It’s Gone Beyond Gaslighting

Last week President Joe Biden gave a speech in which he warned Americans that democracy was at stake in the midterm elections. He implied that people who voted for Republican candidates would be enemies of democracy. Furthermore, any conspiracy theorist who questioned the election results would be a danger to the country, and possibly a seditious domestic insurrectionist.

In light of the above, and with the wellbeing of our great democracy in mind, I’m happy to report that John Fetterman defeated Mehmet Oz in the senatorial contest in Pennsylvania. Mr. Fetterman is an eloquent, accomplished statesman.

I can think of no one who is better qualified than John Fetterman to represent the great state of Pennsylvania in the hallowed halls of the Capitol in Washington D.C.

OK. With any kind of luck the DHS proctors won’t have read this far into my post, so I can now speak my mind.

In case you’ve been vacationing in the Asteroid Belt these past few months: John Fetterman was running against Dr. Oz for a Pennsylvania seat in the U.S. Senate. After the campaign got underway, Mr. Fetterman had a stroke, and disappeared from public view for a while. When he returned, he had obviously suffered cognitive damage as a result of the stroke. It was difficult for him to understand speech, and he had trouble speaking coherently. He tended to spout gibberish worse than anything uttered by Joe Biden. In his single debate with Dr. Oz, his performance was appalling.

Bearing all this in mind, I think the senatorial election in Pennsylvania was the most important contest of the midterm elections.

Why do I say that?

A quote from Theodore Dalrymple is apropos:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Anyone who is forced to accept the farcical results from Pennsylvania is being grievously humiliated. Some people may really believe that the vote in the Keystone State was truly free and aboveboard, and that John Fetterman won fair and square (the gents at Power Line may fall into that category; I’m not sure). But most know they have been had.

Anyone who has any significant political profile, however, will be disinclined to express his opinion in public; otherwise he might draw the attention of Homeland Security, and be summoned to sweat through an interview with a couple of FBI agents in a claustrophobic little room.

For all dissidents in the political class, this is total humiliation. They will feel compelled to affirm that the Lie is true.

With that as a preface: late last night Vlad and I had a conversation on Skype about the election (he has already posted about it here). Below is our exchange. It’s not verbatim — I tidied it up and removed extraneous material — but it preserves the essence of what we said:

Baron:     Fetterman is running in Pennsylvania, where one of the best vote fraud machines is in place, mostly in greater Philadelphia. Making Fetterman win would be like the obvious Lie, the biggest lie of all. Humiliation for everyone.
Vlad:     Yes, much like Biden.
Baron:     Yes, but even worse. So I say: Watch for Fetterman to win. I think it helps that many Republican voters can’t really get it up for [Mehmet] Oz.

The new slogan will be: “The Democrat machine can elect a ham sandwich.”

An addendum: the Democrats can usually get close to 50% of the vote, no matter how corrupt and commie their candidates are. If a ham sandwich ran, it would get at least 40% as long is it had a “D” next to it on the ballot.

Vlad:     True.
Baron:     I think there will be a big push to try to get Fetterman over the top in PA. I don’t know if they can manage it. But the idea is to have an absurd electoral result that no one is allowed to question. Republican public officials will be backed into a corner, and will have to say that Fetterman won fair and square. Like having their noses rubbed in s***.

But I don’t know if they can find enough spare ballots to pull that one off.

Vlad:     Looks like Americans decided to paint the country red.
Baron:     Ah, just wait until they find all those boxes in the broom closets and tool sheds. 10,000 mail-in votes from the same street address in Philly.

Which is exactly what happened. By the time I woke up this morning, the great Republican tsunami had turned into a little ripple in the bathtub.

The exception, of course, was Florida. But that was a planned exception.

Florida is allowed to be a dissident state, because Ron DeSantis is being set up by the power brokers in the Republican machine to be the alternative to Donald Trump in 2024, in order to make sure that the MAGA movement is effectively gelded. It’s a similar process to what was done to the Tea Party ten or twelve years ago.

It’s important to remember that the modern Republican Party, backed by Wall Street and global Capital, is not designed to be an alternative to Democrat rule. It’s intended to complement it, to provide voters with the illusion that they have a choice, and thus siphon off the votes of people who might otherwise coalesce into a force for true dissent.

From the Deep State’s point of view, having one state that is relatively free and unfettered (pun intended) is a small price to pay for keeping the rest of the country in lockstep with the globalist agenda, and ripe for Build Back Better.

