Bring in All the Cousins!

And second, third, and fourth wives, too. And all those puir wee culture-enriching bairns.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Halt of family reunification overturned overnight: This decision means that second wives can continue to come to Germany

Hundreds of thousands of migrants come to Germany via family reunification. The decision of the States Prime Ministers’ Conference now makes it clear: everything shall continue as before. There is no end in sight to family reunification.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have come to Germany in recent years thanks to the opportunity to bring family members with them. The Foreign Office distributed 117,000 visas for family members last year alone. From January to June 2023 there were an additional 77,000 visas, which is why a new record number is expected this year.

Due to the high numbers, the AfD and the Union have been calling for family reunification to be stopped or at least limited for some time. The draft for the Prime Minister’s Conference on Monday, which was co-developed by the CDU, originally envisaged at least a stop to family reunification for those entitled to subsidiary protection: “As an immediate measure, family reunification with those entitled to subsidiary protection will be temporarily limited except for cases of particular hardship.”

Thwarted by the Chancellor and the Greens

However, this is no longer mentioned in the final version. Instead, the final decision states: “Family reunification with those entitled to subsidiary protection will not be expanded.” Not expanded, which means: everything continues as before when it comes to family reunification. “Union States wanted significantly more, but were thwarted by the Chancellor and the Greens,” commented the CDU politician Jens Spahn on the results, referring to the “necessary restriction on family reunification” that did not take place. [What a hypocrite — he was one of those who helped Merkel open the floodgates, and then they destroyed the mechanisms to close them. It’s just another load of hogwash from the CDU to keep their stupid voters in Elysium.]

The federal government is promoting plural marriage in Germany by distributing visas

Two cases recently became known in which the federal government brought second wives and their children from Afghan migrants into the country. The first case involved an Afghan man with two wives who had previously lived in Germany with his first wife and three children. The second wife now lives in a separate apartment with another seven children. The second case also involved an Afghan who now lives with two wives and nine children.

Bigamy is actually forbidden in Germany. The authorities cannot say how many such polygamous marriages there are now in Germany. The immigration of second wives is actually not allowed either, but is possible through other means: Due to the residence law, it may be possible for second wives, as a parent, to move to their children, explained the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Mahmut Özdemir (SPD), in September in response to a written request. [I wonder how many wives he has? With their lavish salary that these political parasites squeeze out of the German taxpayer, I’d say 7.]

Afterword from the translator:

Olaf Scholz and his amateur acting troupe have once again performed a major play for the citizens and are happily celebrating themselves for it. The government and the state parliaments are committed to murdering Germany and its people!

Some might say that he swore an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect the German people and the country. Well, unfortunately, the oath of office has no legal relevance in Germany. If the oath is violated, there will be no criminal or legal consequences for the traitor. Surprise, surprise, this was only recently discovered by some government institution. This means the government has the complete freedom of fools. The perjury paragraph does not even apply here. They can do what they want, they’ve already got the “Get out of Jail FREE” card. Germany is in my opinion a full-blown DICTATORSHIP.

5 thoughts on “Bring in All the Cousins!

  1. Very interesting scary, disturbing and scary dastardly deeds are afoot in Deutschland. Sad and scary!

  2. Deutschland will be soon known as Sharialand ,between millions of Islamic refugees and many males having up to 4 wives and 15 children all living on the German dole.

  3. We’ve the same kind of worms bored into the timbers in this country, like ship worms from the days of sailing. Ship worms can wind up in the timbers of large ships, unnoticed, but gorging on the inside of the very ship the live on. Then, at some point, heavily loaded, and in rough seas, the ship would suddenly break up and be reported as “lost”. The politicians are no different, and seek only their food and comfort. The don’t care about the crew, cargo, or ship. A lamprey in your childs’ bathtub is to be feared less. We are governed by monsters.

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