.
04:33   Many were completely shocked that we had to endure
04:37   such hostility here in our Sweden.
04:42   This hatred that was directed against us.
04:44   For many, this is a reason to no longer wanting to live here.
04:52   Harry Turner is one of the Jews who no longer want to live in Malmö.
04:56   He moves away on the island of Gotland.
04:58   The 62-year-old ophthalmologist has a good living;
05:01   but the everyday antisemitism he has witnessed over and again
05:05   in his hometown is nothing he wants to endure longer.
05:10   Good friends of mine in other professions,
05:13   teachers for example, have been physically attacked.
05:17   They had to change their jobs because they were abused
05:22   to such an extent by their students that they could no longer stand it.
05:32   The young Muslim Siavosh Derakhti wants to do something about it.
05:35   “Muslims Against Anti-Semitism” is his project, and he speaks with those
05:39   who take it seriously, in the cultural center.
05:42   It takes a long time that day until a few interested people
05:44   come together and listen to Siavosh lecture.
05:51   “I once asked in my class: What do you know about persecution of the Jews?
05:55   Only Auschwitz crossed their minds! And then I asked
05:58   if they have ever listened to a survivor …
06:00   only 2 of 27. That scared me!”
06:04   The others listen in silence. The prejudices runs deep, Siavosh knows.
06:09   What many do wrong here, in my opinion, is that they
06:12   throw together the politics of Israel and the Jewish faith,
06:15   Judaism or the Jews here in the city.
06:19   Why should a Swedish citizen who is Jewish,
06:22   with a Swedish citizenship, be guilty of Israeli politics?
06:26   It’s all about people have no idea AND feel great hatred.
06:31   Despite the daily attacks and insults,
06:34   Rabbi Kesselmann wants to stay — even when he is sure
06:36   that they will continue to abuse him on the road.
06:41   When has the Jewish community ever needed me more than now?
06:47   I think it would not be the right point in time to leave the parish.
06:52   And maybe — he hopes — the synagogue located in the city
06:55   once again will be a meeting place — without prejudice and to all residents of Malmö.

10 thoughts on “The Persecution of Jews in Malmö — Again

  1. Everything we learned in school about Sweden was dead wrong. We were taught that Swedish government’s primary duty was to work for the happiness of its citizens. Now we discover- on daily basis- that the Government’s primary duty is to sacrifice its citizens on the alter of Muslim Jihad to avoid Muslim anger. One Muslim can frighten to death 1000 European/Scandinavian policemen.

  2. I have a question for rabbi Kesselmann, who I’m sure is honest when he tells of anti-semitic assaults he has suffered in the hands of Muslims : is he a vocal opponent of mass immigration ? Is he an active critic of fellow Jews and Jewish organisations which toe the line of multiculturalism and “anti-racism” ?

    And if not, doesn’t he think he has a part of responsibility in Gentile anti-semitism ? Does he think organised Jewry can, at the same time, work actively against Western, European interests, by promoting mass immigration, and not suffer, as a consequence, a certain degree of hostility which could justifiably be called — gasp ! — anti-semitism ? Doesn’t he think Jews need allies, in the face of such hostility by Muslims, given that Jews are such a small minority ?

    And if not, how deluded is he, exactly ?

    • These “questions” are really accusations against someone whom you do not know. Too bad you will not be asking the individual himself.

      We could level most of the same “questions” against most Europeans in general.

      • “These “questions” are really accusations against someone whom you do not know. Too bad you will not be asking the individual himself.”

        Well, yes, obviously. Do you mean I’m only entitled to level accusations against people I know, unless I can meet them in person ? Even Stalin and Hitler did not go that far in their attempts at suppressing free speech.

        I suppose you would consider unsuitable for me to criticise Obama, since I do not know him, and he would not pick up the phone when I try to call him.

        “We could level most of the same “questions” against most Europeans in general.”

        Of course not. Most Europeans are Gentiles, therefore criticism aimed at Jews cannot be aimed at them. They are a majority, not a minority. They do not have any ethnic solidarity. And especially, most of them oppose mass immigration, which has been thrust upon them without anybody asking them what they thought about it, ever.

        • Obviously, I mean you are taking the opportunity of accusing this individual of promoting mass immigration when you know nothing about him except that he is Jewish.

