You Will Be Replaced

If an “organic German” (or any other white European) were to say the things quoted below, it would be referred to as “replacement theory” (which Sheila Jackson Lee [D-TX] wants to criminalize in the USA) and the person who said it would be vilified, cancelled, and possibly prosecuted.

The speaker, however, is an Iranian culture-enricher living in Germany, and regardless of how nasty he is, what he speaks is the simple truth. “Organic Germans” are dying out, and third-world Muslim immigrants will replace them.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Migrants will inherit this country”

Iranian-born publicist attunes Germans to dying out

Iranian-born journalist Behzad Karim Khani promises the “organic Germans” the supposedly deserved loss of control over their own country. The local population is dying out. The heirs of the Federal Republic are migrants.


In the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve riots, the publicist Behzad Karim Khani called for a move away from debates about young people of foreign origin who were unwilling to integrate. “We are here. Not just for your pension funds, but because we make sure that the Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,” he wrote in the Berliner Zeitung, referring to himself and other migrants.

Unlike foreigners, “organic Germans” did leave the Federal Republic. For demographic reasons. “They’re dying out, and your country needs about 400,000 new workers over the next fifteen years; that’s about a million immigrants a year. We migrants will probably inherit this country,” said Khani, summing up the future of Germany. “So we could play for time here. For a time you don’t have.”

“The Arabs are the revenge of the Jews on the Germans”

It is now important to consider who owes whom something, and who has to talk to whom. “Strange things also happen when you gas, shoot, or exile almost all of your intelligentsia. And after the lost war need simple workers. People who can be brought in to rebuild the piles of rubble that until yesterday were still Berlin, Dresden or Cologne.”

Those who start a world war based on the idea of “racial purity” are sometimes forced to become an immigration country after defeat. One of his Israeli friends once told him: “The Arabs are the Jews’ revenge on the Germans,” the publicist stated.

Khani: Germany has some catching up to do concerning coming to terms with the past

Who could blame the immigrants for not trusting the Germans? he asked. Because of Germany’s history, many are not keen to identify with this society. [But Germans are supposed to trust Muslims? Whose track record has more skeletons strewn throughout their history?]

Germany refuses to take responsibility. For example, for your own “colonial legacy”. [And who’s still trading and using slaves? In the Sahara Desert in the ‘90s I saw the caravans of unfortunates destined for the markets of the Arabian Peninsula. And I was asked by elderly Africans in former German colonies: “Why don’t they come back? Everything worked then.”] However, the supposedly successful way of coming to terms with the past with a view to the time of National Socialism is hypocritical. After all, neither synagogues nor Jewish schools could do without police protection. [Yep, especially from all those Muslims with German passports.]

Israel is developing into a right-wing apartheid state

Khani continued to swing against Israel. There is “German enthusiasm and support for the state” that supposedly practices apartheid in the areas it occupies and is becoming increasingly “right-wing radical and extremist”. Some people who had fled Israel are now living in Berlin’s Sonnenallee, where violent riots broke out on New Year’s Eve.

“Do not get me wrong. None of this justifies anything. Not our rawness, which has become a breeding ground for the blunt excesses of violence of our children. Not the obscenity of our rejection. Not our lack of ideas, our lack of prospects, listlessness, our apathy. Not our crouched growls and not the clenched fists in our pockets,” he clarified. But it helps to understand the “healthy distrust” and the “lack of respect” migrants have towards the German state and its representatives. (quote) [Then why do they come to Germany if they hate the people and the country so fervently?]

Afterword from the translator:

Isn’t this “funny”? A so-called “PUBLICIST”, living and working in Germany, who does not know (?) that…

1.   Migrants get more from the pension funds than they pay in, and they only pay into that fund when they actually WORK for a living, and do not slouch lazily on the backs of the German taxpayer (on average they cost the German tax-payer a half a million euros EACH)… and that …
2.   Migrants did not come to Germany in 1945 to rebuild the bombed cities; the German women did and they were called “Trümmerfrauen”, but about 15-20 years later the migrants came as “Gastarbeiter”(guest-workers), at the time of the economic miracle — and not to help Germany, but to earn more money than at home, and most never left, as they were supposed to, and most never even bothered to learn the language, either… and then…
3.   The Germans who are alive today, even if they are 100 years old, could neither choose nor prevent Hitler, so they should hardly be punished for his and his followers’ outrages. After all, if we were to measure with the same yardstick, where would that leave the followers of Mohammed?… and that…
4.   “The Aryan nightmare” could perhaps have been prevented by Arabs 80 years ago, but at the time they had no interest whatsoever in preventing the murder of the Jews. On the contrary, they thought Hitler’s ideas were great and were happily helping (Free Arabian Legion). Many still do, even today — as we have heard many times at Al Quds Day demonstrations. Mein Kampf is next to the Quran, the second-best selling book in the Arab world.

