Knife Jihad in Strasbourg

Last Saturday a culture-enricher from Kosovo went on a rampage with a bladed weapon in Strasbourg. During his attack, the rambunctious “youth” reportedly yelled “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I am known to the police and have a history of mental problems.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Strasbourg: A man armed with a knife attacks passersby before being overpowered by off-duty policeman

January 15, 2023

The assailant, who spoke Arabic during the acts, tried to stab a man, then a mother accompanied by her two children.

A man armed with a knife randomly strikes… Four days after the attack at Gare du Nord, the scene is repeated, this time in an Alsatian capital still traumatized by the Islamist attack of December 11, 2018. It was around 5pm on Saturday when a man armed with a knife tried to stab a passerby on Colmar Avenue in the Strasbourg district of Meinau. The latter, frightened, rushed to his car and managed to get away. The attacker then turned to a woman on a bicycle, accompanied by her two young children. Faced with the knife pointed at her, the mother tried to resist and fell to the ground.

An off-duty policeman, seeing the acts, came running. The man, who by chance was passing by, according to information from the SGP Police Union, tried to overpower the assailant without his service weapon, which was left at the police station. The suspect tried to stab him in the head without success. Only the hood of his jacket was pierced. “They struggled, and the policeman succeeded in immobilizing him with the help of a delivery man on a bicycle,” states the police source to Le Figaro. Once the Specialized Field Brigade (BST) arrived, the man was arrested and placed in custody.

Of Kosovar origin, the man, aged 31, was not known to the intelligence services for being radicalized but was listed in the files of previous judicial proceedings, specifically for illicit use of drugs in Seine-Saint Denis on February 16 and November 25, 2021. In the police car, he reportedly was chanting “Allahu Akhbar”. Also according to a police source, the assailant reiterated his remarks at the police station, adding: “You will all go to Hell because of what you are doing in Palestine.” His psychological state is described as “unstable” by a source close to the case. An investigation has been opened and assigned to the Judicial Police.

Attempted homicide is now the likely charge, but a terrorist act is not ruled out. The motives of the assailant remain unclear. He reportedly regrets the attack against the mother, but not the attack against the policeman, for whom the doctors have prescribed 45 days of disability time off.

In a state of shock, the mother was taken to the hospital, as was the policeman, who was injured in the hand and shoulder while bringing down the suspect. The Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, praised a “courageous policeman who, while off-duty, arrested a very menacing individual. Thanks to his intervention, there are no victims to mourn.”

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  1. “No victims to mourn “ wow ! ! What a very successful day !!, it’s very sad that now in Europe it’s a new normal: stubbing, reaping, murdering, stealing and on and on , if you don’t have guns just take a knife and fight back , for defending yourself, beautiful tones ed are living really..

  2. Why has this insane piece of Jihadist garbage not been deported by to bogy land Islamic country he came from? He was known by the authorities as far back as November 2021 as a drug up violent insane Moslem jihad idiot and was walking around a free man to commit more violent crimes to random law abiding citizens. .

    • Why deport?
      Draft him into a special part of the French Foreign Legion. You know THE part that will be sent to Ukraine.
      Instead of sacrificing good people the French should take every Allahu Akbar guy, inkluding the drug gangs of Marseille and “volunteer” them to Ukraine.
      They should feel right at home in Corruption Central.
      France is rid of them, so its a win-win situation.

      • Crazy drug addicts high on Allah do not fight well if they are force to fight for the unbelievers. Maybe good to test enemy cannon range or cleaning landmine fields .Deported them back to feces hole they grew up in along with any family members that also reside in France have “chain deportation” get the welfare rolls lowered ,crime rate, stupid senseless street violence ect. .There is already enough leeches that are born and raised in France that are not crazy jihadist bent on senseless violence no need to import more broken toys that left want to fix on the taxpayers dime.

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