Giorgia Meloni: “Christian Values Have Molded Our Civilization”

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Her party looks likely to be the largest party in the coming elections, so she may well become prime minister under a new right-wing coalition government.

We’ve been following Ms. Meloni’s career closely in this space for the past six or seven years, so it’s gratifying to see her party doing so well. I’ve always found her to be a real firecracker — principled, uncompromising, and fearless.

The following video features remarks by Giorgia Meloni during a TV panel discussion. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I want to focus on what “identity” is, according to the Brothers of Italy.
00:05   That is, “God, Fatherland and Family”. — Isn’t that a slightly outdated identity,
00:09   clashing with modernity and inspiring fear?
00:13   Look, I consider myself a conservative.
00:16   Let’s not forget that the motto “God, Fatherland and Family” was thought up by Mazzini.
00:25   I don’t think it clashes with modernity.
00:28   What does that mean? It means to defend an identity.
00:32   Which is the identity of our society, a European identity.
00:36   It means that the family is the founding core of our society,
00:39   the most important social safety net we have.
00:42   It means that the fatherland is the identity that brings us together.
00:46   Look, being proud of one’s identity doesn’t mean to reject the dialogue with the “other”.
00:54   The word “respect” comes from Latin “respicere”, meaning “to look deeply”.
00:59   You can’t understand the other unless you look deeply into them.
01:02   You can’t dialogue with the other, unless you know who you are.
01:05   Fatherland is fundamental. Family is fundamental.
01:09   And in my opinion, religious identity is also fundamental.
01:13   And of course, still believing in the value of the secular state,
01:18   because that’s what Christianity has taught us.
01:22   It doesn’t deal with imposing on others what you believe in.
01:26   It deals with reminding ourselves that Christian values have molded our civilization.
01:31   We believe in solidarity because Christianity taught us so.
01:34   We believe in the secular state because Christianity taught us so. We believe in respect
01:38   because Christianity taught us so, etc, etc, etc.
01:41   I don’t believe we ought to hide our identity, in order to respect others.
01:46   Which is what leftists believe. It is paradoxical to remove crucifixes from our classrooms,
01:50   while accepting that entire European neighborhoods have been taken over by Islamic sharia.
01:55   I don’t get it, honestly.

15 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: “Christian Values Have Molded Our Civilization”

  1. I don’t know if I am reading too much into the facial expressions but one guy looked like, who invited her and the other, why did I agree to be here.

  2. She is absolutely right. Christianity is the basis of Western civilisation. As it is gradually diluted and removed from Western mentality and culture, the whole magnificent edifice of Western civilisation begins to shake and crumble.

    However, modern Europeans are so thoroughly deChristianised that a return of Europe to her Christian roots would be nothing short of a miracle. Such miracles happen rarely and when they do happen, it is usually after a lot of suffering.

    Obviously, a period of suffering is beginning in earnest for Europe. But will Europeans draw the right conclusions from it? Or will they die out in a state of despair? I have very little hope that Europe will come to her senses. But as long as there is life, there is hope.

    • I think there will be a comeback for Christianity, but it will probably be in a different form. A spiritual awakening is the only thing that can save Europe.

    • Ancient Greek civilisation, along with Roman right and administration system came before Christianity. All three of them are the basis of Western civilisation.

  3. I dont fully trust her / FdI, these are all easy words now, politicians talk well during electoral campaign, then do otherwise. In particular I do not see her (and the elections whoever wins) doing any difference, the right coalition (FdI, Lega, FI) will most probably disappear the day after the election results, exactly the same as in 2018 (even if this time they could have majority), unfortunately the coalitions (any side centre left or right) in italy never lasted any significant longer than the elections. Most probably is to be expected another bipartisan government left+right, like PD + FdI, or someother form of institutional grade.
    A part from this electoral theatre, I do not expect any significant change in all the things that matter now: gas price, war and inflation; they do even avoid talking at all about how to solve this issues, because anyone who “take power” will do just the same as before, they really do not have any real power to change anything after all.
    Also I do not like this thing that first government with a woman as head of ministers is proposed by centre right parties… typical cuckservatism.

    • I agree with you.
      You cannot trust politicians.

      Some years ago I dated a girl whose father was active in politics in the lowest level (city). Then he was asked by his party to go up one step (county). When he talked to one guy of the same party about not keeping promises to the people, he was told: We scratch their backs and in return we dont get hassled by the cops and other authorities. And sometimes we get a scratch too.

      And a friend told me long ago:
      A Professor who worked for one of the big political parties in Germany came very close to the powerful politicians and afterwards he is supposed to have said: If those politicians would have one pore of their skin turn black for every big crime they commit (arson, blackmail, moneylaundering from 500.000 DM+, murder etc) then all members of the german parliament would look like they were born in the deepest part of the Congo.
      He is said to had evidence but he exchanged it for continuing to live.

      • The politicians of Germany have been corrupt since the war, and it will take nationalism to root them all out. A nationalist leader the people can rally around is bringing back the Kaiser.

  4. The one guy with the glasses looks like near the end of the clip he is going to shove his two index fingers up his nose into his brain .

  5. ” I don’t believe we ought to hide our identity, in order to respect others.
    Which is what leftists believe. It is paradoxical to remove crucifixes from our classrooms, while accepting that entire European neighborhoods have been taken over by Islamic sharia.
    I don’t get it, honestly.”

    I don’t get it either. I hope she wins.

    • Yes. What is called a real mind dip. One have though every last Muslim would have been dumped upon and outed and toed far out by now. By the time the next significant sign of life implodes what remains of the maneuro they may only be a proud grovel. What happened to all those national security forces? What an ignominious upside down way to end.

      • It ain’t over, not by a long shot, these corrupt WEF bought and paid for politicians are going to find that out the hard way, when military coups take place all over Europe.

  6. and izlahmyc values will tear your country apart like they have every country they’ve infested for 1400 years. belief in a gahd that says it is ok to murder is bound to do that.
    Refugees? Ask yourself why the countries they come from are so dysfunctial.

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