Vax Skeptics Must Be Beaten Until They Repent

An old friend of mine who took German language courses in college told me an amusing anecdote about his professor. She was an elderly lady who had lived in Germany during the Third Reich, and then migrated to the USA. My friend used to tell stories about Fräulein Doktor X, mimicking her ultra-precise Prussian accent.

It seems that one of the sample German sentences in his textbook was translated as: “Oh, look — a motorcar; now we can kill all the horses.” However, the exact meaning of the verb that was translated as “kill” was “beat to death”. My friend thought it was hilarious — it was so, well, German.

The above story came to mind when I watched the following video. Heidelinde Weis is a well-known actress who has appeared in Austrian television productions for more than sixty years. In the clip you’ll hear her express her vehement desire to violently coerce the “vaccine hesitant” into compliance.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Exactly yeah, so sure, yeah. —I was also so angry,
00:04   because I saw these camps, these two, these really, where I thought,
00:09   how can people be so stupid and really not think about what they’re doing.
00:16   They go out on the streets and demonstrate against vaccination,
00:20   and I can just say, they should be beaten up, these people.
00:24   Yeah, so. —And then things like this happen. —We also have Björn here.

14 thoughts on “Vax Skeptics Must Be Beaten Until They Repent

  1. It could be a memory hole casualty but there was a quote from early in the plandemic stating that pandemics don’t break but they do reveal what is broken.
    The experimental gene therapy is bad news as several plus elders on the patriarchal side of the family are gone.
    All had to be the first on the block even when we were consulting them with a why don’t you wait and see what happens to the first round of people who get it and look up the one with the least adverse reactions.
    A dear auntie with pre-existing neurological conditions went quickly and the years of medications probably sped that along.

  2. One more person unknowingly contributing to the increase of my less than Christian thoughts. I am getting very tired of it. I saw it reported earlier that the CDC is recommending the COVID vaccine for children to be added to the regular vaccination schedule – so they will be getting immunity without going through the normal approval process. I don’t know if I have all my fact ducks in a row but depending on the state – it is possible your child can not attend public school with out the shot. I apologize for being the instigator of any un-Christian, perhaps malevolent, thoughts you may have at the moment.

    • When I was a child waaaay back in the 50’s we did not have all these mandatory shots. We had DPT and smallpox and later polio.
      Now it’s up to as many as 27 shots by 2 years of age and up to six shots in a single visit.
      Now this covid? Perhaps a hitherto unknow side effect of these immunizations is a dumbing down effect on the population…

  3. Why am I surprised that Austrians welcomed Hitler?

    Sadly, I’m not sure that the people where I live would be much better.
    Lazier and less efficient is their main redeeming quality on corona-fascism.

  4. For many people, like this woman, vaccines have become some sort of holy talisman. They represent something mystical. It does not occur to these people that vaccinations are just part of a belief system that could easily fall apart tomorrow (and probably should given all of the information that is coming out regarding negative side effects and overall ineffectiveness. ) I imagine having to acknowledge problems with vaccines would truly shatter their world view. I don’t expect them to change their views without a great existential struggle, which we are beginning to see.

  5. Hmm… I had my fourth shot last week, and apart from my arm dropping off I’m fine.

    Seriously, of course there should be no coercion; I’m high risk, so did what seemed sensible to me.

  6. I do not know what has provoked this in me but over the last several months, probably since early spring, I am aware of an ever increasing aversion to anything German. Language, culture, everything. The language which I majored in, in college oh so many years ago I can barely tolerate hearing on the radio. And Austrian/German drivers…bah. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that for so long they were holier than thou with regard to illegal migration (let them in, no fence, we can do this) and that mandatory vaccine policy which so many were apparently meekly going along with. The mentality of this woman is astonishing with the history of her country behind her. And even more disgusting is the applause from the studio audience! And the acceptance from the moderator. I used to wonder how the Nazis were able to come to power and control the population..I ceased wondering a long time ago.
    I see a similar mentality on display in the ‘blue’ states in the USA. Violence seems to be their modus operandi.

    • Not all Germans have this “holier than you” attitude.

      But those that have them are the only ones allowed on TV.

  7. Is there possibly a source showing what the original word in said textbook actually was? The above anecdote constructed on it seems rather unlikely and contrived to me. My guess is a literal translation of “schlagen” = “to beat”, which means the same thing in English, i.e. without explicitly giving the meaning “…to death” it just says that motorcars can beat horses at providing speedy transport, or some property said or unsaid. Someone seems motivated (still after all these years) to attribute certain traits to Germans and tries hard to find them just about anywhere.

    • No, I can’t give you the exact word. It was many years ago, and I just remember how amused he was by the whole thing. He had no animus against the Germans; he just thought it was funny. I still see him every now and then. If I remember, I’ll ask him if he can recall what verb it was.

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