Shootout in Horgoš

In Serbia, near the Hungarian border, a group of at least six hundred culture-enrichers got a little bit boisterous, and engaged in a round of intramural diversity that involved firearms. Serbian police, unlike their counterparts in the EU, acted decisively against the rambunctious youngsters.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating the German subtitles on this Serbian report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “We will not be a parking lot for migrants”
00:03   Over 600 migrants arrested after shooting at Hungarian border
00:07   More than 600 migrants were arrested on Friday
00:10   in the village of Horgoš, near the Serbian-Hungarian border,
00:14   after a shootout between two groups of migrants the night before.
00:24   Officials, including Serbian Interior Minister Bratislav Gašic, arrived at the site.
00:32   Police officers checked the detained migrants.
00:37   I spoke to the President of the Republic this morning, and we agreed on clear goals:
00:42   Each individual citizen must have guaranteed security throughout the territory.
00:49   In addition, their property must be protected from all types of crime,
00:53   also from those committed by illegal immigrants,
00:56   who take advantage of our hospitality and through their actions
00:59   caused the reaction we showed last night.
01:03   The Ministry of Internal Affairs together with other police units
01:06   took all necessary measures to close this area.
01:11   We encountered more than 600 illegal migrants;
01:14   certain individuals involved in last night’s shooting,
01:18   were identified and weapons were found.
01:21   We will not be a parking lot for migrants,
01:24   and rest assured that you can expect additional similar operations in the near future.
01:28   The Serbian police will be persistent in their actions.
01:31   At least one person was injured in the shooting.

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  2. The news here in the UK is that the most common boys name is now mohamad and Christianity is now a minority religion.
    No link between the millions of muslim immigrants to our country and these two matters of course.

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