“The Masks Make You Sick”

A doctor named Monika Jiang went on trial this week in the German town of Weinheim in Baden-Württemberg. Her crime? During the Coronamadness she wrote more than 4,000 mask exemptions for patients, many of them children, often without making a face-to-face examination.

It’s my guess that she might have been able to beat the rap if she hadn’t charged a fee for her services. As it is, she was convicted and sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. She was also given a three-year work ban and ordered to pay a €28,000 ($29,000) fine.

The English-language stories about the case are all more or less the same. The Daily Mail has a representative example.

The following video was recorded outside of the courthouse in Weinheim during Dr. Jiang’s trial. Demonstrators — many them parents of children for whom the doctor had written exemptions — had gathered to protest the prosecution of Dr. Jiang. The footage shown was taken by a private citizen, possibly with a cell phone, but it shows interviews with protesters conducted by a woman working for ARD, the German public broadcaster. Some of the official ARD clips were later aired by SWR (Südwestrundfunk, the regional franchise for ARD). You can see brief snips in this tweet and this SWR article (both in German).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m here to support Dr. Jiang because she might have to go to jail for no reason.
00:05   She was only helping people. —OK. Tell me what you think about her being prosecuted?
00:12   I don’t think it’s good. She prescribed exemptions for us,
00:16   and that’s a good thing.
00:22   The masks make you sick. —She’s right. —You said you would, exactly. —The masks just make you sick.
00:28   That my assignment. Why do think it’s good that she prescribed you exemptions?
00:32   The mask makes you sick. I personally get sick from them. I know so many children and other people
00:38   who became sick from wearing the masks. She is simply a superhero for us.
00:45   She freed us from it. —So, that means you received an exemption from her? —Yes. —OK.
00:51   What bothers you the most that she has to go to court? —She was actually doing something good.
00:57   People who do good, they have to go to jail, but those who are really bad get out in a year
01:05   or something. She’s facing 3 years in jail. —OK.
01:16   How fair do you think the lawsuit is? —I don’t think it’s fair. —Why?
01:22   Because she just doesn’t deserve it. She deserves to be free, like the rest of us. —OK.
01:30   What do you think the verdict will be today? —Not guilty. —Not guilty!
01:36   So you’re not worried about the outcome? —No, because the truth always wins. —OK.
01:42   Super! What’s your name? —Lisa. —Your last name. —We don’t want to say. —No. —OK.
01:48   Then we’ll just add a letter, Lisa S. or something. Great! Who would like to be next?
01:53   We just need 2 or 3 statements. —What’s your name? —Désirée Kast, 30, reporter for SWR.
01:57   Your last name? —Kast. —I would like to make a statement. —Yes, gladly.
02:05   Why are you here to show support? —Well, I’m outraged that judges dictate to doctors,
02:12   are attempting to dictate, because there hasn’t been a verdict yet. Judges and politicians
02:16   should not be dictating to doctors on how to practice their profession.
02:20   The Federal Medical Code states that a doctor may, can and should act according to their conscience
02:25   and to their medical expertise. A doctor is permitted to issue exemptions without even
02:30   having met or examined the patient personally.
02:34   The critical point according to the Federal Medical Code is that the patient has given a credible
02:39   account of the issue to the doctor. In that case, a doctor is allowed to issue an exemption.
02:42   Now judges and politicians, and the police are assisting them,
02:45   are telling doctors, “What you’re doing is wrong”.
02:48   This is outrageous. It destroys the confidentiality between patient and physician.
02:53   It also destroys the confidence that society has in the justice system.
02:59   I’m totally outraged about what is going on here. It is unjust. I thank the young lady
03:03   for saying exactly that. The masks make you sick.
03:06   Did you also receive an exemption from the doctor? —No.
03:09   No, but I do have an exemption. Yes. —From another doctor then? —Yes, exactly.
03:14   Do you think the lawsuit is fair? —I wasn’t present in the courtroom,
03:18   but from what can be read in the press,
03:22   especially about the judge, it’s unfair. It’s gravely unjust.
03:28   I’m over 70 years old. In school we were taught and learned about Hitler’s history.
03:37   We had to memorize it all — everything that happened then.
03:41   We repeatedly asked our teachers how it could happen.
03:45   He explained to us that significant authorities in the justice system, in the political system
03:50   and the police went along with it. —And the media did too.
03:56   The media, too.
04:01   Even if it wasn’t you personally, but even SWR is participating.
