Taking it Out on the Kids

Threats and bullying against Jewish schoolchildren in the Netherlands have increased since the war between Hamas and Israel began earlier this month, to the point that some parents are transferring their kids to Jewish schools.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

“No words for what is now happening”

CJO [Centraal Joods Overleg, Central Jewish Consultative Committee]: Jewish children threatened and bullied from school

by Vincent Lengkeek
October 20, 2021

Amsterdam — Jewish children are being threatened and bullied now that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has flared up. Dozens of parents have held discussions about transferring to one of the three Jewish schools in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert, reports the Central Jewish Consultative Committee. The organization speaks of a “troubling trend”.

“Six children have already made the change this week,” says Chairman Chanan Hertzberger, Thursday to De Telegraaf. “We hope this won’t become common, and we ask for action from the government. This is not just Amsterdam, but rather a national problem. That children must leave their school because they are threatened. I have no words for it. At least in France, they are taking tough action against it.”

According to the CJO, the Jewish community in the Netherlands is devastated by the “lack of support” from society after the bloody terror attack by Hamas last week in southern Israel and the anti-Semitic reaction to Jews abroad. “That one cannot make the distinction between Israel and Jews. A schism has arisen: You are for or against. This is how it gets completely out of hand.”

The CJO is unhappy with the action of Rotterdam city council members over a motion on Jew-hatred. According to Hertzberger, the news that the motion failed to pass hit the Jewish community like a shock. “Just that such a motion is necessary, but that several parties subsequently decided to walk away…We find it unbelievable.”


Last week, anti-Semitic actions took place in Madrid, London, and Paris, among others, such as the smashing of windows in a kosher restaurant or the defacing of a synagogue. Jewish institutions were more closely monitored on the streets by security services. In France, after the massacre by Hamas, dozens of anti-Semitic incidents took place, said Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin earlier.

On Thursday, the Israel Center for Information and Documentation criticized the role of some Dutch media this week after an explosion at a hospital in Gaza, likely by a Palestinian rocket. That led the same evening to protests in various cities, such as in the Hague, a couple of hundred people went to the Israeli embassy. “Police had to be deployed to guard the entrance of the embassy to ensure that protesters did not storm the embassy, as they did in Jordan.”

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  1. Now ‘their’ plans are coming to fruition; muslims attacking Jews for being Jewish. This is the Build Back Better New World Order chaos unleashed. God protect the Jewish people and children around the world. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

    • I am not sure God protects genocidal murderers. If so, I would like confirmation so I can separate myself from evil.

      How about “may God protects it weak and innocent, strengthen the righteous who protect them and expose evil.”

      • I am confused? Are you saying the Israeli’s are the genocidal murders? Or the fakestian muslims? Yoy kinda sorta made that clear as mud.

  2. “…At least in France, they are taking tough action against it.”

    Since when? Thus far, all I’ve seen is inaction on the issues caused by the invading.hordes from the whole of Western, Southern, and Northern Europe.

  3. If the Western powers are not going to do a proper job of protecting Jewish people, maybe it is time that they consider adding their economic and civilizational clout to other nations and peoples who have a more realistic response to the nature of the culture of the Middle East. While I am thinking of India, perhaps residing in other Hindo, Buddhist and perhaps even some Christian African nations may be mutually beneficial.

    • Unfortunately Africa has become a killing zone for IslamoNazis, tribes need to be rescued, those who are not already either commie or muzz.

  4. The Dutch, like the British and US media are just bringing down more karma on themselves. If Jews leave, which they should, they will be left alone with their precious invaders and become their prey. I certainly have plans regarding this septic Isle.

  5. Nederland has been getting Moslem migrants from Indonesia for many years and mor recently has shared in the in the reception of the jihadi hordes sweeping in from the mideast. Nederland’s future is Islamic short of a civil war in which the barbarians lose and are expelled.

    • “Why would a Jew live in Europe in 2023?”

      Because most never learn; and because they’re too civilized to believe the world is anything other than a safe and benign happy place.

      Like any over-educated [leftist] sophisticate, most Jews’ve [willfully] unlearned everything that’s self-evident to the average six year-old….leaving them, intellectually on the level of a two year-old girl with plump Pampers. Hence the moniker: commie-toddlers. Or just ‘toddlers.

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