The Conjurer Is King

Our Israeli correspondent MC sent this article a couple of days ago, when Hamas was yet again launching rockets into Sderot.

by MC

This morning, once again, Hamas made my alarm clock redundant. As the “Sever Adom” went off, I was welcomed into the new day by two detonations.

But I feel safe here in Sderot — nobody is going to lynch me because I keep Shabbat and Passover.

England, the country of my birth, is no more. it has been replaced by something that is unfamiliar to me. As a child in England I grew up in a safe idyll; I had little cause for fear in a society that, looking back, was very tolerant.

It was not a society without faults. There were problems, but it was acknowledged that there was such a thing as ‘tough luck’, which no amount of legislation and redistribution of wealth could amend.

Then there was that fateful day when we joined the then-EEC (European Economic Community), what is now called the European Union.

Much of the page space on the Gates of Vienna blog is given over to expressing the culture shock being felt by writers and contributors from the European Union about what has happened as a result of their countries’ joining the European Union. In Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Holland, and even in Germany and Austria, part of the original Six, we all weep for our beloved countries.

The European Union has thrown a blanket of bureaucratic fascism across our countries, closing down individuality and once more seeking the new European man — homo civilis europus.

This is a man shaped by media, who from the cradle has been subjected to many hours in front of the ‘electronic baby sitter’ on a daily basis. This is a man whose mind and morality are shaped by 22-inch flat screen high definition jelly.

The pixelated worldview this produces is specifically shaped to preclude thinking outside the box (‘the box’ being ‘50s and ‘60s slang for television — my Dad called it the “square-eyed monster”; he was prophetic).

Few people now ‘read the book’, so they know nothing about Tom Bombadil, and thus the tee-shirt they take away with them lacks substance. It is not so much that they have ‘lost the plot’, but that the plot has been redefined and the Shire never gets scoured.

My birthplace in Hampshire has so much burnt-on crud that now it needs wire wool to get back to the bare metal. What it does not need, however, is a hammer and sickle, to beat and cut away the crud; these types of tools will change the underlying shape of the pot — we need a Hampshire pottage, not a Bangladeshi balti.

But Hampshire does not exist in the context of the European Union. It is lost somewhere in the regionalization process, and will therefore never get scoured.

If one believes that we are ‘all born equal’ and that ‘nurture’ not ‘nature’ is pre-eminent in the moulding of souls, then the European Union makes sense, but this is religious belief and not reality. The reality is that there is a malevolence in society which cannot be glossed over because of the nobility of the cause.

My brother, a lifelong socialist, believes that the European Union concept will put an end to war, and that to achieve this is paramount. That there may be a cost is accepted. He does not, however, perceive the gamble inherent in his belief as in the political sense. He is a fundamentalist — he does not understand the need to monitor the costs of the project, either financial or social.

There comes a point where either of these issues will cause exactly the kind of strife he is trying to avoid.

The European Project is essentially a religious undertaking, a huge social experiment with mythology at its core. What we are seeing on these pages is fallout, and fallout is a dangerous side effect of meddling.

There is a stark difference between experimentation and meddling. Behind an experiment is a hypothesis; behind meddling is ignorance. The two are similar except that in trying to prove a hypothesis, one has set limits and paradigms. When one meddles, there are no limits and no paradigms. Experiments sometimes produce unexpected results, but because there are limits, then the results tend to be limited. Not so when meddling.

When Britain joined the EEC, it was because the EEC was prosperous. On the day before Britain signed up, the Common Fisheries Policy was signed at a secret meeting to which Britain was not invited, and Britain unexpectedly found that its protected (and well-managed) fisheries had been signed away to EEC ownership. Within ten years the British fishing fleet was decimated, and the fish stocks around the country raped.

Valuable catches were being thrown overboard, adding to the pollution problem. Fish do not survive the trawl process; they are asphyxiated before they get onto the deck of the trawler, but legislation was aimed at managing prices, not sustainability. It is even possible that those drafting the legislation, in their profound ignorance, thought that the unwanted fish were returned alive to the sea, just as little boys fishing off a wooden pier would do with their catch.

For many countries, the results of meddlings in the ranks of the unelected European Union bureaucracy have become dire. The people of Cyprus are now victims of the outright theft of a proportion of their housekeeping and savings. This is a criminal act on a grand scale, but because ‘the end justifies the means’ this immorality is whitewashed on the basis of ‘need’.

