Turn up the Thermostat, Get Three Years in the Slammer

Swiss citizens will have to be very careful with their thermostats this winter, or they may be facing a long stretch in the Big House.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

The first government is taking tough action against “heating sinners”: Three (!) years in prison

Anyone who keeps it warmer than 19°C [66°F] at home during a gas crisis or heats the water in the pool too much must expect a severe prison sentence in Switzerland: The federal law on national economic supply provides for high fines — and for very bad “heating sinners”, even up to three years’ imprisonment.

We Austrians can only hope that the Green members of the government do not want to adopt this tough approach from the Swiss: The federal law on the national economic supply of our neighbors also stipulates harsh penalties for all those citizens who do not comply with the gas shortage measures or want to comply with government guidelines. And according to the Swiss Blick, particularly unreasonable “heating sinners” face not only high fines, but even up to three years in prison.

And that’s what Swiss law stipulates: In buildings heated with gas, the interior rooms can be heated to a maximum of 19°C, hot water can only be heated to 60°C [140°F]. Electric heaters or hot air tents are then prohibited, as is the use of a sauna and the opening or heating up of swimming pools. Anyone who disregards these requirements faces imprisonment or a fine. In the case of intentional action, a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine is possible. Even in the case of negligent violations of the measures, a fine of up to 180 daily rates is conceivable. These requirements and the threatened penalties are now causing heated debates: the mere question of whether measurements were being taken in the right place — it tends to be cooler on an outside wall than on an inside wall — could concern the Swiss courts. And: snitches and “heating block wardens” would then flourish during the gas crisis — the authorities are unlikely to intervene without reporting by neighbors. Economics Minister Guy Parmelin doesn’t really want to start a “broad-based hunt for heating sinners,” but there should be “selective controls”.

Afterword from the translator:

Although this law is not yet active or set in stone, it clearly shows the intent of those in power, the complete and utter control of each and every aspect of our lives, no matter how small, and no pebble will be left unturned to achieve it.

11 thoughts on “Turn up the Thermostat, Get Three Years in the Slammer

  1. Western Europeans – on their backs, skirts pulled up, heels in the air – getting joyfully raped by Muslims, while worshipping at the altar of Global Warming and terrorizing their own citizens who object to it all.

    In the future there will be a term for these cowardly jackasses.

    For now Small Dead Animals, the best blog in Canada. has given us “SchadenFrozen.”

  2. In my humble opinion, if the injections really have reduced the injectee’s immune system performance, then these “heating reduction bills”, “sauna forbidden”, “heating swimming pool water forbidden” – etc. measures will finally cause the great “pandemic”. Add to that “no tomatoes and vegetables” in the supermarkets (no vitamin C) – and we get the perfect storm of cold/vitaminless/weakened immune systems + a electricity and clean water blackout – all that could make the Black Death come to life in full force.

    Sauna is not some fun booth, it is an important medical apparatus for cold climates.

    …but then again – the same thing goes for “heat” in general.

    I don’t think that the young healthy politicians consider these things, but I do think they might be in for a surprise when their “dream world” where “no energy gets wasted” comes true, and people start dying for real.

  3. In all countries where Draconian and vindictive measures are imposed on the citizenry by the rats in power, I hope there are good people who will monitor and expose the fuel consumption practices of those same rats.

    • It wont change a thing.
      Just look at Germany.
      There they showed pictures that journalists and politician in a plane of the government didnt wear mask.
      Ok, it was in the news and — NOTHING.

      So, I have no hope.

      • Do not despair, it is always darkest before dawn, for hope springs eternal. The day of reckoning comes forth that much closer.

  4. The Swiss populace is pretty outraged with the current government. The central government can and has been reigned in by plebiscites. We shall see if it makes any difference in the coming months

  5. @ Baron B.

    Re: “Turn up the Thermostat, Get Three Years in the Slammer”

    This is the future our would-be lords and masters have in store for us. Here in the U.S., recent reports state that Biden and company are already standing up “climate change” police, i.e., enforcers of the new normal who will have full police powers just like traditional cops, but only more so. The forces have not yet been created at least in public, but funding is being allocated, gear and weapons assembled and station houses built… so it seems a pretty fair bet that it is only a matter of time.

    Skeptics such as yours truly have warned for years that “smart houses” with networked & remote thermostatic control were/are the thin end of that same wedge, namely giving controllers one more means by which to surveil the population.

    Once these police forces are stood up, and the full “climate” enforcement apparatus is in place, mark my words: It will only be a matter of time before traditional homes not so equipped with digital networking will be illegal. At the very least, big brother will demand access to your home to make sure you are behaving and not heating or cooling to excess.

    Even simple acts such as burning firewood or coal for heat may become illegal. That writing already seems to be on the wall in parts of Europe, where the authorities seem determined to force their populations to freeze to death in the dark this coming winter.
    If they can’t the “vaccines” to kill off those “useless eaters” as the WEF terms them, then having them perish from exposure accomplishes the same result.

    Either way, face facts: If you are a common person, the so-called “elites” probably want you enslaved and ultimately dead.

    • We have a small shop near me that makes wood and sauna stoves and I talked to the owner about a week ago and he told me that they are going to run 3 shifts 24 hours a day to try to keep up with demand, and everyone around here has woodstove or a sauna and firewood is at a premium. So what does that tell you? As for the govt policing wood burning stoves? Good luck with that for nobody will obey that order, especially up nort here.

  6. @ Baron B.

    Re: “Turn up the Thermostat, Get Three Years in the Slammer”

    One more comment, and forgive me for cracking wise, but maybe that isn’t such a bad deal if the slammer is heated and you get served three squares a day…. ah, who am I kidding? It’s probably bugs they’re serving in those places!

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