Culture-Enriching Knife Incident on the Bus in Mestre

Last Tuesday a “youth” carrying a large knife boarded a bus in the Italian town of Mestre, just outside of Venice. The following video features a description by the driver of how he handled the situation. He doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the knife-bearer, but various news stories describe the unruly passenger as an “Asian”.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an English-language article from ANSA about the incident in Mestre:

Bus driver threatened by man with knife

(ANSA) — ROME, JAN 18 — An Italian bus driver was threatened by an Asian man with a knife in Mestre near Venice Tuesday night, sources said Wednesday.

The man was clearly high on something, they said. The driver pretended that his vehicle had suffered a fault that stopped it from leaving. He then phoned the police and they arrested the man.

He has been charged with reckless behaviour and aggravated threats.

Video transcript:

00:00   The adrenaline is still flowing over what happened last Tuesday, in the evening.
00:04   But the driver is fine, and doesn’t feel like a hero,
00:07   This is what Giuseppe Mazzone, a driver working for ACTV [Venice transport company], stated.
00:11   He succeeded in getting a man — armed with a big knife — arrested.
00:15   He had got on the #31 bus line, in Mestre.
00:19   I am so glad I did it, because I would have never been able to forgive myself,
00:24   if I had driven him to the Mestre downtown, dropping him off where the crowd is.
00:31   And there would probably have been much worse consequences for someone.
00:35   It worked out in the end, and I thank the police station of Mestre, once again.
00:41   It happened on Tuesday, at 7 pm.
00:44   I saw a man getting on the bus through the back doors, and coming towards the driver’s seat.
00:52   While he was approaching, I saw some passengers rushing
00:57   to get off the bus, but without arousing alarm.
01:02   When he came to the driver’s seat, I saw he was holding a big knife.
01:07   I started the bus, because I wanted to get out of there.
01:13   I left in order to take the individual away from the crowd
01:18   that was waiting for the bus, at the railway station.
01:22   While I was driving to the outskirts, which are not crowded,
01:27   I managed to call the police station in Mestre.
01:32   During the ride, the driver simulated a bus engine failure.
01:38   He would keep staring at me, because he was a couple of meters away.
01:42   He was urging me to keep driving.
01:45   I told him “Sorry, mate, as you can see the bus is stuck and I cannot restart it”.
01:51   He didn’t know law enforcement were on their way, in the meantime.

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