EDL Members Converge on Woolwich

“The people who did this are nothing to do with the real Islam.”

I knew we’d been hearing that line sooner or later. Are we reassured yet?

I’ll bet the British public are relieved to know that it wasn’t the real Islam that did the killing. Those guys screaming their devotion to Allah and swinging their meat cleavers while they butchered a soldier in the street — they must have been the fake Islam. The real Islam was off somewhere else, maybe feeding hungry children in the Congo. Or building health clinics for the poor in Haiti. Yeah, that must be it.

It won’t be long before the Muslim talking heads on TV start worrying about a “backlash”. And they’re right to worry: Led by Tommy Robinson, angry EDL supporters converged on Woolwich tonight at the site where the soldier was butchered earlier today. They were confronted by police and kettled in place.

The current mood among “persons of English background” may be too angry to kettle, however. This is what one of the mujahideen told the British public on videotape this afternoon:

“We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you… You people will never be safe. Remove your government.”

How’s that for “community cohesion”, eh? It seems to me that David Cameron and Boris Johnson need to redouble their outreach to the Muslim community. Maybe they could fund a few new mosques and knight some more Muslims to get them in the House of Lords…

Here’s the report from The Daily Mail on the latest from Woolwich:

Masked English Defence League supporters flood Woolwich: Far-Right clash with police near scene of killing

More than 100 supporters of the English Defence League tonight gathered near the scene of where a soldier was hacked to death by Islamic fanatics and threw bottles at police.

Officers formed a cordon and the men left the immediate area after the brief incident. Some of the EDL supporters gathered at The Queen’s Arms pub locally, where they sang nationalistic songs.

One local Muslim said that a brick had been thrown through a mosque during the march.

Giving his name only as Abdul, he said: ‘I’m not happy about it. It’s a place of worship – a place of God. They have got Islam all wrong. The people who did this are nothing to do with the real Islam.’

Elsewhere, two men were arrested after separate attacks on mosques following today’s killing.

A 43-year-old man was in custody on suspicion of attempted arson after reportedly walking into a mosque with a knife in Braintree, Essex.


Meanwhile police in Kent were called to reports of criminal damage at a mosque in Gillingham at 8.40pm. A man was taken in custody on suspicion of racially-aggravated criminal damage.

The EDL men had first gathered at Woolwich Arsenal station in Woolwich, south-east London. Riot police with shields stood guard outside for a short time, before moving back into their vans.

The EDL group waved a flag of St George and chanted ‘no surrender to the Muslim scum’. Around 20 of the men wore black balaclavas with an EDL logo on the front.

Leader Tommy Robinson addressed the crowd, saying: ‘We have got weak leadership. They have allowed this to happen. People are scared to say the word Muslim. They are scared to offend them.

‘You know what? We are offended. People in this country are angry. They have had enough.’

The crowd, chanting ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘EDL’, as well as ‘England’, marched to the cordon where the killing took place. Others chanted ‘No surrender to Al Qaeda’.

A statement by the EDL said: ‘The terrible events in Woolwich today were a reminder of something very few are willing to accept. We are at war.’

Hat tip: Kitman.

39 thoughts on “EDL Members Converge on Woolwich

  1. I knew the EDL will show up sooner or later. When this evil that is Islam is really know with the wet bloody hands interview over just a blown up a bus of 7-7 their ranks will swell as well as UKIP ranks. Which can both help wake up and harm if they go to far.

    • I Agree … to hell with democracy if the goal of a democracy is to import Muslims and enslave the White People to their (Muslims) will.
      Churchill… I said Churchill … where are you? Do you hear me! Rise up. The British people are slaughtered. Our leaders are killing their own people just like Ghaddaffi and Assad.
      Oh Churchill … are there men in Britain? Is there any courage left in Britain? Our country is sold. Our country is dying. Our leaders are providing coffins and preparing mass graves for the British people.
      Churchill rise up. Save us from our leaders. Churchill I said COME TO OUR RESCUE. We are perishing off one at a time.
      Churchill … Churchill … Churchill …Churchill Churchill ..

      • What is needed is not Churchill, but an Oliver Cromwell. To deal with both the House of Commons – our politicians in other words – and the Muslim enemy. Hear his words: Your Country … calls upon me to cleanse the Augean Stable, by putting a final Period to your Iniquitous Proceedings… which by God’s Help, and the strength He has given Me, I now come to do. I command ye, therefore, upon the Peril of your Lives, to depart immediately out of this Place; Go! Get out! Make haste, ye Venal Slaves, begone!”

