Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes?

I posted on Saturday about the COVID-related news concerning the famous German virologist Christian Drosten. Now Mr. Drosten is in the news again, due to what was apparently a little white lie about his participation in a conspiracy to suppress information concerning the laboratory origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de:

New explosive emails surfaced: did Christian Drosten lie about secret agreements?

by Janina Lionello

At the beginning of the year, the virologist Christian Drosten swore under oath that he had never tried to cover up a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. E-mails that have now been published suggest that this is not true.

The most explosive passage is hidden on page 59 of the 174-page dossier. “Didn’t we join forces to challenge and, if possible, reject a particular theory?” it says. The message was written by Christian Drosten on February 9, 2020, and it refers to a conference call in which several scientists discussed a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The journalist Jimmy Tobias received the bundled emails on November 22 with the help of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and published them online as “Farrar Fauci Comms”).

So, Drosten speaks here quite openly of the collusion of several international scientists in order to systematically discredit the laboratory theory.

The words also cry out for an explanation from Drosten, because in February 2022 he had taken legal action against the Hamburg physics professor Roland Wiesendanger, who had accused Drosten of precisely such a secret collusion. At the time, Drosten swore: “During my participation, no agreement was made to cover up the possibility of a laboratory origin in public. I am also not aware that such an appointment was made at a later date.”

Wiesendanger sees his assumption that scientists agreed in February 2020 to “cover up” a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by the current publication, as he explained to Pleiteticker.de. He also wants to keep further legal action against Drosten open — including the “disclosure and prosecution of potentially criminal acts at an international level.”

Background: The Drosten emails

In the spring of 2020, various international scientists, including Christian Drosten and the US immunologist Anthony Fauci, took systematic public action against the theory that SARS-CoV-2 originated in the laboratory — with all the harshness of the language.

Concerning scientists with a different opinion on this question, Drosten said in his NDR podcast: “What I hear, even from apparent experts, simply lacks any basis.” Their level of knowledge “does not go beyond a superficial familiarity with student textbook knowledge,” said Drosten.

As a result, the laboratory theory was branded an absolute conspiracy theory and even deleted from social networks across the board.

It later became clear that the background to this apparent scientific consensus was a secret collusion among these scientists.

Shortly before the telephone conference in which the agreement is said to have been reached, the director of the influential health foundation “WELLCOME TRUST”, Dr. Jeremy Farrar, contacted Christian Drosten. He reported that the Danish molecular biologist Kristian Andersen had found evidence that SARS-CoV-2 had a man-made genetic modification.

Said telephone conference was convened in a hurry, during which several of the participating scientists still considered a laboratory accident to be plausible. This emerges from e-mail traffic, the publication of which was forced earlier this year with the help of the American Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Then, in later articles in the scientific journals The Lancet and Nature, the same scientists suddenly argued vigorously to the contrary and presented all opposing views as a conspiracy theory.

An inquiry about the emails on Saturday morning remained unanswered by Drosten as of Saturday noon.

Afterword from the translator:

As above, so below. And if politicians care little for the graveyards they scatter in their wake, why should their servants care more?

Why do you think he became an advisor to the federal government and Prof. Dr. Bhakdi was sidelined, persecuted and now even prosecuted?

Life is just so much better as a governmental contract “killer” scientist, isn’t it?

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  1. There is precedent for such a coverup.

    When AIDS emerged into public consciousness in the early 80s, there was much speculation over the origin of the disease. Some of the theories were pretty far-fetched, and a few were downright crazy. Of those which were plausible, the most likely was a theory well documented in the book “The River” by Edward Hooper. His investigation of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) AIDS hypothesis focused upon the polio vaccine created by Dr Hilary Koprowski from the Wistar Laboratory.

    Of course this was highly controversial and Mr Hooper was mercilessly attacked by the medical grandees. It didn’t help that he wasn’t from a medical background with much of the attacks centered upon this by insinuating that he couldn’t possibly understand the scientific issues involved. A frantic worldwide search ensued by the medical grandees to find any confirmed proof of AIDS prior to the debut of the CHAT oral polio vaccine trials. None was found. A parallel search was also conducted to find and secure (and likely destroy) any ancient samples of the CHAT vaccine which could prove the hypothesis were they to be tested and be found to contain SIV (a monkey version of HIV) in them.

    The scientific and medical communities were of course horrified by the implications that while trying to eliminate one viral scourge tbey had inadvertently created another, and a plausible explanation for AIDS had to be created. In echoes of the origins of COVID-19, the origin was blamed upon natural crossover where a hunter of bushmeat was bitten by a chimp carrying SIV, or cut himself while butchering an animal and managed to get the animal’s blood into his own. A doctored and manipulated alleged rate of viral mutation was used to place the supposed patient zero back to well before 1900, thereby disproving the OPV hypothesis as well as implicating colonialism, deforestation, and hunting of bushmeat as contributors to the origin of AIDS.

    Undoubtedly Fauci and the other corrupt medical rentiers surrounding him are well aware of the episode and just how touch and go dodging that particular bullet was. And the lessons are plainly visible for those with eyes to see them in the current coverup of the origins of COVID-19.

    • One thing they are adept at is building on one theory to disprove another (any other). Practice. They get better as time goes. Gov’t doesn’t like sloppy coverups.

    • During the COVID histeria I red about AIDS, and watched the interview with Kary Mullis, and have come to the conclusion that the “biggest lie” is how deadly and dangerous AIDS is. I am from a generation that was “educated” 10 times a year at school about how dangerous sex is, and that right after the act we should run to hospital for a PCR test, and if we are infected by AIDS – it’s THE END!

      Government payed posters, flyers, TV Ads, Schools, and “traveling musicians” – they all preached how dangerous AIDS is.

      Souds familiar?? 😉

      If anything, even if “viruses don’t exist” (for all I care) – I consider COVID to be AIDS 2.0. At least on the “money making” and “marketing” side.

      PS: I don’t claim viruses don’t exist, just that I find that discussion irrelevant in this topic.

    • So, as with AIDS, Covid-19 was a deliberate formulation whose intended consequences were integral to the WEF/Global government agenda in that the reduction of the world’s population to manageable levels was a necessary aspect of the overall strategem. My Lord told me that there would be days like this, strange days indeed.

  2. There you have it, now it is the cover up of the cover up. Only one thing worse than a cover up….. an international cover up by scientists. Hmm, why’s that sound familiar?

  3. See me totally surprised NOT about the news about Drosten and the lab-leak- theory.
    When they denied it with such vehemency it was clear that there was something fishy.

    And in regards to COVID-19:
    I just found a certain type of news that you should be careful with.
    But it was made public on mainstream media.

    It is about the soothsayer Baba Vanga. According to this article
    She made 5 claims for 2023.
    And two of those claims COULD relate to COVID-19.
    1) a big country makes experiments with biological weapons that will kill hundred of thousands
    2) natural birth will be forbidden. Rulers of state and scientists will decide who will be born.

    1) could relate to the vaxx and 2) could relate to the fact that many women loose their babies and Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari and the NEW man .. or woman… or whatever. You know: Transhumanism, where you can change your sex just like changing the attachment to your screwdriver.

    So, the big question:
    Is this released to paint us as quacks (to be honest many of Baba Vangs phrophesies never came true) or is it to rub the truth into our noses?

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