39 thoughts on “It’s Gone Beyond Gaslighting

  1. In a Trump versus DeSantis primary race, a lot of former Trump supporters simply are not going to grant him amnesty for his continued support of the “vaccines.” There is also the Jared Kushner problem.

    • Related the Kushner problem – Trump spent his last days in office pardoning Jewish mobsters and left the J6 protesters in the gulag to rot. I’ll never trust or vote for him again.

      • well, the J6 patriots werent charged with Federal crimes that he could pardon. So theres that…

  2. Well you could also attribute it to the success of the educational system in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania teachers are enjoying their success in setting equity in mental capacity. But to be truly equitable, everyone must have a stroke, and they can with the right vaccination.

  3. May all the candidates be particularly clowny.
    Honking horns and rainbow wigs with size 20 pointy shoes.
    Hopefully the people of Wal-Mart will run for office and win.

  4. This isn’t going to be fixed until a sea of blood is shed. Those who still think its possible to vote harder after yesterday’s farce are also irredeemably naive and of little use as allies for what will need to be done.

    • Don’t forget that President Biden threatened using F15’s and nuclear bombs in response to political difficulties. Unlike the USSR which fell without nuking its own people.

      • That is the threat of an imbecile who doesn’t know the first thing about the limits of force projection from fifteen thousand feet or the futility of trying to swat ants with sledgehammers.

        If it was that simple we would have conquered Afghanistan and Iraq with ease.

    • Sorry The Moon, but if 2/3 of milleniuns and generation Z are democrats, it will be a lost war to your side.

      • They’re also concentrated in cities which deprived of power, water, and unceasing deliveries of food would become death traps.

        One cannot just compromise with evil. If government was so weak that it had no power to corrupt your children in its schools, no jack booted thugs to enforce its restrictions on firearms, no pencil-necked paper pushers in office buildings poring over your financial records so they could confiscate your hard earned money, no eager collaborators amongst payment processors, banking industry, news media and social media looking to banish you from society for opinions counter to their narratives then they would have no power over you and could be ignored with impunity. Beseeching them to not persecute you as hard, or trying to vote moar harder in a rigged game that they built and control completely is not a winning strategy.

        It matter not how many there are; they have vulnerabilities and the biggest amongst these is lack of conviction to put their own lives on the line to force their world upon those of us who decide to fight back using the only tool remaining to us after having exhausted the soapbox and the ballot box. They do their acts against us from the safety and anonymity of offices and computer screens while the shock troops who are their enforcers are far too few in number to effectively deal with an adversary willing to take the fight to them and their families. Bog knows that if there is anything that can be learned from recent US military adventurism is that it is impossible to impose one’s will upon peoples who do not want it unless you are willing to kill them all.

  5. Dalrymple’s quote is correct; it must be noted that his observations were mad during the era of absolute power of the communistic societies he was looking at. This power has existed in the past. Most famously, an Emperor of ancient China gave rise to the “point deer, make horse” quip. All those agreeing became evil as well.

  6. Anyone want in on the dead pool to see how long Fetterman lasts before the big one knocks him out?

    • No one from the uniparty seriously expects that walking vegetable to actually serve out his term. He’s just there until after inauguration at which point he’ll announce his retirement due to being a vegetable and the real choice of the uniparty will be installed in his place.

        • Rumors have his wife will be appointed. Is she still a Brazilian citizen? Does that make any difference?

      • You just have to wonder how much money sub rosa is being paid out for this bloody farce? But yes, you are correct about Fetterman not serving his term out though, I wonder who the chosen one is?

  7. “DeSantis is being set up by the power brokers in the Republican machine to be the alternative to Donald Trump in 2024, in order to make sure that the MAGA movement is effectively gelded.”

    — Very plausible. I noticed that he is MIMICKING Trump — which means he is stealing Trump’s personal powers with an underhanded psychological weapon.

    Yes, he is obviously a trumpernative or a trumpersonator.

    This is an apparent impostor strategy.

    Which is all the more painful because Trump himself seems to be controlled opposition of the NWO in the first place, or at least has been kept in political quarantine…

  8. I learned now that Trump nicknamed DeSantis ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’.

    That means Trump is aware of DeSantis’ impostor strategy and is trying to get his stolen energy back.

    And both of them must be aware of the fact that their competition within the party is against the interest of America and the cause of liberty.