          I knew and know plenty about Obama. Silly analogy.

          And no one is attacking your right to say anything you want. You are entitled to be as unreasonable as you wish. You are entitled to smear an individual without knowing what his views are.

          • And by the way, I’m sure you must have noticed that the average European is not a vocal opponent of mass immigration.

            I’m American and I have been told by people whom I consider to be reliable that that ordinary Jews in the US do not agree with the major Jewish organizations regarding mass immigration. How could this come about? Apparently the people who monetarily support these organizations do agree with DNC and their ilk regarding this and other matters.

            The majority of Americans also do not want mass immigration despite all the propaganda but how is it that we have a government–both parties actually–who do support it?

            Are you going to blame the Jews for this too?

          • I am attacking this individual because he does not put the blame on mass immigration in this video, which he should have done if he were honest. He just says he’s a victim, which is true, but he fails to add he has a personal responsibility over his victimhood.

            And he fails to add that Jews are not the only victims, by far. As a matter of fact, if the worst comes to the worst, they can claim asylum in Israël, as many do. Gentiles cannot.

            I am attacking this individual because, as a rabbi, he is an official representative of Jews, and as such, he has a responsibility over the political influence of Jews in the West.

            Most Jewish organisations in the West have been actively promoting mass immigration since at least the 1920’s. They are now finally getting hoist by their own petard. It seems to me that a little apology is in order (and that’s a wild understatement), given that they have been ruining everybody’s life and countries in the process, not only their own, while at the same time claiming the higher moral ground.

            Funny everybody (at least in counter-djihad circles) blames “moderate Muslims” for their glaring lack of criticism of radicals in their midst, and concludes that there are no moderate Muslims, only silent or complicit Muslims — but Jews can get away with exactly the same behaviour, and be considered as totally innocent victims.

            Somehow, we are lead to believe that the multiple, powerful and well-funded Jewish organisations worldwide, who actively support Third-World and Muslim immigration in Western countries, are entities floating in mid-air, totally detached from their Jewish constituents.

            And please spare me the “smearing” innuendos. I’m not “smearing” this rabbi any more than people “smear” Muslims or Blacks when they point out their over-representation in the criminal population.

            This is political criticism, it’s a non-Jew defending his collective interests in face of Jewish collective interests, and it’s therefore fully legitimate.

        • The issue is that you accuse the victim, who on top of that is in an extremely dangerous situation. To demand of him to get on the barricades and declare war on the Muslims of Malmö, or else he is partially responsible, as Robert seems to think, is just as bad as accusing rape victims of being partially responsible for no dressing properly or walking in the wrong areas.

    • Dear Robert,

      I am a devoted reader and supporter of GoV and I probably agree with you on many points.

      Which military man said that people tend to be fighting the last war rather than the current one? I think this is true for many Jews who are still, somehow, traumatized by WWII.

      Both elite Swedish Jews and elite Swedish non-Jews support mass immigration. Goes with the territory evidently. The non-Jews are the bulk of the population. The Jews are a small minority. So no matter which individual Jews support or supported multiculturalism and mass immigration in the past or present, they would have to have fantastic, superhuman powers to make the whole society follow their lead.

      Do I think that average Jews who bear the brunt of these policies should speak out against these policies, yes I do. Even though I know that this paints even more of a target on their backs because then the mainstream society will turn against them (for being “racist”) and perhaps not offer them protection (prominent individuals and politicians have found it difficult to get enough protection). Also physical and murderous attacks against him, his family and his congregation would increase.

      Any rabbi, priest, pastor has a responsibility to the people in his congregation or church. Even the last pope had to apologize to Muslims because he did not want to encourage Muslims in their murderous attacks upon Christians around the world after he made his reasonable statements.

      (By the way, in the United States, prominent catholic churchmen are encouraging multiculturalism and mass immigration.)

  3. p.s. Two things:

    I have to make a correction. In the US, there appears to be a class difference among Jews. Those of a “higher” socioeconomic class tend to favor immigration, presumably because it is economicaly favorable for them or because they think it will not effect them adversely and favoring it is the “good” thing to do. Those Jews in a lower socioeconomic class tend to oppose mass immigration.

    The other thing I want to say is that if the Baron or Dymphna do not want to publish my comments (too inflamatory?) that will be OK with me.

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