PM’s Solution to Workplace Violence: Don’t Wear Uniforms in Public

Correction: Later reports indicate that it was the Ministry of Defence, and not the Prime Minister, that advised service members not to wear their uniforms. Mr. Cameron later countermanded the MoD, and told the soldiers they could wear their uniforms in public.

Yes, you read that right: “Conservative” Prime Minister David Cameron’s government recommends that serving British soldiers not wear their uniforms outside their bases, to avoid being butchered by fake Muslims.

This is how Britain shows its pride in its soldiers, who serve their country selflessly, risking their lives and limbs in far-off places for the cause of… of… well, something. Probably the cause of Multiculturalism, which brings diverse peoples together to live in harmony in the UK, each celebrating its unique heritage its own delightful way.

Which, of course, is why British soldiers are now required to conceal the fact that they are British soldiers — one of those unique cultural practices imported into Britain is to cut off the heads of infidel warriors. But we can’t let a minor issue like that slow down the advance of Multiculturalism, can we?

It must be noted in contrast that British Salafists are permitted to wear their uniforms in public on the streets of London. The full sharia rig: beanie, nightgown, bushy henna’d beard, a zebiba on the forehead and the wives in black bags. No problem!

Say, now there’s an idea: maybe British soldiers could wear burkas in public. That way no one would ever know.

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Below are the excerpts from a Telegraph article about the latest travesty from Dhimmi Dave and his comrades-in-surrender:

Woolwich Attack: Troops Advised Not to Wear Uniform Outside Bases

Commanders have advised troops not to wear uniform travelling to and from work or outside bases following the brutal killing of a member of the military close to Woolwich barracks.

Defence sources said the order had been given that uniform should not be worn by those travelling alone, or on public transport as a “common sense precaution” immediately after the killing

A source stressed the order was temporary while investigations into the killing carried on and the decision would be reviewed in the next few days.

Col Richard Kemp, who commanded British forces in Afghanistan, said it would be a mistake to reinstate an earlier permanent bar on military personnel wearing uniforms in public. That ban was put in force because of an IRA campaign in the 1970s and 1980s to target personnel in Britain, Germany and Holland.

“Personally, I would argue against it,” he told the Today programme. “As we saw in this case you don’t need to have somebody in uniform, you just need to have someone who knows a bit about soldiers and does a bit of observation in the vicinity of a barracks and you can identify a soldier very quickly.

“I think we should be right to think about ways of protecting ourselves better but I think it would be wrong to suggest we live in a state of fear of this type of attack continuing.

“I think it is possible further attacks will be inspired by this type of attack… one of the biggest priorities for the services is to look at the role of the internet in motivating people and look very carefully at which radical sites should be suppressed on the internet, as well, of course, as more direct preaching in some of the mosques in this country which has caused people to turn to radicalism and terrorism before.

“That’s another area we need to put more resources into again.”

The Ministry of Defence has already announced it is increasing security at all barracks in London.

Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said that the Government took the security of Armed Forces personnel “very seriously”.

A defence source added: “We constantly keep security arrangements under review. From Ireland 30 years ago to other extremists now, we are always reviewing our security.”

The killing occurred 200 yards from the Royal Artillery Barracks, which is the historical home of the Royal Artillery.


The 18th-century barracks played a key part in London’s 2012 Olympic Games when they hosted the pistol and rifle shooting and the Paralympic shooting and archery.

The Army’s links with Woolwich go back centuries and hundreds of troops are based there.

51 thoughts on “PM’s Solution to Workplace Violence: Don’t Wear Uniforms in Public

        • Quelle surprise !!!!!……I believe every decent, credible website, truthful seekers of objective fact, GOV included (..natch!!) predicted this sort of foolishness yesterday……..yawwwwwnnnnnn……NEXT!!!!

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown, Crankville County
          Alberta, Canada

          “Somewhere between here and there….”

  1. This is a significant step BACK to the Middle Ages.
    Your community and affiliations were more important than your individuality.
    Indeed, they determined whether you should live or die depending on where you found yourself.
    I wonder if there will be a Venerable Bede to record these times?

    • Not the MIDDLE Ages old chap, the Dark ages where this obscene
      death cult emanated from. They want to take the World back to this
      barbaric age. We have to find ways to stop them.