    We are watching a puppet show — and we are being set up.

    Divide et Impera.

    The only winner here is the Schwab mafia.

  9. I woudn’t claim that Britain’s parliamentary democracy is perfect (we have an unelected upper house!), but our elections, for local and national government, are supervised by a non-partisan, independent organisation called the “Electoral Reform Society”. One is given a paper with the names, and party affiliations, of the candidates, ticks the box(es) pertaining to their choice and puts it in the ballot box. (Unlike Sweden, say, where you have to ask for a slip with your preference pre-printed.)

    Our civil servants are presumed to be impartial, which avoids the inefficiency involved replacing them when the Government changes, and there is no partisanship (apart from belonging to the Funny Handshakes Lodge?) in the appointment of judges.

    I wouldn’t presume (well, not much) to advise Americans how to organise themselves, but in these increasingly (and dangerously) polarised and mistrustful times, maybe it’s time to adopt some of the practices of the home of the Mother of Parliaments?

    • Given what happened recently to Liz Truss, I do not think that the UK is much of a model democracy either. I realize that was a race for party leader, and not a general election. Still, if corrupt parties serving the globslist agenda are controlling the public agenda,then votes don’t matter much anyway.

      • Many people in the UK feel the same way, but ours is not a presidential system. Truss fell, at least in part, because she had no mandate for a radical lurch to the right, which was not part of her party’s programme when they were elected in 2019, led by Boris Johnson, whose principal appeal (?) seems to have been not to have any principles.

        He won because Labour Party activists had elected a radical socialist, Jeremy Corbyn, as leader, just as Conservative activists elected Truss, which would surely have lost the Conservatives the next election had she still been leader.

        It may seem undemocratic, but I suspect that having only MPs, who understand the realities, elect the leader is more likely to bring electoral success. We British, on the whole, are a moderate people, uncomfortable with extremes, so a party which is plainly of the centre left/right (eg Tony Blair’s “New Labour”) is more likely to attain power, and at least get a moderate agenda approved.

        • “Truss fell, at least in part, because she had no mandate for a radical lurch to the right,”

          No, her proposals were cautious and moderate, to head off the coming recession brought on by Sunak and the Treasury putting up tax after shutting down the economy for two and half years, and creating double digit inflation by printing money and holding down interest rates – just as the FED and the ECB did, but not the Japanese or Swiss. She proposed to cut income tax by a penny and the upper rate of 45p by 5p. This was still way above the American rate and started way below in the income scale. so biden had quite some brass neck in criticising it. Also, not to proceed with Sunak’s tax rises in corporation tax from 19% to 25% or with NICs increases. Also, to reinstate bankers’ bonuses which the EU had removed. (That was nothing to do with Government, not a tax, so only something as dictatorial as the EU could ahve thought of it).

          Her huge package to subsidise gas bills was pure socialism and what enabled them to bring her down, while pretending it was those negligible little tax cuts. No-one intelligent goes into a downturn putting up tax.

          Curiously, the markets didn’t mind 3 trillion pounds worth of Net Zero, or half a trillion pounds worth of furlough etc, or open-ended commitment to the Ukraine and the Channel invasion, or 2 billion a month on free tests. It was just that top rate of tax which might have cost £2 billion or brought in an extra billion or so.

          Now, as a consequence of the coup d’etat in which the Bank of England and the Treasury played a large part (details for another time) we face the Sunak Slump. Aim: to make us so poor we beg to go back in the EU.

          The 2019 election was not won because Corbyn was left wing. Remember, he very nearly won the 2017 election and was very popualar with all classes and ages, hard to dislike, and civilized in manner. He came a cropper in the 2019 election because he allowed the anti democrats in his party to campaign on reversing the EU referendum, as did the Liberals, who were more or less wiped out.

          • If Truss’ proposals were “cautious and moderate”, why did the markets react so badly?

            Re your last para, I vote either Liberal Democrat or Labour, but not Labour when Corbyn led. I doubt I’m the only one.

          • Answer to Mark H:

            The markets reacted to the Governor of the Bank of England putting up interest rates by half, the day before the growth statement, when everyone expected three quarters. This set off a flight from the pound as the Fed was raising rates aggressively. [The Fed was also causing a flight from the yen and the euro.] In the days after the growth statement, the Governor, Mr Bailey, dumped bonds on the market no-one wanted. This jeopardised the Pension Funds he had failed to regulate in his previous position. They had for years been borrowing to invest, which should not have been allowed, and higher interest rates exposed them. Then he pretended to ride to their rescue by buying back bonds at a high price. This will cost us £11 billion. Finally, he announced he would stop doing this by the Friday. He might as well have tweeted:
            Dear PM,
            You will be gone by Friday.
            Yours, a well wisher.

