Let It Burn

For three nights running, rioters have set cars and buildings on fire and thrown stones at the police in Husby and other culturally enriched suburbs of Stockholm. The local police now have a philosophy: “Let it burn, if no lives are in danger.”

The article below from Expressen talks about last night’s events in the banlieues of Stockholm. Notice that the ethnicity and religion of the “youths” are not mentioned, and when the police officer speculates on their motives, he studiously avoids any mention of JIM.

Many thanks to Heikki Polojärvi for the translation:

Police tactics: “Do as little as possible”

Police are on the scene for the third night in a row. On Monday night several people were arrested, and four were held for questioning. Now, the county police chief Mats Löfving talks about the tactics for Tuesday night.

“Our goal is to do as little as possible,” says Löfving in Primetime.

Unrest in Husby disturbed many on Sunday and Monday. Both the police and fire deputy have been on site. For the third day in a row the county police chief Mats Löfving has taken himself to Husby. Just before 23:00 on Tuesday night Löfving was interviewed on Expressen‘s TV show Primetime, and spoke about the tactics for the night.

“People are tired”

“Our goal is to do as little as possible, to do as many normal things as possible [direct translation, checked]. So that this is left to our best friends — the people of Husby. There will be a normal police presence, and the normal presence of journalists,” he says, and continues:

“People are tired and want the Husby they can live in back. But there is a clique that sets cars on fire just to see the police and rescue personnel to arrive on the scene. Then they will throw stones and shoot with a green laser. I don’t understand the driving force behind this.” Löfving has several theories about the reasons behind the unrest.

“I have serious theories about unemployment and dissatisfaction with previous arrests, but also simpler theories that they just want to harass the police. But even if we have police uniforms we are also normal people. People don’t throw stones towards normal people.”

“Exhaustion at the desk”

About ten cars were set alight on Monday evening and during the night. Police held four for questioning, three suspected of violent riot, and one for violence against an officer. On Tuesday night the car burnings continued, this time in Jakobsberg, Tensta and Kista, among other places. And after a fire in Husby one person was arrested for arson.

“We drive to scenes, but are watchful when we arrive at the scene. If we see a car burning and no other cars or buildings are endangered, we let it burn out. This way we minimize the risk from stone-throwing,” says Lars Byström, the press officer for the Stockholm police.

“But if we see the risk of others suffering we rush in, you understand.” The last few days’ events have taken Mats Löfving on the site to see with his own eyes.

“At times I’m tired at the desk. I have spoken with police officers who have been working in Husby during the last few days and they tell me it’s hard work. That’s when I decided to go there, see for myself and speak with people.”

19 thoughts on “Let It Burn

  1. Looks like the Swedish government and Stockholm authorities have ceded authority and territory to the Muslim immigrants. Another No Go Zone for European Christians in their own nation states. Another Shariah Law beach head.

  2. I actually think that is the right response. Let it burn. Go ahead and burn down the cars and shops of your community members. See how quickly those shops wil be rebuilt…
    Hey, it isn’t my car they are setting on fire, it is the car of their neighbors. It isn’t my shop that they are putting out of business, it is the shop that their mothers use to buy food and goods.
    After the Rodney King riots in LA guess who suffered most; those citizens that needed goods and services from their neighborhood. Let it burn. Walk away and let the community sort out what damage has been done. It has to come to them eventually…

    • Here’s the problem with that:

      1) Disaffected youths destroy property. People say “Let the people in the community deal with them.”
      2) Fantasy – local responsible citizens stop disaffected youth, rebuild community with lesson learned.
      3) Reality – any local responsible citizen who says or does anything gets killed by disaffected youth. Local responsible citizens leave.
      4) Locality now 100% populated by disaffected youth fighting each other over the right to control drug sales, sex sales and other crime in the location. No legitimate businesses rebuilt. % of children born/female of childbearing age skyrockets. % of children born/married female of childbearing age plummets. % of people whose “legitimate” income consists mostly of state support skyrockets, subsidizing and making it possible to subsist – albeit at a very low standard of living – on illegal activity.

      • So make them completely self-sufficient., Ever tried to bake break with a wood-fired stove? That is, after you have grown and harvested he wheat in your back garden.
        Making clothes out of …. what? No sheep, too cold to grow cotten, burn down all the shops and factories?

        The only alternatives if for the police to go in with a spray dye and mark ever single looter, round them up by mdaylight (use the army) and ship the whole lot out into the jungle.

    • That’s part of the reason I call them “hinos” – human in name only – they never see consequences of their horrible actions………..

  3. Back in the late 1990’s I was asked to evaluate a shopping center in South Central LA. This was being built by a consortium of entrepenures of black ethnicity. One of the facets of their design was a police sub station with two holding cells built right into the shopping center… This was intended to be a selling point.
    Having to protect people from themselves is a recent phenom…
    It seems pretty clear that the Sweedish haven’t caught on. Let it burn.

