In Pursuit of a Greater Idaho

It has become clear that if the United States is to avoid a civil war and/or general political collapse, it needs to redraw its internal boundaries.

Some mooted solutions, most notably that for Texas, involve outright secession. In other cases, “red” counties in “blue” states propose to separate and join with other, more congenial states, or unite to create completely new states. Parts of Illinois and upstate New York are examples, along with counties in eastern Oregon, which want to leave the state and become part of Idaho.

Back when Ralph “Coonman” Northam was governor of Virginia and the Second Amendment was under attack, a number of counties in my region of rural Central Virginia were considering seceding from the state — which is controlled by Northern Virginia, the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — and joining West Virginia. Which would be ironic, considering that West Virginia was created by counties that seceded from Virginia to avoid joining the Confederacy.

If the move to redraw borders becomes a real trend, there’s no telling where it might end up. The general process will involve rural areas separating from the massive urban conglomerations that now control them. I can picture a contiguous megalopolis stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. — which is already informally known as “Boswash” — becoming a single political entity, with the surrounding rural regions separating and recombining in various new configurations.

The new political divisions will not be entirely symmetrical, because people in the “red” regions are, generally speaking, not inclined coerce “blue”-minded people to behave, speak, and think the way they do. We don’t want to fine people for wearing face masks, or pass laws compelling citizens to own firearms, or forbid the drinking of mocha lattes. Only one side of the new political divide will retain coercion as the centerpiece of its political and social policy.

And it looks like Idaho will go first. The Greater Idaho movement is really picking up steam — eleven counties in eastern Oregon have already approved ballot measures in favor of redrawing the state’s border.

The plan for Greater Idaho has two phases. The first will transfer fifteen counties from Oregon to Idaho. The second will add more of Oregon, plus several counties in northern California, to create a greatly enlarged Idaho.

Below is the press release sent out today by Greater Idaho:

Greater Idaho bill read in Oregon State Senate

A bill inviting Idaho to begin talks with Oregon on the potential to relocate the state line they share was read on the floor of the Oregon Senate yesterday. Oregon state senator Dennis Linthicum is the lead sponsor, and the initial cosponsors are Senator Brian Boquist and Rep. Werner Reschke. Freshman Representative Emily McIntire, sworn in yesterday, has indicated to leaders of the Greater Idaho movement that she will sign on as a cosponsor when House rules allow.

The bill, SJM 2, became public yesterday along with other pre-session filed bills. It states “we, the members of the 82nd Legislative Assembly stand ready to begin discussions regarding the potential to relocate the Oregon/Idaho border, and invite the Idaho Legislature, the Governor of Idaho, the Governor of Oregon to begin talks on this topic with this Legislative Assembly.”

The bill notes that, of the 15 rural, conservative counties of eastern Oregon that are proposed to become parts of Idaho, eleven have already approved ballot measures indicating voter support. It notes that Oregon slightly relocated its border with Washington in 1958.

The bill lists several reasons that the Democrat majority of the Oregon Legislature should want to relocate the boundary: support for the self-determination of the people of eastern Oregon, financial benefits of offloading eastern Oregon, and concern about the interference of (conservative) eastern Oregon into the (progressive) politics of western Oregon.

The bill states that eastern Oregon is an economic drain on Oregon’s state budget because of the high income taxes paid by the Portland area. The bill also references a poll that found that only 3% of the voters of northwestern Oregon are willing to pay what it costs to have rural regions of Oregon included in the Oregon state budget. The movement estimates the cost is over $500 per northwestern Oregonian wage earner annually.

Along with all other bills filed prior to the beginning of the legislative session, the bill now lies on the desk of the new President of the Senate, Rob Wagner. According to rules approved yesterday, any progress on a Senate bill requires his approval. The Greater Idaho movement’s website calls on him to allow their bill to get a hearing. Spokesman for the Greater Idaho movement Matt McCaw pointed to the same January 2022 SurveyUSA poll that showed that 68% of northwestern Oregon voters thought that the Oregon Legislature should hold hearings on the idea, and only 20% opposed.

“Portland voters forced a gun control measure on the whole state, although eastern Oregon voters almost blocked it. And then an eastern Oregon judge blocked it. His injunction might stand for a couple years while he decides the case. If Oregon had let Grant and Harney counties go when they requested to join Idaho, then their judge wouldn’t have blocked an Oregon measure. Grant and Harney counties are ranchland, and Portland is not. It doesn’t make sense for these two cultures to be dictating policy to each other,” he said.

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17 thoughts on “In Pursuit of a Greater Idaho

  1. Good idea? A reality? A snowballs chance in hell?
    How about just a waste of time?
    Only way the libtards will let these counties go is if they do not loose any political power, and tax base.
    Hey as part of the deal can we give Boise to western Oregon? Just the multi colored haired liberal mentally ill people mind you, they can all go to western Oregon to live in peace and harmony with their ilk. Good riddance.

