German Nursing Homes Will Be Packed With Refugees

The following article talks about plans to resettle refugees from Ukraine in an eldercare facility. It’s hard to tell whether the new residents will be Ukrainians or “Ukrainians”, so I can’t assess the severity of the cultural enrichment that the old people will have to endure when their new neighbors arrive. Based on the quotes from current residents, however, it seems they’re looking forward to being enriched.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

15 Seniors Affected

We are moving to a new floor because of refugees

“Stylish retirement home in a quiet location” is how the “retirement home at the Monastery Garden” is advertised. Located north-west of Munich, between potato fields and a costume shop.

137 people in need of care could be accommodated here, but currently almost sixty rooms are empty.

That should change as of November 1! Eighty refugees from Ukraine will then move into the ground floor of the facility.

Consequence: 15 residents will be distributed over the top two floors. Hannelore Gärtner (83) and Ursula Hellwig (83) had to move. Both now live in a corridor with dementia patients. [I’m pretty sure they are spry enough to climb those extra stairs.]

“It’s not how I imagined it,” says Hannelore Gärtner: “Sometimes it’s a theatre. The senile throw everything around. One exposes himself and pees. All that stuff…”

On the other hand, the old ladies hope that the newcomers — including many women and children — will bring some life into the home: “We’re looking forward to them,” says Ursula Hellwig, “we like children; they’re curious.”

Nevertheless: Refugees push people in need of care out of their rooms — can that work out well?

Mayor Norbert Riepl (CSU) warns of conflicts: “People with completely different lifestyles will move in,” says Riepl. He expects “a lot of unrest in the home”. Four security guards should therefore protect the facility in the future.

“The moves only took place after we had received the consent of all parties involved,” explains the operating company of the nursing home, the Korian Group. “So far we have been offering refugees free-standing living space in three of our facilities.”

Riepl criticizes the fact that the management of the home is relying on additional profits from the refugees due to a shortage of nursing staff: “Now the ground floor is rented out externally in order to generate replacement income.”

But District Administrator Thomas Karmasin (CSU), responsible for the allocation of the Ukrainians, sees no other option than quartering in a nursing home: “I have to accommodate fifty people almost every week so that they don’t freeze or starve.” There was “no other option” than that those in need of care would now also share space with refugees…

Afterword from the translator:

Which other habits and which conflicts are meant by that statement? Citizens are always told that the majority of women come with their children. Or are these “refugees” with brand new Ukrainian passports, but don’t come directly from Ukraine? Actually, security guards are more likely to be used for those “seeking protection” from foreign cultures with potential for aggression?

So they, the “refugees”, don’t freeze or starve!? One would also wish for such care and empathy for the homeless who have to vegetate on the streets or under bridges because there are not enough emergency shelters available during winter, and one cold-heartedly accepts those deaths from the cold. But that would mean no dopamine from social or mainstream media. And we can’t have that, now, can we? The signals of one’s “virtue” must be send out into the world at large.

Why are sixty rooms empty in this care facility? There is a shortage of nursing homes for seniors across the country. The solution to the riddle is very simple: many of the seniors can no longer afford a place. The costs have risen immeasurably, and for the coming year the next notifications of increases are currently being sent to the senior citizens. For many, the personal contribution can no longer be compensated. Even a quiet old age is no longer granted to the elderly. What disgusting politicians are out and about in this Germany, who lack any respect and admiration for the elderly that they expect such things of them. The conflicts are inevitable, disturbance of the peace, binge drinking, fights, drug use and trafficking, prostitution and possibly rape. It happened already where an elderly woman was attacked and abused by a migrant in her own living quarters. Quo vadis Germany.

8 thoughts on “German Nursing Homes Will Be Packed With Refugees

  1. It looks like nobody really cares one iota. Certainly not enough to get involved. The Muslim leeches have now formed huge globs sucking from a seemingly delighted White Europe. A leech knows a good thing when it sees it. They have been leeching quite a while. Meanwhile it’s a wonder all the homeless people who’s ancestors built and maintain are not out breaking things.

  2. I have read articles about Thailand as a cheaper option for aged care than the UK, maybe this apples to Germany as well. Better weather and accomodation and kinder staff.
    For some with money may be worth looking into.

    • In Thailand, an average pension will be sufficient while in Germany , the monthly cost of a senior care intern will be around 3500-4000€, twice the net monthly income and largely subsidized by the health insurances. As for Thailand, the folders are very glossy but you read this and that about this country.
      Ask „Peter from Thailand“.
      One more thing: some of the wellfare dwellers from Arabistan do not shy away from old ladies when overwhelmed by carnal desires.

  3. Meanwhile, New York City’s mayor, aka “Eric Adams, the Swagger Man with no Plan” has created a magnificent tent city for the latest batch of culture enrichers that are coming to his city.

    The illegal aliens will have all sorts of amenities that the American homeless and poor can only dream of: smart phones, TV’s, computers, laundry service, 3 gourmet meals a day- you name it.

    Meanwhile, the NYC schools are getting jammed with more kids who don’t speak English, let alone how to read or write even in their own native language.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. O/T-Just reading about the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl in France by an Algerian that ignored orders to leave the country.
    Only drooling NPC zombies fall for that so much we have to learn from them delusional faculty lounge bong smoke happytalk.
    Germanistan? Freezing and ill treatment of seniors is a small price to pay for being a GAE rump vassal.

  5. Instead of putting needy citizens in the empty rooms especially with winter looming, they would rather house migrants…See, it doesn’t matter what country it is, the citizenry are overwhelmingly treated as serfs.. Just pay your taxes, don’t complain and shut up or we will label you racist or something. I’m reminded of the Peasant’s Revolt in the 1300’s:due to tensions generated by the Black Death in the 1340s, the high taxes due to war with France during the Hundred Years’ War and unstable leadership of London. This begins to sound eeriely familiar if we substitute Covid, hardships caused by the Ukraine war and general spinelessness of leadership in giving in to ‘wokeism’. The difference in Germany etc, is that the citizens have voted in their doom and can’t see it.

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