  2. I completely agree with the EDL member’s statement. We are at war with these bastards and we better start defending ourselves.

  3. Not one……not one…..not one single patriot….not one single British citizen lifted a hand to help this poor squadie as he was being butchered………[invective redacted]

    Oh I know…….redact away………I couldn’t help myself……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Not surprised in the least…………”

  4. Pundit Press reveals one of the savages identities as a home grown revert of Nigerian ancestry: Micheal Adeboloja, reportedly one of the London attackers. He allegedly answers to his Muslim name “Mujahid,” or “one who fights Jihad.” He is reportedly the man in the video alone. Word is that he is a Muslim convert.

    Someone claiming to be his friend has identified him on Twitter. His nationality is still not known, but it may be Somali. There are not many things on Google about the man, who has not been officially identified by the police. Reports and video show him bragging over the murder, praising God for the death of an alleged British soldier.

    Don, at first, witnesses assumed it was an accident and the two savages were attempting to assist the victim after smashing the victim with their car. I doubt any of the witnesses were prepared for what took place next. There were two women who stepped up and confronted the savages. I’m just stunned that none of the drivers stuck in the area didn’t push pedal to the metal and return the favor.

    • “a home grown revert”

      Retard is the correct word to use, not revert. One retards to Islam because one has to be completely retarded to believe in it.

    • 20 minutes to respond to a butchered soldier on the street but by God the EDL get the full regiment!

      • Isn’t that the truth… Mustn’t let the natives get too far off the leash. Could be a problem.
        Although, I don’t like the masks. Maybe the EDL supporters weren’t willing to go into solitary confinement like Tommy… That is what the British legal system does to indigenous British these days…

  5. It wasn’t the “real” islam? Damn! We almost had it. Turns out this fabled “real” islam we keep hearing about is – like the imaginary moderate muslim – quite thin on the ground these days. I mean, when they spoke about “real” islam, I thought they had caught a unicorn. But alas, it was only but a mirage. This thing is even more elusive than BigFoot. We keep finding casts of footprints and eyewitnesses that assure us that they saw a “real” Islam just now, but when we run and look around the corner, it’s gone!
    You know that feeling when you want to show someone something, it never quite happens the way we want? Same thing. With a massive pile of corpses.

    But we must be hopeful and not despair. Somewhere out there over the rainbow there is a place where the “real” Islam lies. We just have to keep looking. Squinting. Rubbing our eyes. Putting on the 3D glasses and drinking the kool aid until 2+2=5.

    • Exactly, and the “Western” media, elite and politicians swallow this line as it fits into their combined narrative. Meanwhile of course, it buys time and allows Islam to expand and embed itself further into our countries.

    • Where is the real Islam? Not in Islamic countries otherwise surely Muslims would be heading towards them not running away from them.

  6. “Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming…with much blood”…..”And so let it go on until the civil war comes, we’ll be long dead or perhaps we will slip out from underneath”. Goes without saying but, Enoch Powell was right

    • A Scottish left-wing journalist has just compared Nigel Farage to Enoch Powell but do not expect any rejoicing from him at the comparison. After all, he has Asians in his party. However, I would love to have the money to have millions of posters printed with pictures of St Enoch, that intellectual giant among pygmies and plaster them the length and breadth of my country with the simple slogan, “Enoch was right you bastards, why don’t you admit it?”.

      • I’ve read that article you mention I was at first keen to draw comparisons at first. Now I feel that Farage is a step in the right direction, maybe even a permanent replacement for the “Conservative” Party but not an end in itself. UKIP is our best chance at starting the fight back, but I don’t see Farage changing much unless there is massive unrest and a groundswell of support for doing anything “radical”.

  7. Now one muzzie imam will come and tell ‘this is not the real islam’, holy-k preaches good things only to non-muzzies to pacify and placate. Well, in which case let this muzzie go to Afghanistan and preach it to the hardliners, we have no problem if fellow-muzzies better understand islam before shooting and cutting up others !!

  8. There is to be a COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room ‘A’) meeting today; it will most definitely not be about how to protect our people and our soldiers from muslim violence. No, it will be about how to intimidate, harass, delegitimise, ridicule and persecute any British people who proclaim the truth about islam and muslims (non-capitalisation intentional) and demand that action be taken to protect our country and our people on the basis of that truth. As the police kettling action against an EDL protest last night in Woolwich amply demonstrates.