  2. Northern California has been trying to form the State of Jefferson for years and nothing has ever happened. To the people of the proposed Greater Idaho, I say good luck.

  3. The idea of an independent Texas is “mooted?” May want to take a look at recent actions in the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) v. Meta lawsuit. Meta made the basis for their censorship of TNM the “law defying” nature of the movement. Meta is staking the outcome on an 1869 USSC case, Texas v. White, which has had its logic thoroughly debunked over the years. This new case is an opportunity for the question of secession to be heard anew in the courts.

    This Texian congratulates the eastern Oregon counties on their bold move and wishes them every success.

    • I think you misunderstand my use of then word “mooted”. “To moot” means to put something before a meeting, that is, to place it on the table for consideration. It’s not the same as the idiom “moot point”, which has acquired a specialized meaning over the last hundred years or so.

  4. Just a distraction from the real need at hand…the tree of liberty needs refreshing

  5. Curry County would support as well giving Idaho a Pacific coast. Northern California and Eastern Washington would create a conservative state the size of Texas in the PNW. Left Coast is a myth. A dozen liberal cities along Interstate 5 from Sacramento to Vancouver BC create the myth. Say it won’t happen? Wait until Portland is shut down pending an “agreement”.

  6. States are going to separate and change shape alright, but not from any legislative dealings. Spicy times are coming, and the communists polluting the US are not going to allow any walk-aways, or any easy solutions. The communist way is murder, rape, and theft, until there is no opposition remaining.

    • Well the communist in the US really can’t do anything, for the day they start murdering people is when you will have a full on revolution where Patriots shoot back. The reason the commiecrats can’t do anything is they can’t disarm the American people.

  7. an ATTEMPT at a constitutional amendment(s) re: “voter id” and “freedom of education” and ….?
    – would draw the lines, show HUGE support for these critical issues, on a precinct by precinct basis, giving negotiating power.
    – there are more red states than blue (fcktardia), getting an amendment passed is based on # of states. State legislatures and voters can do this – RINO senators and reps can’t stop it.
    – negotiations should emphasize that fcktardia would be getting the most prosperous regions ( gov favored) and valuable real estate (port cities) – so we should get the bare dirt. We could squawk a lot about how unfair that’d be , then outlaw importation and rebuild industrial base ASAP afterwards. They’d still be our biggest trading partner, we should make sure the cities don’t starve – until we have an industrial base and every man has a .50 cal and membership in a militia

    • if you want peace, prepare for war. preparations require unity, organization and hardware. Finding out who is with and who against is a good start, and maybe pressure fcktardia into concessions (preferred outcome, actually).

      And maybe the voter IID and “vouchers for everyone” amendments would pass eventually. The alternative is grim

  8. Never happen. The Marxist-Infanticide Party which controls Oregon politics will, with the assistance of Mordor-On-The-Potomac, crush this movement for one reason: Money. I lived in that socialist worker’s paradise for over 12 years, while my wife (an Idaho native) and we took care of elderly family members. Oregon politics are controlled by the communist-sexual deviate voting blocs which inhabit Portlandia, and the counties surrounding it along with the I-5 corridor down to Eugene. It is not only frustrating for the eastern Oregon patriots, but for all of the Productive Class residents of that state who value liberty.
    Keep in mind, the culture of Oregon has always been leftist. It was the first state to “decriminalize” Latin Lettuce back in the late 70’s. The rot has just metastasized over the years. Public employees pay NOTHING into the retirement system. Whining, entitled old people re-elect trough-feeding leftists such as Peter DeFazio to Congress. True balkanization of this corrupt syphilitic-thinking country will only happen when people vote with their feet. And, in 2015 after all the old folks passed. My wife, daughter and I pulled up stakes and moved back to her old stomping grounds in Kootenai County, ID. It’s not perfect but up here people are still white, polite, and armed to the teeth. Bleib ubrig.

  9. As I’ve sure “Moon” is aware, Robert A Heinlein predicted such a fracturing of the US, in “Friday”.

    I hope he was wrong, not only for Americans; the world needs a strong US, even if some are unappreciative.

    • Like you sheep called Brits these days, America is being invade by the 3rd world thus turning us into the 3rd world by the day, thus Balkanizing us until the first shot is fired and then it is the European American against everyone else.

      • “European American against everyone else” is the logic of collectivists who can’t hack it in the communist party.

        According to this logic, black Americans who voted for trump will be the enemy, while pasty-white Antifa will be our brothers. It doesn’t take 100 IQ points to see how ridiculous the notion is.

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