Nice Work if You Can Get It, Vienna Edition

Migrants in Vienna make out like bandits. Which, in many cases, they already are.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Vienna: €2,361 net (!) social benefit for a Syrian asylum family

Who is supposed to understand this? While many Austrians no longer know how they are going to pay for food and heating in the coming winter, the city of Vienna is paying asylum seekers a luxury monthly salary. A family of four from Syria receives social assistance of €2,361.

On Twitter, a landlord tells a story that many other users have also experienced. All asylum seekers can easily afford his apartment and bring in unbelievable amounts of income confirmations, he reports. The case of a family from Syria serves as an example. The father does not speak a word of German and has his main residence in Dubai. [Since when is Dubai an unsafe country for a Muslim?] Nevertheless, he collects €2,361 a month in Vienna for minimum security and other benefits with his wife and two children.

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Red-pink is generous

The salary confirmation comes from Interface Wien GmbH. This is owned by the City of Vienna and promotes the integration of children, young people and adults with a migration background into society as a whole. Interface Wien GmbH has six supervisory board members.

Afterword from the translator:

According to a friend of mine who worked in Dubai, the cost of living in Dubai is no higher than anywhere else. The rents in a large German city like Munich naturally depend heavily on the location and facilities. There are some very important differences. Health insurance in basic care is about 8,000 AED/year and person. There is no free schooling like in Germany or other European countries; you have to pay for it yourself. Prices for primary school from 20,000 AED/year and child, secondary schools from 40,000 AED/year and child. Food varies by country of origin. Those who opt for European products and manufacturers pay a significantly higher price for this than in Europe itself. On the other hand, for products from manufacturers in Asia, Africa or Australia, the prices are significantly lower than in Europe itself. There are no unemployment benefits, social benefits or other payments for foreigners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the other Emirates. This shows that moving to a land of milk and honey, like Austria or Germany, is definitely worth it. There’s dough (jizyah) for hanging around and doing nothing, except the pleasurable ideological pressure for cultural enrichment towards the kuffar.

3 thoughts on “Nice Work if You Can Get It, Vienna Edition

  1. Obviously, this is going to continue until the money runs out completely, but Germans and Austrians will have to leave their country or freeze before that because they don’t get subsidised. Somehow, the governments think the welfare state can continue without a tax base? Apparently, economics is no longer taught in western europe? Economics and maths are racist, full of inconvenient facts. Also, where are the non muslims who are going to attend to their every need and clean up after them?

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