Let ’Em In!

The German governing coalition, especially the Greens, are determined to shoehorn as many Afghan “refugees” as possible into the country’s already overburdened asylum system.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Afghanistan: Baerbock and Faeser agree on admission program

After lengthy negotiations, the federal government has launched an admission program for “particularly endangered” Afghans. Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) and Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) announced on Monday in Berlin that the plan is to take in around 1,000 Afghans and their family members each month. [I take it that endangered German women don’t count here? Silly me, they are after all on the globalist extermination list.]

The target group are Afghan nationals in Afghanistan who have “particularly exposed” themselves through their commitment to women’s and human rights or through their work in the areas of justice, politics, media, education, culture, sport or science and are therefore “individually at risk”. [Lucky for me I had already swallowed my beer, otherwise I’d need a new keyboard.]

Persons who “because of their gender, their sexual orientation or gender identity or their religion” experience or have experienced specific violence or persecution resulting from the “special circumstances of the individual case” and are therefore “concretely and individually endangered” are also included target group.

Also included are exposed representatives of religious groups/communities. [Will they be glad to hear the call of the muezzin in Germany now, just like at home.] Only people residing in Afghanistan are eligible for the program. “Suitable persons” must be proposed by “authorized bodies”. These are determined by the federal government. Civil society organizations can also do this.

At the beginning of the program, the focus should initially be on people about whom the participating agencies already have information, according to the ministries. The intention is to create opportunities for new enrollments “at a later stage” of the program.

In the end, the federal government makes the selection decision on the basis of the proposals submitted and the specified selection criteria. Selection decisions should be made at “regular intervals” based on the current database. However, the bodies authorized to register should be able to make suggestions on an ongoing basis.

When considering family members, a family definition is used that is “adapted to the reality of life on-site,” it said. The exact schedule for the implementation of the program was initially unclear. This should be done “quickly,” they said. In the start-up phase of the new program, the admission of already-known cases should continue according to the previously applicable criteria.

Afterword from the translator:

With an Afghan population of roughly 40 million. And now they want to take in 1,000 per month, with the family obviously soon to follow. The average Afghan family is between seven and eight people. That means that roughly 80,000 to 100,000 Afghans will be allowed to enter Germany annually, and the German government will have to build a new city every year. With Germany roughly 138,000 square miles and already 80+ Million inhabitants, and Afghanistan almost double in size… WHAT CAN GO POSSIBLY WRONG? and what about the environment and habitat that needs to be destroyed to build these cities? These Greens are really “Green”, aren’t they?

16 thoughts on “Let ’Em In!

  1. The greenies will ripen up nicely with some cultural enrichment and may they get it good and hard.
    How will Germanistan take care of the influx with no energy to power the economy?
    Under Satan’s Authority is $31 trillion in debt and won’t be able to help while defending the 51st state Ukraine.
    Don’t be anxious, be of good cheer and accelerationist isn’t a dirty word.

    • Take away reality and get defeated by other means. Mind boggling. Jesus the average leeching Afghan’s eyes must be watering at all those naked undefended non resistant kafirs. Who the hell is running this mess anymore.

  2. “Family re-unification” is an emotive term that effectively discourages scrutiny. Note the experience of the Irish Republic: the AVERAGE number applied for is 20.

  3. If they at least had the honesty to admit what the root cause for these people’s persecution is, namely core Islamic scripture and belief. If we then could further assume that indeed only those who find themselves at the wrong end of these beliefs are invited and not their tormentors along with masses of opportunists, then our angel-faced politicians here would actually be doing what they say they do. Sadly, reality could not be further away from that. And you’re called all the names of human garbage for criticising this hypocrisy.

    • “Nobody rides free” does not apply to slave traders. The screens, “after all we did for you!”

  4. When the food stocks are exhausted, all according to plan, this monstrous army of military aged Moslem fanatics (Afghan branch) will turn on the German population like locusts. Millions of Germans will be exterminated.

    • But all the 3rd worlders will get the ultimate solution. When the military takes over, nobody is going care about 3rd worlders or how the job gets done, and there is nothing better than Teutonic Efficiency.

      • European militaries will be able to do nothing whether they have the will to or not. Almost all of their weapons (which were never plentiful to begin with) were sent to the NATO proxy war and destroyed by the Russians.

        If Europe is to be saved from itself someday, it will probably be at the hands of those same russians.

        • Au contraire Moon, the German military has what it needs, the Generals have been very smart at squirreling away equipment and weapons for the rainy day they all know is coming. As a matter of fact, Rheinmetall, FN, H&K and other military suppliers are going 24/7 with expanded lines pushing out all sorts of goodies and have been since before the Russians invaded Ukraine, so the military/industrial complex of Europe is preparing for what is coming and that is internal strife, not expansion outside their borders. That does not include the equipment and weapons in storage depots all over Germany as well which haven’t been broken into to use in Ukraine.

  5. I can’t wait until winter begins and the starvations and freezing in large numbers happens, the Germans will see these 3rd worlders nice and warm, and fed all from their tax money. Nothing makes a man hate better than when the privations begin with a empty belly, then what happens next is a horror that none of these greens and WEF types could have possibly anticipated. They will all wonder why the natives turned on them because after all, it was for the good of all peoples that they did what they did.

  6. Civilization is but a thin veil. Both savagery and the response to it are always within.

  7. Why don’t the German govt just evacuate all actual German citizens to Afghanistan, surely that would be more helpful. Then the Germans in Afghanistan can remake it in their image and let the EU/ fourth Reich get on with their Afghans in Germany. ////s

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