Need is usually a question of balance and context, but in a context where the end justifies the means, need can become paramount and is no longer subject to scrutiny. Thus, when need dictates that, for example, the EDL must be demonised, then means will be conjured up to fulfil the need.

Conjuring tricks tend to be obvious to those with a bit of knowledge, or even to those with the ability to reason. But if you can dumb down the audience to the point that they believe in magic, then the conjurer is king.

So too, in a dumbed-down society, ‘need’ becomes an overriding excuse for any excess. Weimar Germany ‘needed’ a scapegoat, and Zionist Bolsheviks fitted the bill, National Socialism did the deed and thus fulfilled the need.

In the Europe of the fifties, the need was to end wars, the magic wand was waved and hey presto! the EU and ‘ever closer union’ fulfilled the need, the fallout of which has been national and cultural ‘patriacide’.

My Hamas alarm call is not pleasant, but here in Sderot I do not have to fear that every knock on the door is a cultural or religious zealot, fulfilling a need by ridding the world of ‘apes and pigs’ or Zionist khazars.

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  1. Tell me about the fishing industry. I was a marine engineer for many years – you used to have fishing boats tied up at both sides of the harbour, with just a narrow channel to get up the middle, in ports around the coast. Now you can drive up and down the coast and you’re lucky to see a fishing boat anywhere, let alone a full harbour.

    Ted Heath is hated up here almost as much as Maggie Thatcher. And that’s saying something.

    • Interesting your reference to both Heath and Thatcher. I think that UKIP and I may have reached a parting of the ways after Nigel Farage went all the way to Grantham to sign Thatcher’s book of condolence and nailed his Thatcherite Tory colours firmly to the mast. If this leaks out in South Shields as Labour will make sure that it does then it will be a disaster for UKIP’s hopes of garnering Labour votes. The miners, used by the bolshevik Scargill and abused by the libertarian Thatcher, are having a party on Wednesday. I think many potential voters in South Shields will sympathise with them.

      Apparently, Cameron’s voice was choked with emotion when he spoke of St Margaret of Grantham. Methinks they are all singing from the same one world agenda. Thatcher got votes by saying she would do something about immigration and didn’t. She never prevented the EU totalitarian multicultural Marxist superstate, did she really want to? She had about as much feeling as Joe Stalin and being a liberatarian treated people as economic units, just like the Marxists. Not much to choose between them really. No, do not pin all your hopes on UKIP. They may, if they are allowed, stop immigration for a while;but they will do nothing about multiculturalism.

      • That isn’t the point of UKIP. The idea is to break into the
        uni-political system which perpetuates the illusion of choice
        for the sleepy British Electorate. UKIP are a fragile party with a charismatic leader who understands the importance of engaging the powerful globalist financiers. Because UKIP are a one-trick chicken they can easily be decimated if the Tories moved two degrees to the right on Europe. However Cameron’s portfolio includes a ‘MUST NOT ‘ go anywhere near releasing us from the prison camp of the EU. To do that would be to put back the plans for the reconstructed European states, that is after they have been bribed and terrorised by the same globalists into allowing the bankers carte blanche. So the state of play is that UKIP have a good chance to become at least the third party while the immature Dim Libs may disappear under the waves. We should all get behind UKIP now because whether they are the answer or not, one thing we desperately need is change.

        • I have just had an alternative point of view, that UKIP are libertarian and Thatcherite. Still, you are right, they are the only party that might start the collapse, along with France’s National Front, the Freedom Party in Holland, the Scandinavian Freedom Parties, Alternative fur Deutschland etc of the EU and the re-establishment of the independent nation states of Europe. Better to vote for them than to vote for nobody. Interesting to hear you say that Farage is able to take on the globalist financiers. Has anybody ever done that and lived? As for Cameron, we are now going through another charade with him charging around Europe pretending to get Britain a better deal. This is just another con. The only thing Britain and the rest of Europe needs is the abolition of the euro and the EU. His shady masters will not allow him to do that and the promise of a referendum is just another sham.

          Amused to see that Angela Merkel invited Cameron to bring his children – hope he doesn’t lose one again whilst he is over in Berlin. I can only think that Angie wants to sit them down and give the little ones a heavy piece of indoctrination as to their role in the building of the European dream.

