“Masks Restrict Freedom”

As reported previously, a doctor in Germany named Monika Jiang has been tried, convicted, and sentenced to 2¾ years in prison for writing face mask exemptions for thousands of patients.

The following video is an excerpt from a report aired by the TV news magazine “Brisant” on ARD, the German state broadcaster. In it you’ll recognize some of the people interviewed in the video I posted last week about the trial of Dr. Jiang, but in this case they are seen from the point of view of ARD’s own cameras.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   At the height of the Corona pandemic, which brings us to our next topic.
00:05   It was hard to imagine everyday life without them. The masks.
00:09   But not everyone was convinced of the sense of the measure. Some even believed
00:13   there were health risks from wearing a mask. A doctor from Baden-Württemberg
00:18   also held this view and issued thousands of patients exemptions from the mask requirement,
00:23   often without even examining them. At least that is the accusation against her.
00:29   That’s why the doctor is now on trial.
00:33   The accused doctor does not want to be recognized.
00:37   Around 150 people came to support her this morning,
00:40   despite the fact that this doctor has to answer to the local court for a possible criminal offense.
00:46   Her supporters are hardly bothered by this, because for them it is a matter of principle.
00:51   From their point of view, masks restrict freedom. —I know so many children and other people
00:56   who became sick from wearing the masks. She is simply a superhero for us. She freed us from it.
01:05   Honestly, the entire thing reminds me of darker times, when those who didn’t acquiesce
01:12   would be punished or brought to court.
01:16   No judge, no politician in the world has the right to meddle with a doctor’s decision,
01:21   unless a fair trail has established that a doctor caused a patient damage.
01:26   This doctor did no harm; she helped many and saved their health.
01:32   Was it wrong for the doctor to issue these exemption certificates?
01:36   The public prosecutor’s office in Mannheim says “Yes”. In approximately 4,400 cases,
01:40   the doctor is said to have exempted patients from the mask requirement by means of a certificate.
01:44   In some cases, without ever having examined or seen them.
01:47   They want three and a half years’ imprisonment.
01:50   The reason: “The length of sentencing requested is in line with the large number of cases
01:55   and the lack of insight expressed by the defendant during in the trial.
01:59   Additionally, a request was made for a three-year ban on practicing medicine and confiscation
02:03   of fees earned from the mask exemption certificates. Approximately €28,000 [$29,000].
02:09   The trial against the doctor and one of her employees has been on going since mid-November.
02:15   Their lawyer is convinced that it is “absurd,” because despite the lack of examination,
02:19   no criterion for a criminal offense has been met.
02:22   There are things there one must simply also not examine.
02:25   If something hinders my ability to breathe and then I take that away.
02:31   If I hold my hand over my mouth and if I take it away — I can breathe again.
02:35   I don’t think a physical examination is needed for that.
02:39   The Mannheim public prosecutor’s office sees it differently, in a trial that is polarizing.

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  1. Tyranny always comes in “it’s for your own good or for the public good”. Even the smallest thing is of use to tyrants.

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