  2. Your prime minister is a coward.
    Already he is gray in the face. And his enemies know it.

  3. Cameron again proves he is a spineless, weak, dithering idiot. He is basically castrating the military with this statement. They butcher a soldier in daylight with no attempt to hide and Cameron has basically blamed the soldier for wearing a uniform as he praises the real Islam and worries about a backlash against those who adhere to the ideology that Sanctions that

  4. “as more direct preaching in some of the mosques in this country which has caused people to turn to radicalism and terrorism before.”

    “”more direct preaching”” ……oh Mr. Kemp. From which could this come from ?

    1) Donald Duck and his Nephews.
    2) Roses and Orchids.
    3) Dao de King.
    4) Dog breeding.
    5) Old Cars restaurations.
    6) Travelling and Tasting.

    ……. or possibly the Quoran ???????????????

    So Mr. Kemp showed his anger on the “Minds” of Traitor Politicians as Davie.

    One simple word can make it so clear, which in this case was his use of the word: “direct”.

  5. As far as can be ascertained from the images the Soldier was not in uniform, disgraceful to deploy politically correct dress code as a distraction to the motivations of this atrocity, if British soldiers are not safe on British streets then who is?

    The appeasement elite and media are in full Islamic apologists swing.

    • There is only one statement one could make in answer to them: No apology can be made for these savages.
      Jesus Christ said: pray for your enemies, and for those who persecute you.
      He did not say, surrender.
      He did not say, submit.
      Only the devil would demand these things.

  6. I think a more functional solution would be to carry uniforms, and loaded weapons. I think those cleavermen would have thought twice before trying to murder a soldier carrying an assault rifle.

  7. Yet, the victim in Woolwich wasn’t in uniform. I suppose Cameron will also advise against wearing articles of clothing bearing the Help for Heroes logo?

    So far, we know the victim was 20 years old, from Lincolnshire, an active duty member of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers returning to his barracks where he served in the Yorkshire Regiment – and that his next of kin has been notified.

    Sympathy goes out to the victim’s loved ones.

    The bloodied man seen ranting on camera minutes after a soldier was hacked to death in Woolwich yesterday, Michael Adebolajo, was raised in an “ultra-Christian household” in Romford, friends of the family claim. Woolwich attack suspect attended meetings of banned Islamist group – and were known by security services

    • Constable: “How short is the way from “ultra Christian Household” to the early Quoranic verses ?”

      Historian: “Very short !”

      • What precisely do you mean by “ultra-Christian” household?
        You’re claiming that there is equivalency between what you would term “ultra Christians” and Muslim fundamentalists and even Muslims in general, who are forbidden to be religiously indifferent.
        Look carefully at the actual content of the Christian faith, the scriptures, the Patristic Fathers, all the way down to 632 A.D.
        Then try comparing them with the Koran, its pages full of imperatives for war, and always, hatred for the infidel other.
        You will not see any equivalency between the message of Christianity, the nature of its deity, and the revelations of the present and future, and Islam, THERE IS NO EQUIVALENCY in doctrine or practice!
        If you are historically, culturally, and religiously ignorant, you come this battle with no shield and a pointless, dull sword.

  8. Apparently Cameron is experiencing some difficulty with the public’s acceptance of his responses to the Woolwich terror attack yesterday. . .

    BBC:“> Last updated at 06:48 ET Post-attack uniform advice relaxed

    Advice to armed forces personnel not to wear uniforms in public has been relaxed, the Ministry of Defence says.

    A defence source had said advice to conceal uniforms was a “common sense” measure while the Woolwich attack investigation went on.

    But the MoD said that after a review of the situation, a decision was taken to relax some precautions.

    This included advice to personnel in London not to wear uniform outside defence establishments, it went on.

  9. Sorry, but you got the story wrong. It was the MOD, on their own bat, that issued the ban. Cameron rejected the idea and stopped the foolish ban. Will you please publish a correction?

    • Yes. Give me a link for the story, and I’ll add a correction to the top of the post.

      • ‘Wear your uniforms P.M. tells forces’ – is on the BBC Homepage. Not sure if you can get that one. Sorry to be unhelpful, but it is there.

