The Muslim Brotherhood in Austria, Part 4

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Wiener Zeitung:


Investigation into pro-Hamas mosque

Study refers to association that reportedly supports Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and anti-Semitism

December 8, 2022

In a study, the Document Center for Political Islam analyzed the contents of sermons, social media posts, and books in the library of a mosque run by the “Islamic Association in Austria” (IVÖ). The expressions of opinions of IVÖ officials are allegedly interspersed with anti-Semitic stereotypes, and the imam of one of the IVÖ-run mosques in the 2nd District mentioned the terror group Hamas as a role model in sermons, according to the report.

Integration Minister Susanne Raab (ÖVP [Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party]) announced on Thursday the opening of an investigative process, and also took the Islamic Faith Society in Austria (IGGÖ) to task.

The Islamic Association in Austria (IVÖ) runs one of the largest mosques in the country as an association. This is part of a religious community within the Islamic community in Austria. The Documentation Center for Political Islam assumes that the sitting president of the IVÖ is also the imam of said mosque. His predecessor in the IVÖ was a known supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Target group youth

In a study, the Documentation Center for Political Islam analyzed both sermons and social media postings, as well as contents of the mosque’s library, and came to the conclusion that, “all three areas show a support for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian terror organization Hamas.” For example, martyrdom and death in defense of the religion are glorified. An important target group is reportedly youth in particular. In connection with this ideal, the readiness to use violence in defense of Muslim lands is mentioned. Repeatedly, the virtue of “manliness” is mentioned in sermons. Surveys by the Documentation Center identify young men as the primary audience of the imam. “The imparting of such a worldview to a predominantly young male audience in the mosque community is questionable and can contribute to the spread of radical thinking,” according to Lisa Fellhofer, Director of the Documentation Center for Political Islam.

In books in the mosque’s own library, as well as in opinion statements by IVÖ officials, there were open calls for the destruction of Israel, and anti-Semitic stereotypes were shared. The current imam, according to his own statements, is pursuing the goal of shaping a new generation, which will be a driving force in line with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Prosecution investigates

The messages and contents have reportedly not changed for several years and are especially directed at the community that is associated with the IVÖ-run Vienna mosque, via online media, but also directed to a broader public, wherein there is a discrepancy between moderate rhetoric to the outside and radical one within.

Integration Minister Susanne Raab explained in writing: “The Department was informed of these new findings from the Documentation Center on Monday. I have tasked the Department to start an investigation. The State Prosecutor is also investigating. Above all, the IGGÖ must also fulfill its responsibilities.”

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