Is the “Pandemic” Over? Maybe, Maybe Not

I thought the Great Corona Pandemic was so 2021. Didn’t everyone already get over it? Even President Biden said it was over!

The famous German virologist Christian Drosten, however, can’t make up his mind.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

What a realization: Drosten sees signs that the pandemic will end soon


One had already hoped that this worthy gentleman would finally have disappeared into the obscurity he deserved (or even better: been taken to court), and now he still speaks up and informs his audience of his superfluous wisdom:

The virologist Christian Drosten sees the rapid succession of the latest Corona waves as a sign that the pandemic will end soon. Whether next winter will be hard again depends on which Omicron variant of the virus prevails, he told the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. Two variants are about to start: BF.7 and BQ.1.1. “BF.7 would be the better case; this variant is very similar to BA.5, which a large part of the population is already immune to. Then there would be a gentle winter wave.” This wave would differ from all previous ones and would no longer be caused by a significant change in the virus: “It would then no longer be a pandemic wave,” said Drosten. “We would have arrived in the endemic state with BF.7.”

But the virologist is still hesitating, with good reason, to commit to his prognosis: “It would not be so clear with BQ.1.1, because there is additional immune escape here.” The virus can escape the immune system of those who are already infected or better, vaccinated. And, in fact, BQ.1.1 is catching up in several European countries.

“If it becomes dominant, winter could become difficult again.” In the short term, the virologist from the Berlin Charité does not believe that a significantly more dangerous variant of Sars-CoV-2 will occur. “At many points in its evolution, the virus cannot easily go back.”

However, the virologist does not want to completely rule out a possible scenario: “It would take a kind of revolution, through renewed massive spread somewhere in the world.” His current concern is China. “Immunity is distributed quite homogeneously worldwide, in industrialized countries through infection through vaccination, in poorer countries even through multiple infections of the population. In China, however, that is not the case. I wouldn’t rule out another leap happening there in terms of evolution.”

China as the source of all evil, even though they pull off the most brutal zero-Covid act. Who would have thought it?

Afterword from the translator:

It looks like that this so called “Scientist” doesn’t even know, that according to the German Government, Covid is no longer a concern.

Or that through the brutal “Zero Covid” policy, China’s population apparently has only a 12% herd immunity. I wonder why that could be? On the other hand, here we have one of the major contributors for the “Plandemic” through his specially “created” PCR test. I wonder by how much his offshore accounts have risen?

Needless to say, here is one of the players whose head I’d really would like to see gracing a spike at the Brandenburg Gate. Now, that would be a sight to behold.

4 thoughts on “Is the “Pandemic” Over? Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. While the translator wants to see the head of Mr Drosten on a spike I prefer another solution.

    Imagine two rows of gallows leading to the parliament. Those closest to the building are in use. Drosten, Lauterbach, Spahn are seen dangling at the end of a rope.
    And you ahve to walk between those two lines to reach parliament.

    The implication should be clear: Harm Germany and the german people and this will be your fate, too.

  2. I cannot believe that Androsten said that some immunity was coming from the vaccination . There is no vaccination for Covid and never was. The only shot was an mRNA shot.

  3. Should the pandemic be ending, then the question arises : what is next to keep the populace in shock and awe? But the NWO masterminds will be inventive enough. I am seriously wondering: climate change? Come on.. Russian army crossing the Bering Straight…. Kim Jon Ung lancing nukes to Hawaii? You see, I am not up to join that crew.

    • It will be climate change.
      On Facebook I am flooded with “Go Vegan! Protect the enviroment” etc.

      Russia is second.

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