        • When I have a URL, I’ll post a correction. There’s no point to a correction without a link to the source.

          • Thursday, May 23 – MailOnline – (headline) Terror attack will not divide us… (sub heading) u-turn on banning troops from wearing uniforms in public.

            ‘The Prime Minister today overruled a Ministry of Defence ban on troops wearing uniforms in public…’ It seems Loodt Pretorius has the correct version.

            On the news tonight the Police are stating that they did not take as long as 20 minutes to turn up. This will no doubt develop further.

   (I am not at all techy, this might not work)

            Regards Pat

      • Hi, here is a link that is not behind a paywall.

        The MOD panicked, wanted to do the kind of thing that the dastardly Tony Blair would have done and banned the wearing of uniforms. Cameron said something different today after the meeting.

      • From the UK Daily Mail

        It is understood military commanders last night issued guidance to all serving personnel in London to not wear their uniforms in public.

        TODAY’S POLL

        Should British servicemen be allowed to wear their uniforms on the street after Woolwich killing?


        VOTE army .

        All polls..
        Ministry of Defence sources said this had been part of an ‘automatic’ tightening of security following a major incident.

        Though the victim of the Woolwich atrocity was not in uniform, it is understood he was wearing a Help for Heroes hooded top and carrying a military camouflaged rucksack.

        But Mr Cameron is thought to have intervened and troops are being told to wear their uniforms as normal.

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  10. Idiot PM. The victim wasn’t wearing a uniform.

    I fear unless the people arise there will be no more Britain in 5 years.

  11. In the recent news on the Woolwich murder from the German MSM “ARD”.

    Title: “Einzeltäter – oder nicht?”

    Freely translated this means: “Single-deedmaker – or not ?”

    1) Thorsten Huhn tried to prevent the word: “Criminal” or “Murderer” or “Assassin”.

    2) Huhn tried to evoke the emotional set up as if this was ONE Person. who murdered, because Huhn knows, that TWO murdering ONE gives additional reasons to hate the TWO.

    3) Huhn tried to evoke with the word “single-deedmaker” the impression as if this has been a complete “single” murder”event” …. having no basic connection to anything “pc” ideology which is “pc” Islam …….. quoting deeper down in the text a journalist that there might be a connection to “Al Quaida” – which is the utmost thinkable contradiction to Islam – isn`it Mr Huhn ?

    Hystery creates lies !

    I wonder if Huhn mentioned before somewhere that the two murderers even had pushed the young man with their car before they massacred him……

    PS.: The word “Einzeltäter” could also be translated as “more than one”, but this sort of translation is only “possible” if the meaning of the word “Einzel” is not THOUGHT SO AS IT IS WRITTEN, because “Einzel” simply is translated as “ONE”.

    AND: Huhn played the full lie story: The young man should not be seen PRIMARILY AS A LIVING HUMAN he SHOULD BE SEEN primarily a SOLDIER and the REPRESENTATIV OF THE BRITISH NATION …… thus trying to anti-personalize him and to make him a “field of projections” of many readers “wide spread thinking” ….. going so far as seeing the murdered as the only “true aggressor” —- to which thinking the complete title fully fits, indeed.

    Then Huhn thrives to all known lie motor….:
    Islam has nothing to do with Islam. It was even treason to Islam …….. bla bla bla
    And more Taquia lies overtaking from the Lie-Imam who massivly tried to bring the “reasonsearch” on a national level ……. as if this would have to do with countries.

    Finally Huhn writes about more police …….. as being the solution. And as he ends his “report” on a murder by the unspoken question “will there be riots and even more murders at the next football match” he delivers quite frankly his minds policy which is HIS empathy for sensations.

