Matteo Salvini at Lampedusa

The once-and-future Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini recently paid a visit to the asylum “hot spot” on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa. Below are subtitled excerpts from a video of his tour of the “refugee” accommodation.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We have come to Lampedusa reception center without notice.
00:03   Because last time they had cleaned it up before our arrival.
00:06   This is the situation that citizens, police officers, customs officers live with every day.
00:10   With a lack of mainstream media reporting, we are going to
00:13   document this dreadful situation ourselves.
00:16   This is not reception. This is chaos, this is human trafficking,
00:20   this is exploitation, this is a billion-euro business.
00:23   You can see children lying on the ground, and it is 40°C.
00:27   The reception center has a maximum capacity of 350 people.
00:31   There are more than 1,300 people, four times as many.
00:35   Controlling our borders and monitoring the arrivals means saving lives and protecting Italians.
00:40   Let’s take a walk together.
00:59   Theoretically, we are supposed to be in a Covid pandemic situation.
01:02   A time made up of limitations, monitoring, restrictions.
01:11   I wonder if these images are worthy of a civilized country.
01:15   My commitment will be to guarantee a vetted, monitored and qualified immigration, not like this.
01:19   Those who escape war are supposed to arrive here by plane, not by boat.
01:24   But most of these people didn’t escape any war. We need limitations, rules, monitoring.
01:31   I am not going in, don’t worry. Just to give you the idea.
01:34   You viewers can’t smell anything, of course.
01:56   A civil country is supposed to accommodate those who are entitled to enter, differently.
02:01   Like that girl, that looks the same age as my daughter.
02:09   It is shameful.
02:12   That little girl could be anyone’s child. And she shouldn’t be lying on the ground,
02:15   but should be sheltered and guaranteed a future in this country.
02:18   All those men who have entered illegally —
02:22   since most of them will be declared illegals — shouldn’t be here.
02:28   Those who are entitled to migrate may enter.
02:31   They will be accommodated in a dignified manner. Not like that, look at that.
02:35   Look at that hillock. Tell me whether you think it’s normal.
02:41   Tell me if you think it’s normal.

3 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini at Lampedusa

  1. Send ALL of them back. Then slam the door. Permanently. What’s this foolish talk about the “right” to migrate to Europe? These people have their own countries. Let them stay there. If they find conditions in their own countries intolerable, let them migrate to Uganda or take DO something about conditions in their own countries. Italy is NOT their country. They have NO business in Europe. What is Salvini talking about??

  2. Obviously, the Elites are making money by running it through the “government tax” system. What a wonderful way to launder cash. THIS is why you don’t entrust your children’s education, their and your healthcare, your ability to do business, and 50,000,000 other things to “GOVERNMENT”. They are only helping themselves. A citizen is just a big slot machine rigged to win, everyday.Plow your own row.

  3. See how our regard for children works out for us. The smugglers sell children since they are practically passports to get into the United States.

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