          However, even if we were free of the EU tomorrow that would not change the mess we have here already through the multiculturalisation of our once peaceful homogeneous homeland. I remember now with regard to New Zealand that one member of their parliament didn’t want to let in the third world masses saying that he did not want NZ to end up like Britain – nothing could be worse I assure you, rampant crime, corruption and terrorism and Britain turned into a third world dump. Presumably the Marxist left down under silenced him and told the people that the religion of peace and other aspects of a modern, vibrant, multicultural society (just like that of the mother country) would enrich their lives. It is just total insanity. NZ will go from Britain in the 1950s to the hell-hole that is Britain in 2013 in one giant leap.

          Have just caught sight of the Morning Star this morning. Amazed it is still printed and that people in out of the way towns actually buy it. They were banging on about blacks and Asians being most affected by the changes to benefits. Many of these must be the Muslim population of whom only a proportion are actually employed, especially the women.

          The way things are going I can see no other purpose for it but the removal of the European race from all corners of their globe and their replacement by non-Europeans of lower iq. How they think this will benefit the world is a mystery to me. As third world hegemony takes hold orchestrated by a global plutocracy then the world seems to get darker and more chaotic by the minute. When whitey is gone so will three thousand years of civilisation. Scroll back to the world of 50 to 60 years ago and you will see how we will be missed, especially by the real third world when there is nobody to send them aid.

  2. Europe “needs” 50 million more Africans, remember, according to the unelected EU leaders. The conjuror’s nightmare will only end when the people themselves bring it to a halt, or when the whole religious meddling experiment implodes under its own colossal debt.

    • Isn’t this all in line with the UN’s Agenda 21, shifting the surplus populations of the third world more and more into the first? If Europe gets 50 million more Africans then you can bet your bottom dollar that 10 million will end up in Britain which, apparently, has the most attractive benefits system. Why is a mystery, surely all EU benefits system should be the same i.e. all in line with the least generous. It is nice to know that my 40 years of paying tax and national insurance are being used to help the overbreeding third world in this way. Volutary Service Overseas wants us to send our midwives, of whom we do not have enough becaue of mass immigration, to train midwives in Subsaharan Africa to prevent the high rates of deaths in childbirth of both mothers and their children. It is a terrible thing to say but…!!!

  3. MC
    I live close to Sderot , in zikim , so I know what you are taling about , and I agree with most of what you say . Only one Question needs to beasked : Are you only living in Israel because of what’s NOT happening in Sderot ? Did you never experience the feeling of being proud to belong to worlds last-but still-standing Nation State ? If not , you should probably join the army , as I did as a new immigrant from Denmark in the early 80’s . The best Choice I ever made .

  4. It’s quite amusing to see Tories falling over themselves to praise Maggie Thatcher, when it was the Tories themselves who toppled her from power (a “stab in the back legend” that is actually true!)

    In real life, Heath signed us into Europe & that was the beginning of the end for the fishing industry, we also have the Tories to thank for the YTS schemes which prevented a whole generation of young men from learning a trade – the long term effect of that being that when all the older tradesmen retired you couldn’t find a decent sparky or joiner anywhere – and they also sold off all the council houses. That may have been a good enough idea in and of itself, but it meant that the councils now needed more income, which it gets in other ways, from people who are not council tenants (i.e. you and me.) So why is that a good thing? Also, they didn’t bother building new properties, which meant that long-term, a lot of people had nowhere to live. Oh and latterly we’ve had people who’ve come into the UK from other countries being given what little council housing there is first, before the locals who have been paying tax & NI contributions since they left school. By their fruits we know them, right enough. No wonder the Tories are finished up here.

    A true story: Some bald buy in a suit was wandering about the fish market in Peterhead one morning with a film crew following him about. He approached one of the fishermen and started jabbering away with a load of political doublespeak. The skipper held up his hand & stopped him. “Who are you anyway?” he asked him.

    The guy in the suit informed the skipper that he was Ian Duncan Smith.

    The skipper looked him up and down, then gave it to him.


  5. Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism inevitably share some similarities.
    Anti-Zionism = no Jews in the Middle-East.
    Anti-Semitism = no Jews whereever.
    Anti-Galutism = no Jews in Europe.
    Anti-Zionism is morally equivalent to Anti-Galutism.

    I believe in a Creator, and in the possibility of an eternal hell.

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