    True Journalists would write about the murdered and until now I even did not found his fore name ………. sensation-Journalists is such almost impossibly, because their mind set is out for using the previously occurred to sort of propel a next and even “bigger sensation” ……


    Reading Huhn`s text reveals exactly this: He finally even propels feelings of “common empathy” for the murderers lying wounded (…by police) in a hospital under “heavy armed police” (….ooooh !) , when having before mentioned the Imam who was so sad that they could not have been integrated ………. ….. no empathy for the murdered, which was his programme already at the beginning when he processed to make him to a “none person” by pushing the Nation “button” to make him “disappear” in a larger group….. or even a person at whom could be hate lanced since many readers also have other feelings than empathy for GB, even not for a young man who had displayed on his t-shirt promo for the men and women who bring the wounded out from the turmoil of a front…… whose victim he himself became, a front which has been caused by such who by greed and lie for treason made these “fronts” come into Europe.

    Who should have since months the knowledge about the simple serious way to end this by making these “fronts” collapsing through truths !

  12. “Do not tolerate the intolerable” is a catchy but cautionary phrase all Westerners need to understand & adopt. Yesterday, on May 22, 2013…a British soldier was brutally run over, attacked with a cleaver, and killed for revenge. Yet Cameron has the audacity to say this horrific murder is not related to Islam. What a crock of $@it! Worse than Obama declaring the Ft. Hood massacre of Army soldiers “workplace violence” not Islamic terrorism. As famously stated by Geert Wilders…”There is only one Islam” practiced in the Qu’ran. Muslims know this reality & truth. But socialists and multi-culturalists bury their heads in the sand believing in assimilation and peaceful co-existence.

    One day soon, indigenous Europeans will rise up against Islam. There will be blood spilled during the uprising. Enoch Powell was right in his prediction of Islamification and take-over. Muslims are peaceful when represented in small numbers. By the time their numbers swell to 10 percent of the population, they began demanding special rights, considerations, halal meats, burkhas, etc. The only reason they want political asylum in Western nations is for the free welfare benefits. Statistics show 75% of female Muslims never work. They become one of four wives allowed by Islam. UK government treats them as single mothers European governments are not forcing mosques to report marriages conducted under Sharia law. Muslim men “marry” their four wives before immigrating to Europe & America. And you wonder why Western nations are going broke? Elite socialists are pushing for a borderless, one world government! We are paying the price for immigration quotas dictated by the UN in Brussels. Idly watching as the U.S. Department of State relocates millions of Muslims to cities like Minneapolis, Shelby TN, and Columbus, OH. Citizens and locals have no voice, or vote in the matter. UN dictates immigration quotas for the 17 member nations of the European Union. Our national sovereignty has been hijacked by the current leaders elected into office.

  13. Should point out that there is nothing new in all this. It is regular practise for ‘Senior Officers’ to think up new reasons why servicemen/women should not wear uniform outside of military bases. Another practise is to tell servicemen not to use certain pubs & clubs. The usual excuse is ‘oh, it is an Irish pub’ (most Irish drinkers in the UK are not IRA supporters) or ‘last time servicemen went in there, there was a fight, so we have ordered them to keep out’. No attempt made by senior officers to check facts before issuing such orders. They are terrified witless that an incident betweeen servicemen and ‘civvies’ will happen ‘on their watch’ and that will jeopardise their next promotion.

  14. I know someone who has lived in southwest England for many years and who exemplifies the far-left viewpoint. Although she would deplore and by horrified by the murder of this soldier, she would also point out, in a self-righteous way, that this kind of violence is what you can expect when you invade their countries and kill their people.

    This is the view of the left.

    I was appalled to hear her say this and I began to try to remind her of some recent history to counter her ridiculous point of view–a point of view shared by her “progressive” (I don’t know what they call them in England) counterparts. She did not want to listen and–like a good lefty–tried to talk over me and prevent me from speaking. I really could not find a way to quickly counter her and she was unwilling to listen to a longer response.

    I would welcome anyone’s suggestions as to how to–quickly–respond to these people. In this case, I would have really liked to “change hearts and minds” because she is an intelligent person in most respects.

    • Unfortunately I do not have a response but I have recently found this as an explanation:

      Suicidalism The Totalitarian’s most important memetic weapon.

      The 8 rules of Suicidalism:

      1. There are no truths; there are only competing agendas.

      2. All Western claims to moral superiority over Communism/Fascism/Islamism are invalidated by the West’s history of racism and colonialism.

      3. There are no objective standards by which we may judge one culture to be better than another. Anyone who claims that there are such standards is an evil oppressor.

