Thailand in Trouble

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends his report on the latest news from Thailand.

Thailand in trouble

by H. Numan

There is some news from Thailand, unfortunately not very good news. First, royal news. Not really important for you, but very important in Thailand. Before Christmas, Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of King Rama X, collapsed during a function ‘up country’ due to a sudden heart attack. She was flown to Bangkok for medical treatment, but is still unconscious.

A couple of years ago, we had something similar in The Netherlands: Prince Friso went skiing, caused an avalanche, and had to be rescued. After three hours he was dug up, barely alive and unconscious. He died about three months later, never regaining consciousness.

I fear we’re close to a royal funeral. It’s important in Thailand, not only because she is royalty, but more because she is in the direct line of succession. The king has many children from many wives, but none of them are succession material. Thai succession laws are really complicated; let’s just keep it at that.

Now on to the news. This is so mindbogglingly stupid, that it’s hard to find words for it. Criminally insane is a good description. Thailand is busy reopening its borders for unvaccinated Chinese tourists. It’s not yet certain. Rules don’t change by the day; they change every frigging 10 minutes. At least that’s a sign that not everybody in the government is completely bonkers.

Let’s be clear about one thing: there are a lot of ‘anti-vax’ people here. I don’t agree with them. Please don’t respond with the usual slander, like doing my own research, not being a sheep, that sort of thing. I won’t respond, and it makes you look childish. Of course I’m not a doctor. Neither are you. So let us agree to disagree. What I’m writing about has nothing to do with vaccines, anyway, good or bad. It’s about consequences.

China opened the gates of hell — we call them departure lounges — on 8 January. All of sudden China stopped with their draconian lockdown policy. Why?

Because it was unaffordable. China doesn’t have a working vaccine. They developed Sinovac, which was the least effective vaccine when the pandemic began. Thailand and many other nations used it for want of anything better. It became quickly clear it was not effective, and lost whatever effectiveness it had against later variants. Nobody outside of China uses it today.

The only way China could keep the virus at bay was by instituting draconian — and extremely expensive — lockdowns. It worked, for a while. Lockdowns are expensive in two ways: first you have to test just about everyone twice or three times every week. Let’s say a test kit costs $5 each. That quickly adds up, if you have to test close to a billion people. They simply ran out of money.

The next part is what to do when one tests positive. That’s even worse. Everybody nearby will be put in quarantine. If you live in a large condo, and one occupant tests positive, the whole building goes into quarantine. In China quarantine is like going to prison, with a near certainty you’ll catch something there. If not Covid, something else. The Chinese health care system is rudimentary under the best of circumstances. Right now the circumstances aren’t the best. Quarantine means that entire mega-cities are ‘out of action’; they cost a lot of money and don’t produce anything. Such as Shanghai or Beijing, for example.

There is also the cost in human misery. Something the Chinese government rarely takes into consideration, communist or otherwise. Until they have to, which was at the end of November 2022. The people had had enough, and started to riot. Seriously riot; we’ve seen tanks deployed to counter it. Even so, brute force wasn’t enough. The government caved in. They promised to lessen restrictions and open the borders again.

That’s where we are now. The borders are open; Chinese people are leaving the country in droves airplanes. Unvaccinated, because their own vaccine doesn’t work. Planes arriving in Italy and Belgium were tested; more than 60% of the travelers tested positive.

The Chinese government doesn’t care much about its citizens, and even less about everyone else. I’m pretty certain the higher-ups are perfectly happy about their ‘solution’. So the Western world has such an effective vaccine, eh? Great. Let’s see how effective it really is! Allowing the people to travel again solves their problem: no more riots. People are calming down, and going to work again.

I’ve even heard stories that the CCP doesn’t mind at all that many people will die. So what? In a couple of months the survivors will have immunity. Right now long queues are waiting to have their loved ones cremated. Every crematorium in China is not fully but over-booked. At best, one has to wait at least a month for an opening. It’s that bad in China, and that is just the beginning. The tip of the iceberg, if you will. People are illegally cremating loved ones on the street, for lack of better solutions.

That was before the Thai government took the irresponsible decision to allow Chinese travelers back in Thailand. They could have known it — and did! — in advance. No “oops, we never knew this”. So why did Thailand take such a stupid decision? Money.

Thailand’s economy relied a lot on tourism. It still does. Anything to get tourism going again. One of the busiest seasons is the Chinese New Year, in February. A few millions of unvaccinated Chinese tourists can go a long way towards recovery. Or nip it in the bud… What if it goes wrong, as it almost certainly will? Ah, well. That’s in the future. We don’t know the future, do we?

