Crisis at the Border

There’s a migrant crisis at the border — in this case, the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. The number of attempted illegal crossings is at a record high.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Smugglers Alarm at the Czech Border

Illegal entry at record high

The number of illegal entries across the Czech-German border is at a record high.

In June 2022, the Federal Police identified around 2,000 unauthorized entries — an increase of 140 percent compared to the previous year. This is shown by a secret migration report by the Federal Government that was made available to BILD.

  • In August, more than 3,000 unauthorized entries were counted on the Czech border with Saxony alone. Ascending trend! According to the government report, the refugees are mostly Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis.

“This development is alarming, and another indication that protection of the European external border shows large gaps,” says the head of the federal police union, Heiko Teggatz, to BILD. Teggatz continues: “The smuggler gangs have reorganized themselves and are now using the route to us via Slovakia and the Czech Republic.”

He demands: “Interior Minister Nancy Faeser should immediately order stationary border controls to the Czech Republic.”

Every day hundreds of migrants arrive by train from Prague at Dresden Central Station alone. Other focal points are the cross-border A4 and A17 motorways.

  • CDU interior expert Christoph de Vries (47, CDU) criticizes the Federal Government: “The smuggling business is running at full speed again and the federal government has so far been watching idly.” His appeal: “Interior Minister Faeser must now take the warnings of the federal police seriously and take all necessary steps to stop illegal entry at the Czech border.”

Afterword from the translator:

Border controls are more likely to be classified in the categories of collection campaigns and door openers, but no one who can breathe the magic word “asylum” to some extent will be turned away. The person(s) apprehended will be duly referred to the nearest initial reception facility, or driven there immediately.

And Nancy Faeser has no time for such trivialities as unauthorized entry; she is preparing intensively for the hot autumn/winter, and how worried, angry citizens can be “pushed” into the corner of conspiracy theorists, delegitimizers, lateral thinkers and right-wing extremists, and then be “legally” crushed as an example to those still watching from the sidelines.

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  1. Good luck Germans !! ThIs idiotic government make sure All this illegal parasites are in your country, gute Nacht Deutschland…

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