04:07   For that reason, it’s important to stand up against it early and fight for the innocent.
04:13   No judge, no politician in the world has the right to meddle with a doctor’s decision,
04:18   unless a fair trail has established that a doctor caused a patient damage.
04:23   This doctor did no harm; she helped many and saved their health.
04:28   What do you hope from the verdict in this trial? If the verdict is negative,
04:34   I hope there will be an outcry across the nation and that people realize what’s happening here.
04:39   There’s much more happening here than just this verdict.
04:43   If the verdict is positive, I hope it is an encouragement for other doctors who oppose masks
04:48   and the so-called vaccines. I hope it gives them courage
04:51   to persevere despite what’s being done to them.
04:54   Also being done to their employees. If I give my employee a task, then I expect it to get done.
05:01   If the employee refuses, they should go. Why is an employee testifying here at this trial?
05:07   The only explanation I can come up with is that they were intimidated. Even the employees.
05:12   Actually, to be carried out fairly, there should a second trial.
05:17   A separate trial, just concerning the employees, in my opinion as layperson. —OK, understood.
05:24   As an employer, I give my employees instructions; they are innocent. They can always claim:
05:30   the boss told me to do this. Apparently not in this case.
05:34   The relationship between the employer and employees
05:37   is purposefully being made tense and intimidating.
05:40   That’s the reason I’m outraged and the reason I’m here for the second time. —OK.
05:44   May I ask your name? —Yes. Sonya. —And your last name? —Just add a “D.”
05:50   OK, thank you very much.
05:56   I’ve got a question. He’s recording and you’re listening well.
05:59   Up there, what’s happening is also being recorded,
06:02   but what’s going to be shown in the media? —Well… —Will it be shortened?
06:08   It’s not shortened as much as in the west. Just when “um” is said too often,
06:14   but not nice understandable sentences. As this lady just spoke? —Yes, yes.
06:18   I thought it was good. —What criteria do you use to select? —We had a young lady,
06:22   and another lady. We try to represent all parts of society. —I think that’s good.
06:27   Would anyone else like to say something? OK. —Our lieutenant. —Gladly.
06:34   So the same question for you. Why have you come here today to show support for the doctor?
06:39   Because she helped my wife and children.
06:43   How exactly? —She issued mask exceptions, because my daughter passed out during class.
06:51   The other doctors… —Because of the mask? —Yes, due to the mask. She has an irregular heartbeat.
06:57   She was forced to wear a mask and other doctors trivialized it and wouldn’t give her an exemption.
07:05   They just behave in accordance with the government’s instructions.
07:09   In this situation Dr. Jiang helped.
07:13   If you were to examine this scientifically, there are many studies,
07:20   64 studies that show clearly that masks don’t protect against infection.
07:25   These studies also show that masks cause damage as well. —OK.
07:29   How can anyone be forced to wear masks?
07:34   When A) they aren’t useful or B) effective?
07:40   And worse yet, cause damage? —OK. —Exactly. —Maybe you can say something about the trial.
07:47   Is it hard that it’s taking so long? That a trial is happening? What do you think about the trial?
07:53   It shows very clearly that when a person acts ethically, humanely and ethically, that in Germany
08:01   you’ll be silenced. You will be targeted. She’s being threatened with prison simply because
08:07   she acted ethically. She was protecting human rights.
08:13   Rights that a doctor should be protecting.
08:19   That’s what the Hippocratic Oath says. She’s a woman who respects her Hippocratic Oath.
08:24   We need more people like her. People with hearts. —Yes.
08:31   Where are the people who still have a heart? Where are the 4,000 people? —What irritates you
08:36   the most about this trial? —Honestly, the entire thing reminds me of darker times,
08:44   when those who didn’t acquiesce would be punished or brought to court.
08:51   Publicly. —Publicly. As I said right at the beginning,
08:55   the facts are clear. The Meta study on masks shows
08:59   they aren’t effective and that they contain formaldehyde.
09:03   Tests performed show oxygen deprivation has already begun
09:08   after wearing a mask for just 20 to 30 seconds. This is all clearly proven.
09:13   Did you also receive an exemption from this doctor? —I didn’t, but this woman helped my children.
09:21   I have my own practice and have witnessed the suffering.
09:24   A huge amount of suffering among my patients.
09:27   Many people were brought to tears with their backs against the wall.
09:32   They were forced to take a vaccine, which principally isn’t one.
09:37   What are your hopes as a result of this trial?
09:42   Of course, I hope that she’s found innocent. That it’s fair.
