Taking Hostages and Desecrating Corpses: Just Another Work Day in Gaza

Below is an Italian article about the actions today by the estimable “militants” of Hamas in Gaza.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

War in Israel

Stripped, desecrated, and killed: The violence of Hamas against Israeli women

by Massimo Balsamo
October 7, 2023

The militiamen have disseminated a video on social media in which they paraded through the city with the lifeless body of a woman to the cry of “Allahu Akhbar”.

The toll of victims in the Hamas attack on Israel over the course of this morning continues to rise dramatically. According to the latest information available, the count is 100 dead, 900 wounded, and about 50 hostages. Aside from the massive launch of rockets from the Gaza Strip at southern and central Israeli cities, the militiamen have sown terror in the suburbs near the border. According to what is reported by Haaretz, about 200 to 300 Hamas terrorists reportedly entered the country, and dozens of them are reportedly hidden. Videos of the violence are going around the internet and the most horrific episode concerns a woman — possibly an Israeli soldier — whose semi-nude cadaver was displayed as a trophy.

In the video that went viral over the course of a few hours, it is possible to see the Hamas militants as they transported the body in an open truck. The sequence shows the Palestinian civilians abusing the cadaver of the woman, but not only that; some of them are captured spitting on her or even slapping her. A terrible spectacle, while in the background, it is possible to hear the criminals as they scream “Allahu Akhbar”.

The identifying details of the Israeli victim are not known; according to some sources, it could be a soldier. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case: the members of Hamas have celebrated over the cadavers of several military and civilian Israelis killed. Many of them have been displayed in the streets. In most cases, the videos of these dramatic events come from the southern region of Israel, where the Palestinians infiltrated after the missile attacks. The reports are terrifying: The militiamen are killing in cold blood every Israeli citizen whom they find in their path.

The situation could become worse over the course of the next few hours. The principal spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces, Daniel Hagari, has confirmed that several persons have been kidnapped and held hostage in the Gaza Strip. At this time, numbers have not been disseminated; according to some sources, there are dozens of people, civilians and military. As highlighted by The Times of Israel, reports of hostages at Beeri and Ofakim have been confirmed. According to some images posted on social media, the militiamen have taken Israelis in the coastal enclaves hostage in their homes, with scenes of flight from their residences as the militiamen broke in.

34 thoughts on “Taking Hostages and Desecrating Corpses: Just Another Work Day in Gaza

  1. I just read that the dead woman in the pickup was a German tourist attending a peace festival. And the one in sweat pants with her hands bound behind her, being pulled out of the back of a truck and shoved in the front of it has had some major trauma; the back of her pants are soaked in blood, like she’s been sitting in a pool of it.

    • Those GD sub human savages raped her in unimageable ways until she bled. This is how they play, and that is why to this day I have never ever taken a muslim prisoner and I never ever will. When fighting savages, one must be far more savage and brutal than they are, that is how you win against these GD sub humans.

  2. Israel is reaping the whirlwind it has spent decades sowing. Bombing funerals, like Israel loves to do is desecrating a corpse. Israel calls it’s hostages “detainees”.

    • When dealing with sub human savages one must be far more savage and brutal than they are, that is how you win against these sub human savages of the devil. If you side with these savages, you are as much of an enemy as they are. Deo Volente.

    • Your comment is disgusting! Israel is repeatedly attacked, and violence is NEVER Israel’s fault! The murderous thugs shouting Allah Akbar are the savages, every single time.
      I hope and pray this time, PM Netanyahu puts an end to the ‘Gaza Strip’. This may be the start of Ezekiel 37-39; if Russia joins in, it will be!

    • Shame on you, Chris Mallory. You will reap your due from the [false information] you are spreading.

  3. Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

    Gaza need thorough urban renewal as it is turned into a resort area for tourists.

    • What do you want to bet that Blackrock already has contracts in place for “rebuilding” all that soon-to-be destroyed real estate in Gaza?

    • I would love to see the US take the Wisconsin class Battleships out of mothballs and put over the horizon and make Gaza a bloody parking lot. That is the most amazing sight you will ever see is a Battleship doing naval bombardment of a area. Gaza would be a perfect area to do urban renewal.

      • Iowa Class BBs. /pedant

        Those ships has sailed into the sunset.

        What you need is to deliver all the Mother of All Bombs (GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast) produced to Gaza, and an urban renewal plan.

        Let the people in Gaza self-deport first. Unarmed. Where to? Oakland and Portland. Would be an improvement.

      • Sound like a plan. Now that the USA has been neutered with Obama’s third term leadership, Soros’ masterplan of finishing what Hitler started & the New World Order, worldwide migrant invasions into every civilized country, the world is left reeling and bleeding. God help us all.

      • The USS Missouri bombarded Iraqi positions in the first Gulf War.

        However, the Israelis have managed to maintain the moral high ground (for anyone who’s interested in the truth) by minimising civilian casualties on both sides; such a blunt weapon would undermine their position.

        • Mark, the high moral ground is reserved for those who want to be buried in it, it is why you crumpet eaters won’t fight back against the 3rd world invasion taking place in Britain today, too civilized to protect ones self. lol
          Put me in charge and I’ll make damn sure there will NEVER EVER be another islamic attack again, for no more muzzy’s equals no more problems.

    • What you need is the citizens of Gaza, rounding up every Hamas terrorist and kill them all showing no favor–women, men, children (over a certain age). Then you deliver all the dead to the wall of Israel where all the mayhem started on Saturday and sayto Israel “here is our peace plan”. This is the Biblical road back to peace.

