Another Skirmish in the Burkini Wars

Actually, this controversy is about Muslim swimming attire that is even more “modest” than the burkini: fully-dressed females of the Islamic persuasion were attempting to get into the water at a beach in Italy.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“You don’t go in the water dressed”: And a quarrel breaks out at the beach.

by Federico Garau
August 13, 2023

“It’s about cleanliness,” complains one of the bathers. We are appealing to the “constitutional right to bathe as one pleases,” someone replies.

Once again, the issue of how Muslim women dress at the beach is the center of attention. After what occurred at Montfalcone last July, arguments continue about the proposal by the mayor, Anna Maria Cisint, to prohibit access to the sea at the Maria Julia beach to anyone fully dressed. Now comes the most recent case in Trieste, which has unleashed fierce polemics among the bathers who were present.

What happened

The incident occurred this morning, Sunday, August 13, at the Lanterna beach of Trieste, the celebrated Pedoncin, known for the fact that it is the only place in Europe since 1903 in which a wall divides men from women with children.

At a certain point, a small group of Muslim women decide to go into the waters in front of the Lido. Respecting the dictates of their religion, the women, in fact, are completely dressed when they approach the edge and are about to enter the water. A scene that causes the protest of other bathers present: “Here you don’t go in the water dressed,” more than one person shouts. The Muslims stop because of the complaints, and on the beach, someone tries to take their side.

“Now the mayor is changing the country.” How the left defends the Muslims who go in the water while dressed

The bathers opposed to their entry into the water while dressed are still adamant and explain the reasons for their protest. “The problem is not that they enter the water with their clothes on, but the fact that they go all over the place in those clothes and walk around the city; it’s not hygienic,” says one of those present who describes herself simply as “a clean person”.

The conflict between the parties is inevitable, and the argument ignites quickly, so much so that in order to avoid the worst, the location’s security is forced to intervene. On the one side, there is talk of the obvious problem of hygiene and cleanliness, on the other, the Muslims and their supporters appeal to the “constitutional right to go in the water as they want,” pointing out that there exists “freedom of religion”.

So the Muslims are asking the proprietors for guidance, trying to obtain information on the existence or otherwise in the Lido regulation of a specific rule that prohibits entering the water fully dressed. Opinions are once again divided given that, other than the separate entrance for men and women, there is no passage referring to cases of “women who want to go into the water fully dressed”.

This is not an absolute novelty for the Pedoncin: A few years ago, some bathers complained about the use of burkini by some Muslim women, and the idea of prohibiting their entry to the beach on the part of the then-vice mayor Roberti raised a real fuss.

16 thoughts on “Another Skirmish in the Burkini Wars

  1. Baba mia! if infidels don’t like our masters to swim fully clothed, then it is easy. Kuffars should leave the beaches and go to hell. Don’t kuffar know that the whole earth is granted to momomo, the pirate?

    Never complain against saracens. It is not going to help.

  2. No one will say the obvious, that this isn’t about cleanliness or hygiene which is used as a red herring for the real reason.

    The real reason people oppose this is that it is about islam taking over public spaces in a highly visible way.

    Just one can’t say that for fear of being declared racist (as if islam is a race) or islamophobic. If the women were wearing white costumes with blue stripes or polka dots no one would care. Yet their apparel is black and obviously sharia-compliant. And, I would argue, intended to provoke.

    I do believe that western women wear far too little clothes at the beach, or anywhere for that matter. There is a balance between being sharia-compliant and pornographic.

    • That’s exactly it.

      I’m against allowing such types to immigrate to the West, in general.

      At the same time, I don’t see a specific problem with someone going swimming in the sea dressed that way.

      One notes that in Israel, one sees these types sharing space with tattooed seculars on the same beach, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem – there rather seems to be a general consensus that politics stay off the beach.

      • Wrong, the secular thong wearing females gives the burka clad female the bloody business. So don’t fool yourself.

  3. ah just let them in mabe the wait of their clothes will drag them all down to a watery grave.

  4. When a fully clothed Islamic sow drowns because she is weighed down by a heavy waterlog tent covering head to toes “dress” who will be blamed ?

    • Fat floats; not too likely that those falafel-fueled land-whales are in much danger of drowning. But they do present a navigation hazard should they drift out to sea.

  5. It’s a civilization jihad strategy of subversion and conquest. They’re doing this in Europe in swimming pools as well.

  6. it is so sad to see people claiming to defend decency or cleanlyness, willing to ask for removing clothes at public spaces. frankly almost naked people at beaches should be forbidden, especially women who have no ability to control their own decency. this kind of battle coming from cuckservatives, it is not at all unprecedent. the right subculture always fall into the trap to defend revolutionary utopia. i am not a defendent of muslims, they should have not let them come here in first place, but asking to nake oneself at the beach for “decency” is too much… in the future of western world there will be only fkk beaches and it will mandatory to be gay or transomething (anyway they are mostly degenerate pederasts there).

  7. actually that is true, nudist degenerate subculture is asking everybody to get naked for real. . . (and they are also all pederasts). this is exactly the same.

    it is clothed people who is harasssing naked homo, not the other way around. think when they will enforce everybody to their pride month, we are not at all far trom that. and cuckservatives in italy ( who let the border quite open since they “took control” in fke elections ) are on the wrong side again. instead of sending invaders back they are promoting degenerate measures (with the excuse of saving “our culture”).

  8. “freedom of religion” always works out well for the muzzlums. Christianity? Not so much.

    the muzzlums in dearborn, michigan have taken over the public pools as well, for many years now; wearing their towels on their head right into the water. Gross.

  9. If you do not want to see people in bathing suits stay off the beach,nude beaches should be off limits for people under age and people who do not want to go there they are keep apart from normal family beach areas . The “gay pride” parades shows are on public streets showing full or mostly full nude idiots ,doing lewd acts ,your example is straw manning . Exposing children and adults to lewd public behavior is wrong, these people can go to private “shows” with adults only who have tastes in lewd behavior. It is wrong if the behavior is heterosexual lewd behavior or homosexual lewd behavior out in public view. It is stupid and dangerous to go swimming or even bathing in the ocean dress in a black circus tent, it is stupid to drive a car looking threw too small eye slots .

  10. It will start with Moslem women in the ocean fully clothed ,and progress to the male members of the clan molesting western women in bathing suits because of the males sexual emergencies brought on by seeing a females bare arms and knees.

    • I don’t think the sight of uncovered meat is titillating them to acts of rape. Rather, acts of rape are rarely about sex and more about asserting dominance, or with islamic males, about humiliating non-muslim males and cultures who refuse to protect or control their women.

      Regarding unclothed western women at the beaches, I think that a lot more modesty is in order. Swimsuits that barely cover the nipples or display completely uncovered buttocks belong on private beaches or in the bedroom. Same for speedos on men. Men and women used to be able to go the beach while still being modest or leaving little for the imagination. Also, there are quite a few females I have no interest in seeing in any stage of undress since the rolls of blubber and patches of cellulite/spider veins, etc only serve to induce one to vomit. And some particularly nasty females have taken to deliberately wearing too small bikinis combined with unshaved pubes to turn the stomach that much more.

      We live in a sick society that it is even necessary to discuss such thing, let alone legislate them.

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