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There is a serious discrepancy between the asylum figures put out by the German Interior Ministry and the much higher numbers reported by the Federal Police. The big question is whether the difference is due to official incompetence, or to deliberate falsification on the part of the Interior Ministry.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Allegations by the Federal Police

Is Interior Minister Faeser falsifying the asylum numbers?


Serious allegations against Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD): She is said to have massively falsified the number of “refugees” coming to Germany since the beginning of the year. Beginning in January, the Federal Police registered 101,900 foreigners who had entered the country illegally in just four departments. The politician, on the other hand, speaks of only 57,647 — a difference of 77%.

Even more serious: The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has counted 154,557 people who have applied for asylum since the beginning of the year. That is even 2.7 times more than the Ministry of the Interior reports in its internal “Migration Analysis Report”.

Faeser was recently criticized for not providing the Federal Police with the “Migration Analysis Report” for October. The numbers only go up to September. It is speculated that they have jumped again in the past month.

If the Faeser figures are correct, the calls for help from the towns and communities, which see themselves at the end of their strength, would be unjustified. The Federal Police statistics refer to the Berlin, Munich, Pirna and Stuttgart subdivisions. In fact, the numbers are likely to be much higher. Neighboring countries also fear a new 2015.

Faeser defends her numbers

Federal police union boss Heiko Teggatz told the Bild newspaper, which first reported on the case, that the much higher figures from the Federal Police “reflected exactly what my colleagues have been telling me for months”. He calls for stationary border controls. Then one could reject asylum seekers who have made an application in another country “directly at the border”.

Faeser only counts those immigrants who are apprehended near the border. Her ministry is not aware of any guilt. Rather, it assumes the possibility that the Federal Police will make duplicate entries. However, this would not explain the difference with the BAMF figures.

Afterword from the translator:

As the British statesman Winston Churchill once said: “I don’t trust any statistic I haven’t falsified myself.”

In Germany, it is considered good manners that statistics detrimental to politicians are generally pimped up so that they are benevolent for the political work of the Government. This is not just the case today; this is normal and has been practiced in this way for decades, and not just in Germany. Do not trust figures published by ANY government or related agencies. One of the best examples is the unemployment figures, or Covid-19 vaccine injury numbers.

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