It is, in my opinion, criminally irresponsible. Again, I have no opinion about the effectiveness of this or that vaccine, or that there is a dark conspiracy. I’m looking at the facts. Right now we’re basically inviting a full blown leper colony to vacation in Thailand, with no questions asked.

It can go two ways:

1.   The Chinese come, enjoy a vacation, and go home. We were worried about nothing.
2.   We will hear of a sudden massive outbreak of Covid in Thailand, with most countries refusing entry to Thais without proper vaccination documentation. The recovery is in tatters; restarting and new tourist businesses close down forever.

Which of the two options is most likely to happen?

— H. Numan

19 thoughts on “Thailand in Trouble

  1. “China doesn’t have a working vaccine.” Got news for you – ain’t nobody got a working vaccine.

    • +1

      Also, having a few more infected people added to a population where the virus is already going around is unlikely to make much of a difference.

      It’s not like Thailand was virus-free two weeks ago.

    • You are right! There is no vax that works. Just make sure you have the real stuff on hand with which to counter the CV;
      IVM + Zinc +D3,
      HCQ with Zinc + D3, or
      the Zelenko Protocol (Quercetin + Zinc + D3).

      And pray in Jesus Name.

  2. Well you are vaccinated so why do you care?
    You are safe considering you got the eversafe Pfizer or moderna
    Don’t worry a new mutation will come every year
    You cannot keep any country closed forever
    So take a deep breath and enjoy
    I got the original version in July 2020
    Then in 2021 I got the omicron in December
    That’s it
    I am sure the new very aggressive new mutation will go through everyone

  3. Thou shall put all faith in The Vaccines and other Medical Products

    Thou shall forget about healthy food, excercise, and vitamin D

    …needless to say, I find your article so “mainstream media narrative” – like, I wonder if it’s satire?

    Why is it that I, a “creationist Christian guy”, have more “darwinian approach” to the diseases of today than the “darwinian evolution guys”, who feel the need for intelligently designed vaccines and “scientific” medical products? Do they not trust the Nature to take care of it all and come with the most efficient biological design by accident?

    Or is it because they know that they themselves are not good enough for the free competition of biological designs?

    I have to laugh at the faith in the vaccines, sorry 🙂

    Every medical advice that does not start with clean air, clean water, vitamins and healthy foods, and excercise + Sun-tanning for Vitamin D – is a corrupt medical advice, IMHO.

    • In America our children are jabbed and medicated, but they do not go outside anymore. And if they do, their nose is in their phone. It’s common sense that fresh air, exercise, faith, friendship, and a good diet will serve as armor against the forces of nature.

      • Yea its going in the same direction here in the Czech Republic.

        For example, the last 20 years or so all schools (old brick and stone buildings) – have gotten a new styrofoam coat and super efficient plastic windows, to be “energy efficient”. And the result is that the children breathe out all oxygen from the classroom, and Czech classrooms are hitting the 5000ppm CO2 concentration mark on regular basis.

        Then everybody wonders why is everyone getting sick, especially in the winter months when they keep the windows closed.

  4. Vitamin D, cold showers and sunshine, of which you should have plenty.
    Check your VitaminD level. If above 50mg your’re just fine. Check out Dr.Simon.

    And where did you live, in what cave, those two years? Long story short – no vaccines work, nor ever will – for that kind of viruses.

  5. Why don’t you all just take Ivermectin if you get sick like the Indians did? You are lucky you can go into a shop and buy it without being arrested like in Western countries. I survived Covid using Ivermectin. Pull yourselves together and deal with it rationally. Thai’s probably all have some natural immunity anyway.

  6. Soon they will have “climate lock downs” in the west after our “masters of the universe” finish their little pow wow in Davos. The China flu lock downs were a dry run for what they want control on where and how far you travel, what you eat ,where you can live, what kind of “home” pod you will live in ,when MAID will be enacted on you went “your upkeep” become too expensive! Just a side note if you are personal upset or worry about the China flu, or the common cold stay in your home mask up and leave the rest of us to live our lives that way we want.

  7. The OP is worthless nonsense; perhaps the only truth in it maybe the material relating to the Thai succession to the throne being complicated. perhaps.

  8. It’s not a vaccine. It’s gene therapy, and it creates permanent changes in the body.
    Why on earth would you bemoan the lack of said therapy anywhere?

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