12 thoughts on “Fettermania

  1. A perfect reflection of the imbeciles who voted for him.

    Covered in tats, obese, poorly dressed, and dumb as a box of rocks even before his stroke. If that isn’t an indication of just how low our civilization has fallen then I don’t know what is.

    • You don’t get it. They didn’t vote for him! Votes were harvested by the Democrat crime machine. Mail in votes from the dead, from people who have left the state, from people who never existed. It’s so simple for them to do, and there is no chance of any punishment.

      • Granted there was fraud and the traditional graveyard vote. However, a vast number of the those votes were from real people, and those people are ignoramuses. A saunter through any Walmart would show you that a voting system that depends upon educated voters is doomed to failure.

        • Yes, that’s the dispiriting thing about all this. The fraud is just a means to add votes at the margin. The PTB can depend on 40%+ for anybody with a “D” next to their name, even an obvious imbecile. In most cases it only takes a little push to put the candidate over the top, so just a modest amount of fakery is required.

          It’s the same in Europe. No matter how disastrous their policies are, in every election the Social Democrats in alliance with the Greens get, at the very least, just under 50% of the vote.

          • And that’s why I don’t think this can be resolved peacefully. The few options remaining which don’t involve surrender are reducing the numbers of opposing voters, directly seizing power, or secession. Nothing which can be fixed by trying to vote our way out of the situation.

      • *Conspiracy Warning* aka Moments of Opportunity
        With all of the additional deaths for unknown causes and presumed deaths of the elderly who may be more conservative, there is a whole “crop” of deceased persons who may begin voting democrat. With some races so close, it could make a difference. I am going to tie this to something else as an opportunity for some. A few months ago Lara Logan was reporting on a UN contact that basically said we don’t protect our borders so the foreign population gets large enough we all merge into a N American union. You can marginally move that along if more people die. You can also decrease social security payouts.

  2. This is intentional mockery and humiliation. A message by the globalist mafia to the voters that “we have screwed your system up and we can do anything to you because you are now powerless”.

  3. May the drunken hobo style be with you.
    How soon will wifey have the spot?
    A vote for Mr. Ed as a write-in?
    Yes we can!

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