Excommunicating the AfD

The Evangelical Church of Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, EKD) is a progressive, tolerant religious organization. It welcomes everyone — straights, gays, lesbians, transgenders, atheists, Muslims, you name it. With ONE exception: the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). There is no place for such a hateful, racist, xenophobic party in a progressive “Christian” church.

The EKD had already cast AfD members into the outer darkness, but it has now extended that policy to AfD voters. If you vote for the AfD, then you are no longer welcome to be an employee of the EKD.

Mind you, it’s not clear how the leadership of the EKD is able to determine for whom its employees cast their ballots. Or is there no longer a secret ballot in Germany…?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

For the first time, it’s not about members

Professional ban: Diaconate wants to throw out AfD voters

The Diaconate of the Protestant Church sees itself as “lived charity”. But this does not apply to AfD voters. They should be thrown out now, announces President Schuch.


The “Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie” wants to terminate the employment contract of anyone who votes for the AfD out of conviction. Diaconate President Rüdiger Schuch announced this to the Funke newspapers. Mind you: It’s not about (AfD) members, but about those who vote for the party. According to its own information, the Diaconate employs 627,349 people across Germany full-time. There are also 700,000 volunteers.

“Anyone who votes for the AfD out of conviction cannot work in the diaconate,” explained Schuch. He also denied that the voters were Christians: “Basically, these people can no longer count themselves as part of the church, because the AfD’s inhumane worldview contradicts the Christian view of humanity.” Most recently, the Diaconate in Berlin had driven senior citizens out of an old-age home to make space for migrants. [The only inhumane worldview I can see here comes from this “Christian Church” who “lovingly” sacrifices the people of Germany to Islam for greed and not “brotherly love.”]

Diaconate: We practice charity

The aim is to dissuade AfD sympathizers among employees from their voting decision, said Schuch: “But if that doesn’t change anything, there will have to be consequences under labour law.” He added: “Anyone who supports the AfD has to leave.”

On its website, the Diaconate writes about itself: “We see our mission as charity in action.” The 55-year-old Schuch took over the office of president at the beginning of this year. The Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) unanimously approved the personnel decision.

Afterword from the translator:

I assume that the Basic Law and the electoral law also apply in full to the Protestant Church in Germany, or am I mistaken in that regard?

Here the Inquisition experiences a rebirth. The Christian faith is questioned when the political mindset does not correspond to that of the church — for me a church never had and never will have anything to do with faith, just DOGMA. It’s just a scam to keep the gullible in their place at the bottom of the dung heap for the entertainment of these “princes” of the church.

Nevertheless, this is consistent with the “Church in socialism” and how the Protestant Church understood itself back in GDR times. So nothing new there. However, the Catholics have followed suit in this regard, and this is new, at least compared to the period before 1989. But this is a German peculiarity, which of course results from the 1968 and left-green “moral goodness”, with which the Catholic Church in Germany is now also fully permeated. Why anyone is still a member of any controlled “church” is a mystery to me, especially since in Germany people who aren’t part of a “church” aren’t taxed for the church’s upkeep.

Oh well, you simply cannot cure STUPID.

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  1. AFD must win!, no matter happens in this mess yup country!, is just no other solution, it went way too far with this Islamist, parasites..

  2. As mark steyn mentioned, the west no longer has a turbulence. The White citizenry are satisfied living their daily/weekly routines.

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