  4. If there is a silver lining to this it’s that a wee little war between terrorists and Israelis might result in Elenskiy’s ugly green visage disappearing from every news orifice for the immediate future.

    And, it would be absolutely humiliating were the broker-than-broke US government to somehow find billions of dollars, tanks, and fighter aircraft to dispatch to America’s 51st state while Elensky was unceremoniously shown the exit without even a single new mansion to show for his begging.

    • Col. Douglas Macgregor says that Ukraine is the 51st state. Maybe we’ll have to raise the number to 52. I guess we could print enough money to support both of them.

      • I’ve heard him say that numerous times.

        Likely he’s sharp enough to know that spotlighting Israeli longstanding dominance of US foreign and military aid is more verboten and a surer way of getting deplatformed than daring to utter that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

    • According to

      Quote:”US taps reserve stockpiles in Israel to help Ukraine
      “These are Israel’s reserve stockpiles for times of war,” a former cabinet minister says. “The move has had a bigger meaning in light of the threats on Israel in multiple theaters.””

      It seems that the US removed all arms they stockpiled in Israel to move it to Ukraine.

      On the other hand – and I know this is not nice – but after hearing all that Europe must take in more “immigrants” by Barbara Lerner-Spectre and the chairman of the Jews in Germany, I cant deny that maybe they should reconsider their opinion they force on the europeans.

      Now, Jews are fighting for their lives against Jew-hating central 150% but at the same time, jews living in Europe demand that Europe imports even more Jew-hating-central 150%.

      I predict that in a few years this will bite them in the back big time.
      England and France have nuclear armed submarines. If the muslims take control of them and fire them all at Israel I dont think that Israel has enough nukes themselves to retraliate with 100% efficiency.

      But because I am against immigration I am a big bad nazi. So, what do I know?

  5. People don’t know that the Jews in Israel today where in Baghdad Cairo Damascus and in Europe and all those countries kicked them out without Mercy and they ask them to go to Israel their ancestor land and today the same countries are asking Israelis to leave Israel and rationalizing the attacks by Hamas on Israel

    Why this deep enmity from Muslims towards Israel well for the last 1,400 years Muslims have been massacring Jews and Christians in the middle East and Europe and Hindus in India and surrounding area and for Muslims to have Jews and Christians resist them is an aberration the systematically and habitually have murdered Christians and Jews everywhere they were found relentlessly and now Arabs are frustrated because Israel can resist

    Remember nothing completes Muslims religion and faith until they spill the blood of Jews and Christians what do you think when they pray what do they say in their prayer it’s all curses towards Jews and Christians they repeat those curses five times a day at least

    How come no one asks a question about how Muslims occupy it and conquered 57 countries where no Muslims existed at all

    The one who is more happy than Thomas and Arabs dragging women and children until they die the only one who is happy and are westerners

    Just go and ask the Greeks what happened in 1821

  6. It is all terrible, everyone has been doing awful things but Israel cannot just kill them all cause they are awful people. If you don’t like them don’t live there. I wouldn’t live there. We complain about genocide in other countries. 1948 – 2023, 75 years. Have both sides been trying to get along? No, it is a complete failure. They have been practising apartheid but the Israeli settlers are constantly moving the borders. Israel has been moving it’s border all the time. Which other country gets away with that?

    • Israel should not ‘just kill them all because they are terrible people’. They should do it because until they do there will always be a sword of Damocles hanging over the head of Israel. Any group which practices the barbarism of these muslims does not deserve to exist. And does not want to coexist. The Middle East is a very large area. There is more than enough space for these practitioners of murder and barbarism to live in. There are many muslim countries who ought to be able and willing to extend the hand of ‘brotherhood’ to fellow believers. Whether one believes or not that Israel is indeed given by God to the Jews, all the Jews want is a small part of the earth to call their own.

    • Tell me Sara, would you let your local terrorist drive you out of your home?

      Because the same Muslim Brotherhood as Hamas in Israel is just waiting to terrorist you too, They will rape you and beat you because that is what their Koran tells them to do

      The borders of Israel were set by the Mandate for Palestine in 1922, Israel currently occupies about 22% of that land, the rest has been taken (illegally) by Jordan, Egypt and so called Palestinians (who did not exist before 1963).

      You need to have a closer look at the history of the area before you put your mouth in gear to spout the propaganda and lies that the left uses to try and hide their blatant Israel hatred behind a smoke screen of historical obfuscation.

      You need historical facts not lefty fantasies. Muslim Israelis have exactly the same rights as I have, more so because they get their university fees paid by the taxpayer….

    • [redacted].


      HEBREWS ARE NOT SETTLERS [redacted].


  7. Israel should take every artillery piece it has and start raising Gaza to the ground and spare none of them.

  8. https://efrat.substack.com/p/israel-hamas-war-an-update

    As Efrat Fenigson writes:

    “I served in the IDF 25 years ago, in the intelligence forces. There’s no way Israel did not know of what’s coming. A cat moving alongside the fence is triggering all forces. So this??
    What happened to the “strongest army in the world”?
    How come border crossings were wide open??
    Something is VERY WRONG HERE, something is very strange, this chain of events is very unusual and not typical for the Israeli defense system.”……………………………

    • The only possibility is that Israel knew what’s going to happen and let it happen in order to be “the victim” and thence have the international justification.

  9. If Israel is running things why is this happening. Jew hatred has a source and you folks have bought it. Like the meme says Oh! [excrement]. He’s a Jew. Every knee will bow folks

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