Santiago Abascal: “I am Here to Accuse the Government”

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the populist anti-immigration Vox party in Spain. In the following TV interview, Mr. Abascal discusses the policies of the government of the socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez, and the way they promote violence against women, especially violence by culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I am quite tired of having to answer the same questions over and over again,
00:03   as if we or VOX voters were okay with people murdering women,
00:09   or with the fact that migrants die at sea, or that homosexuals don’t have freedoms in some fields.
00:16   I think it’s totally delusional and unacceptable.
00:20   The first thing I can think of, every time a woman is murdered, is that it deals with murder,
00:23   and the murderer must be jailed for life. And after that,
00:26   what I think is that the law on gender-based violence is not for protecting women.
00:30   It has helped people criminalize men. And today we know that with this law,
00:33   the number of murdered women is not decreasing.
00:36   The other day… —What is your alternative? What law do you propose to fight against that?
00:40   The alternative is that we should not deceive people. There will always be violence.
00:44   We must create a culture based upon the respect for women, of course.
00:47   We need to analyze the offenders’ recurring profiling.
00:50   We need to stop importing civil or religious discourses that justify violence against women.
00:56   We need to know who these offenders against women are.
00:59   I belong to the opposition, I’m not here to defend myself.
01:04   I am here to accuse the Government, thanks to which rapes
01:07   are on the rise in Spain. A Government that didn’t succeed in… —That’s another matter.
01:11   It’s another important matter that endangers women, and it’s what this Government has done.
01:14   And not even the murders committed by women decrease. And on top of that,
01:17   rapes are on the rise because the Government kicked the worst sexual offenders out of prison.