  4. ” I don’t understand the driving force behind this (…) I have serious theories about unemployment and dissatisfaction”.

    No, just No! I don’t believe this guy is that clueless. What are they going to pull next? “I don’t know what to do because I’m incompetent”?

    • Slaughter the unbelievers wherever you find them.
      Do not take Jews and Christians as friends . . .
      The motives behind this and all Muslim violence are housed between the covers of the Koran, a supposedly holy book.

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  6. At first I took these news with disbelief, but after musing over the police tactics I got some ideas that might or might not make sense:

    – It’s possible that the police chief is genuinely clueless. That he really doesn’t understand the driving power behind this, in which case he’s possibly a product of decades of brainwashing, or otherwise grossly incompetent.

    – It’s possible that the chief isn’t incompetent, and knows what the driving power is, but his hands are tied by the swedish ministry of justice, the doctrine it has created, and the largely green-red press that is dominant in sweden. If he would open his mouth wider or use necessary force to end the riots he would propably be sacked, and be turned into a scapegoat, a brutal police that has, in fact, incited this rebellion. In that case it would be wise for him to give out nothing but multicultural, tolerant crap, and try to keep his officers out of harm’s way.

    – If the multicultural composition of population in Husby resembles other such areas, muslims aren’t necessarily a majority by numbers, and the muslim community is diverse in ethnic background. In that case the riots could be seen as a move to suppress all other population in the area, to take dominance over them. In Husby the percentage of ethnic swedes is a bit less than 20% (Which I expect to rapidly decline in the near future). I wonder whose cars got burned, whose businesses destroyed, whose windows broken.. I don’t think this riot was aimed against ethic swedes alone, but against anyone who has refused to submit to muslim dominance.

    – If there were anyone not willing to submit, they will have to, now that the police has yielded the territory to terrorists. The area will soon return to comparative peace, since the objective (for now) has been reached. The police chief will be congratulated for his ingenious tactics having taken effect. This will be seen as an example of patience always winning in the end.

    – Since the rioters noticed the powerlessness of the police, the riots spread. And will spread, after a while.

    -In fact, this is not a riot, but a rebellion against the legal government. The accusing finger points to the riksdagen, the root cause of this evil, but who is to blame for those idiots having a place in the swedish parliament anyway? The swedish people. This is a product of decades of brainwashing, a situation where no-one dares to speak the truth for fear of being labeled racist, and the propaganda blinds the gullible. The “tolerance” in sweden, and in the rest of the western world, a self-sustaining lie.

  7. News outlets in Finland (both Finnish and Swedish language ones) that there is a strong Sverigefinnar (Sweden-Finns) element in the Stockholm riots.

    The person who was shot by the police was married to a Finnish immigrant, whilst so far the only person who has been arrested is a Finnish citizen. Finnish Foreign Ministry just confirmed the news.

    Swedish language news from Finland

    • true in a way.. in finnish newspapers the original 69-year old victim of police brutality had been having a beer in a local restaurant when being harrassed by some other, unidentified people. The man had fetched a souvenir knife from his home to defend his wife (I wonder who defended his wife in the meanwhile), and refused to open the door, for the fear of the previous offenders being there, when the police had arrived. The police had broken the door and right after shot him.

      Also, in finnish newspapers it’s said that the police tried to negotiate with the victim for two hours, and there was a concern there would be a female in danger in the apartment.

      The man was of portuguese origin, the wife of finnish.

  8. This has made Russia Today so some people in Britain will learn of it; but there has been absolutely no mention of it in the British msm, I wonder why? especially today of all days.

  9. New articles in the Finnish media say that the arrested person is indeed a Finnish citizen who has moved to Sweden with his family when he was 15. Helsingin Sanomat commented, quite uncharacteristically, that the ethnic origin of the suspect is “other-than-Finnish” and that his name seems to imply connections to “Asia” (read: Middle East).

    A Swedish prosecutor was asked if the suspect could be deported to Finland (if sentenced), apparently this is not possible, since he has lived in Sweden for such a long time.

    So, thankfully, not a “Finne igen” but instead a “Finsk medborgare igen”.

  10. New articles in the Finnish media say that the arrested person is indeed a Finnish citizen who has moved to Sweden with his family when he was 15. Helsingin Sanomat commented, quite uncharacteristically, that the ethnic origin of the suspect is “other-than-Finnish” and that his name seems to imply connections to “Asia” (read: Middle East).

    A Swedish prosecutor was asked if the suspect could be deported to Finland (if sentenced), apparently this is not possible, since he has lived in Sweden for such a long time.

    So, thankfully, not a “Finne igen” but instead a “Finsk medborgare igen”.

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