            And she was.

            In the midst of this, traders here and in the Far East scented political blood and jumped in to short the pound. They jumped back out again as soon as they’d made their profits and the pound went higher than it was before. [So the opposition had to stop saying the Government had crashed the pound and started saying instead the Government had crashed the economy – which it hadn’t.]

            The Sunak tribe in the Conservative Party, led by Gove, had started talking about borrowing to cut tax, and unfunded tax cuts. They too scented blood, but more so. No-one mentioned the big gas package which was a genuine worry, because it was for two years. On the other hand, gas prices were already coming down then, so it was possible it might not be needed: it was all tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.

            The mystery for me is why the Conservative Party refused to defend a 40p top rate which had pertained throughout the Blair /Brown years, and yet thought it could defend the Sunaks and Infosys.

            What were Bailey’s motives? Many people were urging her to sack him for being NBG. The Chancellor had already sacked his creator, the Brownite Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, Sir Tom Scholar. Maybe he thought he would get rid of that administration before it got rid of him.

            On the Growth Statement itself, we were told the OBR should have been consulted and the fact that it wasn’t, spooked the markets. Many people know the OBR is consistently wrong in its forecasts and can do much damage to the country by advising a Chancellor to put up tax and cut spending when it isn’t necessary. There was also the problem it may have leaked and caused trouble, through being politically active. As it was, its friends and relations did that anyway.

            In the absence of OBR paperwork, the Treasury should have rowed in behind the Chancellor and provided the necessary, but this was Gordon Brown’s Treasury and it wasn’t going to do that.

            Can you think of another country where the central bank has viciously attacked its own government on behalf of foreign powers? Or where the Treasury has refused to back its own Chancellor? Brexit Derangement Syndrome has corrupted the Civil Service, as well as many other bodies in Britain.

      • The double coup d’etat which brought the Sunak regime to power is the most shocking and sinister thing to have happened in British democracy. Up until then one had thought nothing could surpass the six year long sabotage of the Brexit vote, the biggest vote in our history, by Parliament, the Civil Service, and the Judges.

        November 2020 was equally shocking and sinister. How can these things be happening?

        • Too bad King Chuck doesn’t have the nuts to march the army on Parliament and hang the bloody lot of them including the bankers, for a start.

    • I understand where you are coming from with regards to your suggestions but the problems with American elections are far more complicated than that.

      There is a deep mistrust of election results for a variety of reasons. Impartial poll watchers or a lack thereof is only a small part of mistrust. Each state controls its own elections with the result that a state that has long been under the control of one party tends to manipulate election procedures to its own advantage and subsequent wins by the opposite party are not usually enough to overcome the accretion of procedures which benefits the prior party. This includes redistricting of districts, balloting procedures including absentee ballots, purging of voter rolls of dead people and those who no longer reside in the district, and voter verification procedures.

      One of the biggest sources of mistrust of American elections in my opinion is the use of electronic vote counting machines which have proprietary source code that’s unavailable for inspection, and is alleged to be possible to manipulate through algorithms or wireless vote stuffing. This is something new, and makes all such vote results suspect, especially since both political parties conspire along with the collusion of the courts to squash any attempt to determine if there was indeed fraud. And this is on top of the usual traditional vote fraud such as multiple voting by the same person in multiple jurisdictions, vote by mail fraud with the nursing home vote, illegal alien vote, and graveyard vote, ballot harvesting, and mysteriously discovered boxes full of Democrat ballots days and weeks after an election where the result always favors the Democrats.

      If I was in charge of American elections I would fix this mess by allowing voting only in person on the day of the election with no exceptions whatsoever, even for deployed military or travelers. Voter identification would be mandatory, and the digit marked with indelible ink upon voting, ballots would be paper and pencil and fed into optical scanners and at no time would results be placed upon computers or transmitted over the internet. Vote counting would be completed by midnight, and votes discovered afterwards would be discarded and not counted. Voting Day would also be a national holiday and employers required by law to give their employees as much time as needed to vote. In my opinion, these changes would deal with the majority of the complaints regarding the trustworthiness of American elections.

