The Caravan of Light Arrives in Austria

It seems that the first wave of the much-heralded “Caravn of Light” from Turkey has arrived at the border between Hungary and the Austrian state of Burgenland.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung:

Dramatic Situation

Illegals overrun the border in Deutschkreutz

Despite the storm, rain and cold, more than 100 migrants were caught in Deutschkreutz during the night and on Tuesday. The situation onsite is so dramatic that many people no longer dare to leave their houses alone.

The stream of illegal migrants to Burgenland has not stopped. According to the State Police Headquarters, an average of 400 strangers are apprehended at the Hungarian-Burgenland border every day. On Tuesday, that number is likely to be even higher, because in Deutschkreutz alone there was a veritable rush of illegal migrants from Syria, India, Turkey and Afghanistan. The police and army were in constant operation and could hardly keep up with the arrest of the strangers. While law enforcement officers were still searching a group for weapons and dangerous objects, their Hungarian colleagues reported the next illegal border crossers. And while the soldiers were waiting for these men to arrive, they saw another group of people marching across the fields towards Deutschkreutz.

“The situation is already unbearable. Women and families no longer dare to leave their homes in the evening.” — Mayor Andreas Kacsits to Krone

Forged IDs or no papers at all

Some of the strangers did not comply with the request to immediately stop and fled, whereupon police officers and soldiers had to give chase. According to the Krone’s count, more than 100 people were arrested between midnight and early afternoon in Deutschkreutz alone. Some had no papers with them at all; some had obviously fake IDs.

Those apprehended were almost exclusively young men. During local inspection by the Krone, there was only one family — father, mother and two small children — who came from Turkey.

“I used to go jogging between the fields behind the church. I don’t dare to do that anymore and I know many women who feel the same way.” — A citizen to Krone

Within the community itself, anger at the failure of politics is mounting. “I don’t even dare to let my children play in the garden anymore,” says one young mother. The insecurity among the population is great; many are afraid that there could be attacks or harassment. Both Mayor Andreas Kacsits (ÖVP [Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party]) and his challengers Manfred Kölly (LBL [Liste Burgenland, List Burgenland]) and Jürgen Hofer (SPÖ [Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs, Social Democratic Party of Austria]) are unanimously calling for effective border protection and the deportation of rejected asylum seekers.

Afterword from the translator:

The puppeticians that have been placed by the puppet-masters over the serfs will not stop until the last European has been driven out of their homes or take the law into their own hands out of desperation, so that the might of the “LAW” can come down on them unabated and brutal. They are pushing for it, otherwise these borders would be closed and NO payments, food or free housing would be given to the invaders. Because that’s what they are: they come to conquer, and are succeeding with the massive help of the traitor class. A class that demands that Europeans pay for their own killers. What they offer the populace is death by beheading, death by hanging, death by firing squad or death by the needle — take your pick, but it’s always DEATH.

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  1. That’s alot of migrants. I don’t understand where they are coming from. Are they being trafficked thru Hungary? How are they getting into and through Hungary? And if the Hungarian police are reporting ‘the next border crossers’ to the Austrians, why aren’t they stopping them?

  2. The UN should issue everyone a minimum basic income and end this madness. The only reason people migrate is for a higher standard of life. It’s Anglo moralizing and posturing and their retarded concept of human worth that is the main problem

  3. All it takes is a policeman or soldier to open fire and let the hell break lose where we can finally get these savages of the 3rd world out of our western countries. If that makes me a monster? So bloody be it!

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