Masquerade in Berlin

Masked Hamas supporters have been demonstrating on the streets of Berlin since the war in Gaza began. Participants who wear masks during those confrontations are not being punished, because a local law specifically permits the practice.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius:

Absurd law: Islamist masks allowed at demonstrations in Berlin!

Anti-Israel demonstrations have been taking place all over Germany for weeks. In many of them you can see masked participants. This is legal in Berlin.

Hateful looks through the so-called keffiyeh, the “Palestinian scarf” — there is actually a ban on masking in Germany, but this does not apply to the capital.

Police work is becoming more difficult

This absurd law, passed in 2021, now makes it more difficult for the police to combat banned Islamist slogans and other crimes.

When asked by Nius, the Berlin police responded: “There is currently… no ban on masking up at gatherings.” When asked how that can be, the police replied: “Criminal liability/traceability only arises when the Berlin police issue an order regarding the wearing of masking items, which must then be explicitly designated, and when the wearing is aimed at “To protect yourself from police identification measures during or after previous violations of the law.”

In fact, the Berlin House of Representatives decided in 2021 that in the future it will only be possible to ban masking if there is a corresponding order from the responsible authority.

At some gatherings where it is feared that people will not follow the rules, these orders are in place before the gathering. This cannot be done at spontaneous gatherings.

It’s not just men who mask up at the demonstrations.

Former CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger criticized the law, saying it mainly protects “rioters” who seek violence during demonstrations and attack police officers. The AfD and FDP also expressed clear criticism and voted against the law.

Afterword from the translator:

To me this is the unconditional surrender of the German state to the culture-enriching thugs and Islam. It would be surprising, especially in Berlin, if common sense were to rule instead of ideological retardation. And for that to happen… I guess you’d have a better chance of harvesting different cheeses on the moon.

4 thoughts on “Masquerade in Berlin

  1. I know Germans
    They are not always smart but they have a strong identity
    And they are racists and xenophobic
    So I really not understand this coward attitude
    We will see
    This will have an ending

    • Jan: Germany had its ending, called WWII. The country thought it had recovered and atoned, but was only fooling itself.

      • Germany was the economic engine of europ for the last 30 years on cheap Russian oil
        Once that is done Germany cannot sustain its industry so economically she will be hurried into the dust
        With her all the western states
        That situation doubles by the unfortunate mixing of terrible and parasitic Muslim culture will bring west to the end
        Eastern Europe specific Hungary will still stand , Poland was betrayed ( the shadow world government made sure the lest won – which they did).
        So what is left is Romania check Slovak Bulgaria – but this countries are sold – they ow lots of money to the central bank and most of their insist eu is foreign own.
        So nothing is left
        Nothing of consistency

        This was the plan put in place for decades that slowly it is visible now

        USA??? That is a small hope here
        But looking at the faces if the illegals that spread I. Chicago and New York
        – black males looking lowIq but with nerve and aggressiveness
        Now that will be a big challenge here considering AI evolution
        Many problems
        Not too many solutions

  2. Once you get the Germans marching again, then the fun and reindeer games will come to fruition, on steroids. Frankly speaking, it is going to be glorious.

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