Germany needs such a “publicist” just as little as such immigrants.

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    • @ theresa

      Frau Merkel is a globalist in good standing, and even received the Charlemagne Award, also called the Kalergi Prize after the founder of the European Union, Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalgeri (1894-1972).

      Born to an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, Kalergi, amongst other things, believed that the “ideal European” was a racial hybrid of native European stock and the diaspora of the Third World, in particular the darker skinned peoples of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

      Kalergi lived part of his life during the era of national socialism in Germany, 1933-1945, and claimed his whole life not to share anything in common with the Nazis. However, his views on eugenics amount to the same wine as being peddled by the national socialists, just in different bottles.

      Why is this relevant today? The answer is quite simple: Kalergi’s ideas maintain a great deal of currency in modern Europe amongst the ruling class, many of the same people who comprise the ranks of the globalist movement internationally.

      Frau Merkel was fast friends with Barack Obama and current Turkish President Recep Erdogan. The former was/remains a Sunni Muslim, albeit not for public consumption, and the latter an unreconstructed Islamic supremacist and neo-Ottoman who sees himself as the heir to the sultans of old. The three of them, acting in concert with their good pal George Soros, have done a great deal of damage to Germany proper and also to Old Europe generally.

  1. There won’t be any work for the New Germans to do since the Naive Germans elected the Green (allegedly) Germans who then proceeded to de-industrialize Germany under the excuse of punishing Russia.

    • Exactly , this whole communist government a specially Grüne , finish this country to the next “ election “ , this circus in Bundestag it’s a garbage nothing else !!

  2. I believe the ‘publicist’ knows more than is being given credit for. Being born in Iran means he is most likely a Muslim, who is fully aware of the mandate for Muslims to migrate and colonise non-Muslim countries. The BS about Aryanism is just a smoke screen to keep the fires of white guilt firmly stoked, to minimise opposition.

  3. It was 25 years ago that it occurred to me: Europeans have abandoned God, so God has abandoned Europeans. He just left them alone. They were quite happy about it, wallowing in the pleasures that material wealth can provide and making plans for an even happier future. They felt like they were building a paradise on earth.

    However, experience has shown that any attempt to build a paradise on earth ends in building a hell on earth. It has also shown that a society that turns its back on God cannot successfully resist conquerors who take God (or, at least, some sort of gods) seriously. No strong society without a strong faith.

    Christian faith has demonstrated its superiority not only in spiritual, but also in material terms. Societies based on it were at the same time exceptionally strong and exceptionally humane. They had the highest moral standards. They produced the greatest culture that has ever existed. Their artistic achievements are unsurpassed.

    Unfortunately, all this is in the past. Having rejected Christian faith, Western societies lost their life source. Modern post-Christian societies offer a picture of a most abject degradation in every aspect of life – morality, family life, philosophy, art, manners… Even material science is being destroyed by politically correct pseudoscience. And, of course, Europeans have all but stopped to physically reproduce themselves.

    So, post-Christian Europe has become weaker than the Islamic world and even inferior to it. No wonder that its proud peoples are being humiliated by Muslim barbarians. It is only logical that Muslims will take Europe from the weak hands of indigenous Europeans.

    • Christianity alongside western civilization itself, has been a target of the Cultural Marxists for more than a century. The proof of which lies in the writings and statements of Marxist theorists Antonio Gramsci of Italy and Georgi Lukacs of Hungary.

      Both men, acting independently of one another just after the Great War, attempted to solve the puzzle of how classical Marxist theory – which is primarily based upon economics and class – had failed to properly predict events 1914-1918.

      Why had the “oppressed masses” of Old Europe not arisen against their overlords and masters in the ruling class when war broke out, and created an international communist utopia, as had been predicted?

      Ordinary Europeans, instead of revolting against their rulers, had rushed to the colors in their millions, to join the war effort – perhaps even to march off to war – in their respective nations. What had gone wrong?

      Both Gramsci and Lukacs arrived at the same conclusion: As long as Europeans remained steadfastly Christian, and as long as the foundations of European civilization and culture remained strong, no Marxist revolution would be possible. Christianity and the West itself would have to be undermined first, from within, on order to make way for the advancement of Marxist socialism.

      Hence, the century-long “long march” through the institutions of the West, by the Frankfurt School theorists and their ideological peers and descendants down to the present day.

      Christianity functioned at one time as a sort of immune system for European civilization. By which is meant that the faith helped Europeans to know who they were and who they were not, and it also helped them to distinguish friend from foe for over a thousand years. This is particularly true as concerns the scourge of Islam, but it was no less true of other encroachments and attempted invasions down through the centuries.

      And one did not have to be a practicing or believing Christian in order to have benefited from this, as European civilization or Christendom proved uniquely hospitable to those willing and able to adopt its values, traditions and mores.