      4. The prosperity of the West is built on ruthless exploitation of the Third World; therefore Westerners actually deserve to be impoverished and miserable.

      5. Crime is the fault of society, not the individual criminal. Poor criminals are entitled to what they take. Submitting to criminal predation is more virtuous than resisting it.

      6. The poor are victims. Criminals are victims. And only victims are virtuous. Therefore only the poor and criminals are virtuous. By identifying with poor people and criminals richer people can borrow some virtue.

      7. For a virtuous person, violence and war are never justified. It is always better to be a victim than to fight, or even to defend oneself. But ‘oppressed’ people are allowed to use violence anyway; they are merely reflecting the evil of their oppressors.

      8. When confronted with terror, the only moral course for a Westerner is to apologize for past sins, understand the terrorist’s point of view, and make concessions.

      Source: ESR –

      This seems to be a formidable weapon being used with great effect by those intent on destroying democracy (or even nation states).

      • Yes, a formidable weapon indeed.

        The left has its arguments well-formulated.

        We need well-formulated and succinct counter arguments. Even–or perhaps especially–if these arguments work by just demolishing the premises upon which the left builds its edifice of lies and distortions.

        No doubt there has already been much help in this regard given on this blog–I just don’t seem to be able to access them right now, either on the blog or in my mind.

        So any help would be appreciated. This may be a simple matter for some others reading this blog.

    • Quote: “. . . she would also point out, in a self-righteous way, that this kind of violence is what you can expect when you invade their countries and kill their people. “

      Yet, when the tables are turned and in a self-righteous way, she is told that this is the kind of violence she can expect when foreign invaders kill people in HER country, . . .how does she react? Baffled? She apparently needs to be reminded that allies in foreign countries are there in a ‘nation building’ capacity with the intent of ‘winning hearts and minds’ which is why she willingly pays her taxes to fund the new hospitals, roads, schools, infrastructure etc. in places where our military personnel are hated and targetted despite all the good that is done to improve their impoverished lives . Remind her also that they removed themselves from their sharia paradise of origin and sought refuge in our non-sharia compliant nation rather than seeking refuge in another shariah paradise of their chosing – in all likelihood due to the violence inherent in Islam.

      • If the tribes of Afghanistan and the other Muslim countries were serious about evicting the foreigners from their soil, they would pass laws enabling the expulsion of Westerners from their lands.
        If we in the West had any common sense we would expel all Muslims regardless of their ethnicity and then we would:
        1. promise never to enter Muslim lands
        2. forbid technological or intellectual transfer from the West by law.
        If Muslims wish to live with dignity in their own lands, then they will have to do so without any Western technology AT ALL.
        If they despise modernity so much, let them have the alternative.

    • No. It is not.
      If Cameron were on the side of his own he would have taken measures to protect the soldier in the first place.
      No, we will not join you.

  15. I think an SAS squadron should be sent to Woolwich and be allowed to wear uniforms in the street.

    • A sane response would be for patriotic citizens to don either uniform or colours of St. George and march on mass into Woolwich or up to Downing Street to make their point that there will be NO SURRENDER – NO SUBMISSION – not now, NOT EVER.

      • Bingo! Right to the front door of the man who painted his door and is being harassed by authorities.

  16. And Jews should not wear Yamulkes either, heh? Multiculturalism, my [nether region].

    Maybe we should all step aside and let Muslims pass through, lest they shove us out of the way, being that we are filthy dog kaffur.

    Good Lord!

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    • Let’s all enroll in madrassas, wear burkas and extend our hands in friendship to our superior muslim brothers………..

  18. Sadly, The Gates of London have fallen with this additional deposit of sediment on top of all the layers of muslim mud that blankets what I used to think of as fair England. This sediment flows down from above. The common fish are not fooled and the top “feeders” don’t care. We here in the U.S. are fast tracking to catch up to all the muslim tom foolery and misery that so much of the planet is trying to stoically and statistically endure. Sorry chums, it won’t get better until we all pitch in and do something about it.
    Capitulating is absolutely not the answer. Thugs only see it as winning and will ever squeeze more milk money from you on the playground of planet earth.

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    • Murad, I didn’t remove any of your comments. I don’t know what the issue is.

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