    Our government, politicians, senior police, intelligence agencies, media, educational establishment, academia and military commanders are loathesome, traitorous maggots. We are at war and, as a whole, they have not only opened up the gates of the city, but actively force their own citizens to fall prostrate before the barbarian invaders. Never, never in History has such abject, cowardly treachery been perpetrated against an entire civilisation on such a massive, comprehensive scale.

    Speaking of abject and cowardly; one of the most appalling and disheartening things about yesterday’s horror is that large numbers of people stood by and did nothing. It seems a few courageous women actively tried to shield the dead soldier’s body and, amazingly, distract the two savages who had killed him in an attempt to prevent them attacking anyone else. They are heroes and should be praised highly. BUT…. where, in God’s name, were the MEN? Why did they stand around? Why did they “rush indoors”?
    Why, why, WHY didn’t they arm themselves with anything to hand and rush those two practitioners of the Religion of Peace© to give them the ‘martyrdom’ they so plainly wished for?

    Have we become a nation of spineless, ball-less, metrosexual, indifferent weaklings who are not willing to stand and fight for ANYTHING? I am terrified for my country that the answer might be, “in the majority, yes”.

    Don’t bring flowers to the spot where our soldier was butchered. Don’t put candles there. Don’t put Teddy Bears there. Don’t leave cards there with the cringingly stupid and insipid question, “Why?” (We absolutely, definitely, positively KNOW why!). Don’t hold a prayer vigil there. Don’t have a multifaith ceremony of “community solidarity” there.

    Stand up! Stand up, for the love of God and for the truth the next time somebody repeats any of the standard lies about the ‘peaceful’ nature of islam; stand up for our country, our History and our traditions and culture. Every single one of us has a responsibility.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Christian who opposed Hitler verbally, morally and, too late, physically.
    He said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    I have believed for quite some time now that we (Britain and the Western World in general) are on a course leading to massive violence and bloodshed. I do not believe this can now be avoided.

    The Men of the West will have to stand; start now, verbally and morally, because the physical will soon be knocking on your door.

    • I reached that conclusion today i.e. that bloodshed is inevitable now as it was always going to be, as none of our politicians is going to stand up and say, “It’s not working, we have to get the muslims back to their countries of origin”. Sorry, I am just laughing at the whole idea.

      • I don’t understand one thing way do Muslims get blame for every thing,feel sorry for poor Muslims ,who always get blame for the things they don’t even think about.

  9. The ABC (Australian broadcasting commission) reported the EDL protesters as “Extreme right wing MILITANTS”

    Note that word, usually describing armed groups being instead applied to people protesting about a man being butchered by an armed jihadist.

    All bloody morning the focus was on “backlash” and right wing militants.


  10. So they EDL turn up and throw bottles at English Police!!!???? Clever them lads, real clever.

    Bless ,em – one day they’ll get it right and stop being utter [persons of intelligence I consider less than adequate].

    As for The Gates of Vienna what a sparkling hive of intellectual activity.

    PS: There is heavy sarcasm used within this post

  11. just another day for the religion of peace ( insane ). had this happened where i live in the U.S. some good citizen like me who has concealed carry would have pulled out a semi-auto pistol and removed these two thugs from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    wake up people..they want the crusades…then we need to start.

  12. I know this isn’t going to go down very well, but how many muslim fanatics, have hung around to apologise ? How many muslim fanatics have tried to explain (not excuse) their actions ? How many muslim fanatics have said that the motivation behind his actions was that ‘we stop killing each other ? muslim fanatics are usually screaming allah will dominate or similar slogans. How many muslim fanatics say the culprit is the British government?, a fact which we all know. Disturbingly I understand what he was saying ‘Our women have to witness this every day. The British and U.S. governments have blown to smithereens, maimed killed tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children right across the middle and far east. I am not some pinko leftie, I am a patriot, Christian, conservative. I have spoken out and argued against the islamification of europe, and the world for that matter, but this has left me very confused. I could see the truth in what he was saying, and isn’t this the global elite’s intention ?, to balkanise the world, get us at each others throats, and use that as a pretext for draconian state control? Are we , understandably, playing into their hands? I don’t pretend to have any answers, in fact I’m very confused, I would be interested in constructive comments.

  13. We in the UK have come a long way since the Broadwater Farm Riots (nothing to do with Old MacDonald) back in the Eighties. On that occaision a policeman’s head was cut off, spiked on a pole, and carried round in triumph by the disaffected non-indigenous group concerned. Since then the benefits of multiculturalism have exponentially increased and we are, as a wise man said, where we are today.