      Re: “Unfortunately, all this is in the past. Having rejected Christian faith, Western societies lost their life source. Modern post-Christian societies offer a picture of a most abject degradation in every aspect of life…”

      A harsh assessment, but quite accurate. It is an immutable fact of history that great civilizations have a life cycle, just as individual human beings do. Europe’s greatness lasted a thousand years, give or take, and now it has entered its decline phase. Whether it survives in any form to re-emerge at some time in the future is an open question.

      At present, the nations of eastern Europe (such as the Visegrad Four) seemed best-positioned to weather the coming storm… that is, if they are not consumed in a Third World War. And these nations remain Christian. A few years ago, Warsaw in Poland saw one-million citizens demonstrate peacefully in the streets to reaffirm that country’s Christian heritage.

      Continent-wide civil unrest would also seem to be possible, given the enormous numbers of Muslims and other aliens who now inhabit western/northern Europe. The Saracens are not there as visitors; they are there as colonists and conquerors in the name of their prophet and their creed.

    • Britain has been Germany’s problem since they made Germany a country. It is a shame that Germany didn’t win the 1st WW, we wouldn’t be in the position in the west where we are now. The Brits got weak, feckless and utterly stupid as sheep led by donkeys.

  4. This is what I heard already 20 years ago when I began travelling throughout SE Asia and the big Islamic countries there, literally on the streets, from the horse’s mouth, unfiltered and without restraints. They are polite while saying it to your face, for them it is simply what will inevitably happen, our open society being the conduit. It is what their children learn in school and the mosques. It was then that I began reading up on their, er, ideology. Since not a majority of Westerners endeavor to gain such direct enlightenment, they are hard to convince of what you’ve seen and heard yourself.

    The only thing the Muslim is naive about is the fact that the history of Europe and the West is dynamic to the utmost extremes. We _can_ reinvent ourselves, for better or worse, and that pretty quickly upon a spark that ignites the masses. The only unknown is how many atrocities it takes before that happens. But it is a powder keg waiting to explode. As usual, it will explode in both the attackers’ faces and into our own. A cycle of total destruction and rebirth.

    • Half of Germany’s indigenous population is over 50. All the other Western nations are not much younger.

      Many of those old and middle-aged people have no children or have lost contact with them, so they don’t care too much about future.

      How can you expect a nation of decadent seniors to reinvent itself?

      • You underestimate 50-year oldes. I’m not saying I’m certain it will happen, but the potential is still there. I reckon if a turnaround occurs, it will start elsewhere, possibly Scandinavia. I wrote elsewhere around here just the other day how I witnessed Swedes making a u-turn about a certain issue regarding migrants and once they see the need, more might follow. If or when it does, changes will be swift and unexpected. Germany is usually the last to react, but when it does, the pendulum swings to the other extreme. We’ll see.

      • Age, treachery and utter brutal ruthlessness always overcomes youth, stupidity and emotions. For nobody does total war better than western man, especially when the bloody gloves come off.

    • @ K from Germany

      There is a famous saying among the believers in the Islamic world, far and wide, which goes something like: “You may have the watches, but we have the time…”

      “You” being the non-Muslims, in particular of European civilization, and “we” being the shahids or ‘true believers’ of Islam.

      Perhaps you have encountered this saying in your travels and/or your self-education about Islam.

      The believers are remarkably patient and they see themselves as links in a chain between an Islamic past and an Islamic future. This is one of their strengths as a group – as members of the umma or worldwide community of Muslims. They think in long increments of time, and most modern westerners do not.

  5. Publicist Mephistopheles sent publicist Baron Louis de Rothschild who sent publicist Coudenhove-Kalergi who sent publicist Muhammad who sent publicist Behzad Karim Khani to humiliate the Germans before they are annihilated, mashallah.

    • Once you make the German man angry, nothing will stop him and his Teutonic Efficiency with utter brutal ruthlessness. This guilt over the wars is going to soon be forgotten.

  6. From a productive and innovative economic powerhouse to third-world craphole in several generations. They can kiss tourism goodbye.

    Arabs are the revenge of the jews…

    Ok, replacing some jew-haters with jew-hating central – ok, that is really revenge .

    FACEPALMING for the next few days.

  8. Could it be that the Arabs will also be Germany’s revenge on the Jew?

    I doubt that they will be happy to pay reparations to Israel for something that their ancestors didn’t do and should they become the majority; I’d expect such payments to stop if the German economy doesn’t collapse first.

  9. “Mein Kampf is next to the Quran, the second-best selling book in the Arab world.”

    So by book sales in the Arab world, the Quran in No. 1 and “Mein Kampf” is No. 2. Please cite the source for this claim. And while you’re at it, what books are No. 3 and No. 4?

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