      • Yes and yes….Moon you have echoed my thoughts succinctly and directly! It would be a pleasure to sit with you around a campfire on a cool autumn evening and share a libation while sorting out this conundrum we find ourselves in. Of course, windage, elevation, and velocity would factor into our conversation!
        Take care and Godspeed! To quote Del Gue…”keep your nose in the wind and your eyes on the sky line”….

        • Hear, hear!

          I prefer dark rum or whiskey, particularly Buffalo Trace, although I am very fond of a well-made martini!

          And yes, there are very few political problems in this country today that wouldn’t be solvable through a thorough application of the principles of external ballistics.

          • I’m only an amateur nutritionist, but it strikes me that a large number of people in this country suffer from a lead deficiency.

      • “I would fix this mess by allowing voting only in person on the day of the election with no exceptions whatsoever, even for deployed military or travelers. Voter identification would be mandatory, and the digit marked with indelible ink upon voting, ballots would be paper and pencil ”

        Surely we would have to exempt serving soldiers and the bedridden? Otherwise we should all do as the French do, vote as you say with pencil and paper, in person, on the day, under the eye of election officials.

        No hanky panky from machines of any kind. The votes must be counted, under the eyes of the candidates and their helpers, by hand.

        • Yes, I meant it explicitly. Vote in person or it doesn’t count. No exceptions. Otherwise it’s opening an avenue for potential fraud.

          I was in the military for many years, and a feature of military service is that one is allowed to keep one’s home state as their state of residence even if they are based in a completely different state. An unscrupulous soldier, of which I have firsthand knowledge of their existence, could potentially request an absentee ballot from their claimed state of residence while voting in the local precinct where they are stationed. Also, a political operative could request absentee ballots for the service member and potentially cast them in that service member’s home state. Too many games can be played to allow this exception. If a soldier really cares about voting then they can change their state of residence to vote in the local election. As for deployments and bedridden, hospitalized, etc., well there are members of both parties in all of those groups. No particular party is harmed by these groups not voting.

    • “a non-partisan, independent organisation called the “Electoral Reform Society”. ”

      This body is a byword for partisanship and abuse of its influence. It seeks to change the voting system to fit the agenda of the least popular party.

      Perhaps you are thinking of the Electoral Commission, a quango which is also a byword for partisanship.

      During the EU Parliamentary elections it tried to damage the Brexit Party by raiding its offices during the campaign, something unprecedented. Despite the huge publicity laid on for the raid by the BBC et al, the public blew a raspberry at the Commission and the Brexit Party swept the board. When there is clear evidence of postal ballot tampering in Labour constituencies, the EC looks the other way.

      Most quangos set up by the Blair Brown regime are heavily compromised by having been politicised.

      • No, I meant the ERS. One can be in favour of proportional representation irrespective of party affiliations.

      • The Blair/Brown regime was culturally Marxist, See Peter Hitchens articles in The Spectator and the Daily Mail. They explain a lot.

  10. VERY disappointing article. It misses the one truly important thing that happened Tuesday–the exit poll results.

    And FOR THE RECORD–okay?–I never thought or said or believed that there would be a red wave. The only people who thought that thought it b/c they co not know the country; b/c they are completely out of touch with real America.

    I also do not think the results were stolen. The results are an accurate reflection of the (not “our”) country.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    54% of respondents to the exit polls–voters ALL–said that we should abandon fossil fuels and do more with “alternative” energy.

    THAT is the important thing from Tuesday.

    On Monday–the day before the voting–Biden told the world that he is going to shut down all the coal mines, and Pennsylvania voted for that. Yes, they did.

    Ten years from now, the USA will not be on maps. The country has already broken apart–and not for the first time, b/c it is not and never was a *real* country anyway–but new lines have not yet been drawn on maps. And when new lines ARE drawn, it will be done with the semi-sharp end of a burnt stick, most likely on the wall of a subway tunnel or the wall of an abandoned bank building in one of our abandoned cities. The population bottleneck will have killed off millions, and cities will be abandoned b/c there won’t be enough electricity and there is not likely to be ANYTHING made from petroleum.

    THAT is the meaning of Tuesday.

  11. I see that you use Skype. Here’s a couple of alternatives that amount to Skype without Skype, Zoom without Zoom, et al. They are fully encrypted and peer to peer, so no third parties to trust. You can message, video conference, and file share. Impervious is also a browser.


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