“Since it Doesn’t Prevent Contagion, What Was the Vax For?”

Matteo Bassetti is an Italian virologist who has been a vigorous proponent of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Back during the height of the vax fad he promoted the jab, and deprecated all alternative treatments.

He is also notorious for participating in a musical video last December in which he and two other pro-vax celebrities sang a little ditty called “Yes, yes vax” (Sì, sì vax) to the tune of “Jingle Bells”.

The following video features demonstrators who protested at one of Dr. Bassetti’s recent public appearances. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   No, I won’t go out!
00:21   You murderer!
00:25   Shame on you, murderer! We still remember you; we didn’t forget you.
00:37   Shame on you!
00:40   Dr. Bassetti, how do you respond to that?
00:43   I will not respond at all.
00:46   The best response is all these people here.
00:49   Can you see them? They are all here to say “no” to the people out there.
00:53   That’s the best response. I have come on my own behalf
00:57   with some friends of mine, to “welcome” Dr. Bassetti,
01:00   who is probably having a hard time, right now.
01:04   Especially after Pfizer’s latest public statement made at the European Parliament, right?
01:09   We would like to ask Dr. Bassetti how come he used to say
01:15   that preventive medicine, early treatments were to be avoided.
01:21   Whereas recently he declared that he has been using aspirin for two years,
01:25   which as you guys know, it’s a common anti-inflammatory drug.
01:29   Hence our sign saying “The Aspirin of the Lambs”.
01:32   Because who knows how many innocent people could have been saved thanks to aspirin?
01:37   Which he did use, while telling others not to use it. While telling family doctors not to use it.
01:41   So we have come to remind him of this, to ask him this question.
01:44   Whether he will answer or not, I don’t know.
01:48   We will be waiting impatiently. What else can we say?
01:51   I recall when Dr. Bassetti used to shout at Dr. Amici:
01:55   “How do you know that this vaccine is ineffective?”
01:58   Well, today we know it is ineffective, because Pfizer told us so.
02:03   So, what I am wondering is: Since we have ascertained
02:08   it doesn’t prevent contagion, what was this vaccine for?
02:13   We can get some insight. But as you know,
02:16   this makes us “conspiracy theorists”, and we will stay that way.
02:19   I guess the insight about a conspiracy will start to be taken seriously soon enough.

5 thoughts on ““Since it Doesn’t Prevent Contagion, What Was the Vax For?”

  1. Depopulation using 5G and protein spike damage, ushering in the CBDC and the global Soviet control grid matrix.
    Manboons will outsmart himself and the inbred “elite” maggots will do themselves in with the release of the 100% lethal strain.
    The Patagonian bolt holes, bunkers and cruise ships won’t save them.

  2. It is hard to know what is going on behind the scenes. The sudden admission by Pfizer may be diversion from something much more signiPficant, or even part of a sort of ‘plea bargain’, or both.

  3. This video is a scam. A very astute one.

    This particular Italian performance and video is literally an Aspirin ad. Seriously. It is built up the way an ad has to be made. And it is even more sinister than that.

    1. It has a story around it that is entertaining and sets up the framework of the ad. And the whole short film presenting it is too good, too professional. And a bit Hollywoodish.
    2. The story has a villain, and a hero one can identify with.
    3. It has a theme, script and action with a lot of emotional charge.
    4. It has a specific target group (the ‘awake’) represented by the “demostrators” and their “cause”.
    5. It addresses (constructs) a “problem”.
    6. Then offers a solution to the problem and names it (Aspirin).
    7. After being named it is professionally presented (held up on boards, among others). Also, the main theme of the video (and the alleged activism) targets the conscious mind, and at the same time there is another part of it that targets the unconscious mind: that one is the ad of the Aspirin brand. Note also, how many times the “hero” utters the word “Aspirin”. And notice how the “hero” is not upset at all. You can see no indignation or stress on his face when he is perfectly delivers a speech (a script) to the cameras in a supposedly enemy field. Because he is an actor. (And all the others, probably, including the ‘villain’ — even if he has a title in real life, in this video he is an actor.)

    8. Note that in the corona scam this particular story with Aspirin is ridiculously insignificant. The claim that Aspirin could have saved lives is also ridiculous.

    But more importantly, the whole framing that many lives could have been saved is misleading and false. It reinforces the false narrative that the “pandemic” was dangerous and real. (Which it was not, of course.)

    This in itself frees the perpetrators of the crime of the corona scam — because if it was real then every single crime against humanity they committed was, and is, justified. A top lawyer could not have defended the ‘villain’ of this video spot better — while he is allegedly being attacked in the video by the champions of truth. Tricky.

    9. Have you thought, after watching this, that you should take Aspirin? I have — and that was one clue: my own reaction.
    (You can measure intent by the reaction it triggers in others, in some circumstances.)
    10. Note that Aspirin is a Bayer product.
    11. The president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division told international “experts” during a globalist health conference that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are indeed “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.
    12. Now the brave “dissidents” are selling Bayer in the end. So they are improving the reputation of a crucial globalist firm that is selling us the mrna poison tech, while the video spot pretends that these people are opposing the same thing.
    13. We are being thoroughly duped: the unconscious message is constructed with the aim of eliminating our resistance against Bayer and its agenda by presenting Bayer as benevolent savior.

    This spot is ‘judo psychology’, I would say. It uses your own mental ‘kinetic energy’ against you.

  4. “The Aspirin of the Lambs”

    Do you know how much time and effort it takes to elaborate a slogan like this one, that sits well in a storyline to promote a brand? Days — the creative part only!

    Notice that it rhimes with the Silence of the Lambs (movie) — subliminally suggesting that taking away Aspirin from those infected with the oh-so-dangerous corona is cruel murder. Also notice that the professionally made boards have been built up on this thread: the “silence” of the lambs is depicted by a pack of Aspirin covering the mouth of the woman in the picture.

    If you look at this movie reference from this angle, you see how contrived it is — a team must have worked it out.

    The covered mouth, IMO, has another subliminal message that is related to the memes circulating in the real resistance (the target group of the ad) about the oppression of freedom of speech.

    [So the suggestion here is that the life-saving aspect of Aspirin has been suppressed during the corona hoax (presented as a real pandemic), and, implicitely, that it is the most important one, not Ivermectin or Hydroxikloroquin. The bigger suggestion is that it is the biggest sin of the “pandemic” that “corona patients” had not been given the right treatment (Aspirin, what else??!).]

    The preparation of the slogan, i.e. market research and analysis, target group profiling, focus group interviews etc. takes weeks or months. And a core team of at least five marketing and ad professionals plus some others from the company — about 10 to 15 people altogether. Creating such a slogan in itself, as part of the wider marketing concept, takes 40 to 100 man hours.

    I estimate that the total cost of this spot must have been around 25.000 dollars.

    I could go on and on with the analysis of this ad.

    On another note: the propaganda is totally Bolshevik (just like the globalist ‘elites’ as a whole). [Bolshe means “more” in Russian — i.e .’we are more than you’]. The main argument in the video is that the doctor has more people in his [decent] audience, who, he says, oppose those [indecent] few outside. So the “vaccine deniers” who are now probably relative majority in the society, if not absolute, must feel like they are the despised minority when they see this video. This ‘outcast’ theme was the main psy weapon all along the corona scam, by the way. An not only psy because they really excluded you from society, even fired you from your job, if you resisted the Jabber Bolshies.

    How 1919 Russia!

  5. Many years from now, there will be a lot of people saying “How come nobody spoke out?”

    If I’m still around, I’ll answer: “They did. You weren’t listening.”

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