09:49   Also that humanity frees itself bit by bit from this madness. Exactly. And… yes.
09:57   Super! Thank you very much. What is your name? —Please don’t say your last name!
10:01   Yes, exactly. —If you say your last name you’ll get sued. —Yep. That’s right.
10:07   A first name is enough. —Stephan. —I can prove it.
10:12   Anyone else? Let’s make a little room. —Yes, sure, of course.
10:28   We still have time. Exactly. So why have you come here today? Why do you support this doctor?
10:35   I think we’re all obliged to stand with those people who…
10:40   and I speak as a mother, for the children. OK?
10:45   From the very beginning it was very clear how much the children suffered from these masks.
10:50   Honestly, when I brought my children to school, I had tears in my eyes.
10:56   I had tears in my eyes, because children were forced to cover their face, their smiles,
11:02   and their facial expressions. They had to hide their personality and their individuality.
11:10   In addition to that, no politician has the right to do that. Not even parents have that right.
11:18   Every child has the right to decide for themselves when and how to breathe. —Why are you here?
11:26   It was only this doctor, because the children don’t have a lawyer. No lawyers of their own.
11:33   Very few doctors were willing
11:39   to show support for the children.
11:46   Doctor Jiang is one of those heroes. —Why exactly do you support her? —Why?
11:53   I’m very thankful for her, and not just because she helped my children,
12:02   but because she fearlessly defended all of these people.
12:07   How do you feel about her being brought to court?
12:11   Or what’s the most irritating aspect for you about all of it?
12:15   I still can’t believe it. After everything Germany has gone through,
12:22   it’s a pity that Germany still hasn’t learned from the past. Learned nothing.
12:30   I think it is high time that people not only open their eyes, but their hearts as well.
12:39   What kind of verdict do you expect? Do you suspect the worst or something else?
12:45   I only hope for something good. —Which means? What would your wish be?
12:50   She deserves to be found innocent. —OK.
12:54   Did you receive an exemption from her? —No. —I didn’t ask for one. —OK. Super!
13:00   That’s all. Thank you! Oh, your name, first name is? —Patijana. —Patijana, super!
13:04   Written like Tatijana? —Yes. Patijana. —OK, all good! Thank you!
13:10   What a statement. That Germany hasn’t learned from the past.
13:14   The director decides whether that stays.
13:18   It’s very important —But we recorded it, we recorded it.
13:25   You in the media should know how important this sentence was. You can’t say later
13:31   that you didn’t know. You knew about everything.
13:35   You were there at so many demonstrations, protests and vigils.
13:39   I stand in front of the Hessian Broadcasting Association in Frankfurt every week. You can’t say
13:42   afterwards that you didn’t know. This excuse is no longer valid, OK? —We don’t say that, though.
13:49   I sure hope so, I hope so. —OK. —Report the truth, because the truth isn’t being filmed.
13:55   We collect impression, not truth. We reflect what humanity does.
13:58   You’re not even doing that, sorry.
14:01   You’re not even doing that, and that’s the reproach I’m making. You’re not doing that. —OK.
14:06   You’re only reporting what the politicians tell you to and nothing more.
14:10   Even directors and journalists at MDR admitted that our news is always covered by a political filter
14:15   and any reporting submitted outside that is destroyed.
14:19   You’re not. —That’s not true, but we don’t need to… —I’ll be keeping track on SWR. —OK.
14:27   If you want, you can watch it this evening. —OK.
14:33   At what time? —At 5:15 P.M. on ARD.
14:39   So at 5:15 P.M. on ARD, then we can see what they did with the interviews.
14:46   Demand: “Immediate resignation of the German Federal government for abuse of office
14:50   and participation in the greatest crime against the entire German population.”

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  1. The internet says there is no such thing as a jury trial in Germany.
    Under a jury system, there might be a chance that there will be at least one juror who will judge the law, and not just the facts, and refuse to convict.

  2. Back in the late 1970’s I was in Munich with a number of U of Munich students. They knew little that was correct about the Nazis and virtually nothing accurate about the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies.

    Prior to that I was a spy in Germany against the Warsaw Pact for a division of NSA so I knew a great deal about the USSR and friends. I also had studied the National Socialist Third Reich in great depth and still am learning.

    I came to the conclusion the Germans could easily be led into other dead ends and bad outcomes if they were that ignorant.

    Things are progressing as I guessed.

    • Until the military coup happens and people will do as they are told and the Great Purge becomes policy.

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