    Yesterdays “events” are, beyond the initial horror, eerie and odd. Not merely that what happened yesterday happened at all, but that there seems to have been a twenty minute interlude after the actual killing and before the police turned up, during which bystanders stood and took footage on mobile phones, and the murderers stood and delivered Islamist harangues. Also the fact that the victim was a serving member of the armed forces, and belived to be white, and wearing a hoodie with the logo of an armed forces-related charity. Was he singled out on the spur of the moment? If so was it his ethnicity or his t-shirt logo that drew the killers’ attention? Or had they been stalking him for some time? And also the fact that the intial injuries were caused by the killers driving their car at the victim. That is not a precise weapon on a crowded London street, how come nobody else was injured?

    I’m fifty-one years old this year. I remember well enough what this country was like back in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Before all this. And the funny thing is that I don’t remember any political party between then and now campaigning on the platform of “Vote for us, and we’ll flood the country with third-world immigrants and barbarous ideologies!!!” In other words, when was I consulted about this?

    We’ve taken a lot these last three decades. I wonder how much we’re going to stand for.

    • I also remember the former, polite Britain free of radical and moderate Muslims. You weren’t consulted or asked to vote on immigration because the European Union in Brussels decided for you. They dictate immigration quotas for the 17 member nations much like the Department of State operates in America. Our national sovereignty has been decimated by socialists who are ushering in a totalitarian world government that has characteristics of communism. UN Agenda 21 is a masked, “environmental”, social justice, save planet earth disguise to inventory, control, and establish a one world order. It’s unfair that those of us born into Western nations, free of Islam and barbarism, should enjoy the fruits and bounty of our ancestors. The social elites in power want to instill “social justice” and allow third world immigrants to get their “slice” of the Western pie. Utter nonsense to think a group of seventh century, misogynistic, backward neanderthals could assimilate into a 21st century culture. In the famous words of Geert Wilders…”Do Not Tolerate The Intolerable”. Yet it seems today in Europe, resistance is futile. And someday perhaps the white man will become more like Spartacus and his men crying “Kill Them All”. It will be a glorious day when all radical Muslims are removed from Western nations. Deport them to one of the “friendly, law abiding, moderate” countries of the OIC. Let them wallow in their own self-made cesspools!

      • Sorry but this is absolute nonsence.
        Every EU country has independent immigration policy.From absolutely unpenetrable Slovenia to no-borders UK,from tough but just Holland to “save all the swimming negroes” Spain.

        The problems of the UK is not the EU-its their strange love towards negroes,indians,pakis and muslims.Look around streets of North London,walk around Wembley-it looks like Aganistan.

        • Ask Geert Wilders if Holland and the Netherlands have national sovereignty. If they are not taking orders or “recommendations” from the UN in Brussels regarding immigration quotas! Here in the United States, our glorious State Department, otherwise known as Department of State, decides where to place third world immigrants. I have relatives (7th generation Americans) who live in Columbus, Ohio. They and other citizens had no vote or say in allowing third world Somalians to relocate there. Creating housing shortages, special Somalian schools, etc. Look around and see the machinations in motion for a borderless world! If and when that comes to fruition, you can say goodbye to national sovereignty. Good thing I will be too old or deceased to witness it.

        • Ask Geert Wilders if Holland and the Netherlands have national sovereignty. If they are not taking orders or “recommendations” from the UN in Brussels regarding immigration quotas! Here in the United States, our glorious State Department, otherwise known as Department of State, decides where to place third world immigrants. I have relatives (7th generation Americans) who live in Columbus, Ohio. They and other citizens had no vote or say in allowing third world Somalians to relocate there. This created housing shortages, special Somalian schools, etc.

          Look around Sven and see the machinations in motion for a borderless world! If and when that comes to fruition, you can say goodbye to national sovereignty. Good thing I will be too old or deceased to witness it.

  14. Don Laird, ManOfTheWest: Sorry, I didn’t do anything about it. Why? Two reasons. I live three hundred miles away, and I’m in sufficiently poor physical nick that I would probably have been worse than useless anyway.

    I’d like to propose a few possible, sensible, perfectly legal, responsible reactions for Brits to this issue. First of all, what is going to be done to the female police officer who took out these two savages ought to be resisted. She deserves a medal, not the months-long suspension and black mark on her record she’s probably going to get. Second, find the website for Mosquebusters and check on it regularly – and support any initiative in your locality to fight against building mosques and/or expanding new ones. And third, boycott any “Paki shops” local to you. I’m already doing the latter two, and have been doing them for a couple of years.

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