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Even when using the official, sanitized statistics compiled by the German government, the picture of migrant criminality in Germany is an alarming one.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Police Crime Statistics

Immigrant crime: National situation picture considers offender-victim constellation

Every country wants less crime. However, a forced migration policy seems to run counter to this wish. A federal situation picture deals with this connection. In April, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) presented the police crime statistics (PKS) for 2021 and commented: “We are a very safe country and a strong constitutional state.” According to Faeser, the crime statistics have shown positive development in most areas. The clearance rate has also risen again, according to the minister.

However, there were also increases in other areas, such as serious sexual offences, sexual abuse of children, distribution of pornographic writings, white-collar crime, cybercrime and computer fraud. According to the PCS, the number of illegal immigrants discovered has also increased.

But there are aspects other than the pure number of cases, which can be seen from the figures from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Immigrant Crime

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) recently published its “Federal Report on Crime in the Context of Immigration 2021”. Since the migration crisis of 2015, this has described “the effects of immigration on the development of crime in the areas of general crime, organized crime and politically-motivated crime.”

For the first time since the crisis in 2015, Germany recorded a significant increase in asylum applications last year. According to the BKA situation report, the number of asylum seekers rose by almost 55% to 164,924 compared to 2020, especially from Afghanistan (+135%), Georgia (+133.4%), Iraq (+92.3%), Syria (+ 52.4%) and Turkey (+37.6%).

If you look at the figures from the BKA, however, additional crime problems came to Germany with these people. According to police statistics, young men between the ages of 18 and 30 appear to be particularly involved in criminality. In addition, a third of suspected immigrants are considered multiple offenders. In particular, suspects from Libya, Georgia and the Maghreb countries of North Africa “showed a particularly high proportion of immigrants suspected of multiple crimes”.

According to the information, the proportion of suspected immigrants among the suspects is declining in almost all areas of crime, but there were also increasing numbers here, for example in the area of “offences against sexual self-determination”. According to the report, the main areas of crime committed by immigrants were “violent crimes and crimes against personal liberty, with more than two-thirds of cases involving bodily harm.”

Consideration of perpetrator-victim constellation

Die Welt focused on a more detailed examination of the relationship between suspects and victims in an article. There it says: “When acts of violence between Germans and immigrants take place in the Federal Republic, in most cases the immigrant is the perpetrator and the German the victim.”

In 2021, almost one million people in Germany became victims of violent crime. Among them were victims of serious crimes. In the categories of crimes against life, crimes against sexual self-determination, violent crimes and crimes against personal freedom, 40,593 Germans were victims of suspected immigrants, while 11,107 immigrants were victims of suspected German nationals.

Murder, manslaughter and sexual crime

According to the BKA, “140 Germans fell victim to a crime in which at least one suspected immigrant was involved. Of these, 18 people became victims of an accomplished act,” the newspaper quoted. Conversely, 42 immigrants were victims of acts in which at least one German was involved. In three cases, the act was completed — the person died. This means that the “success rate” of foreign suspects is about twice as high.

In the case of “offences against sexual self-determination,” the figures speak an even clearer language. While 2,496 German nationals were victims of an immigrant suspect, the number of immigrants who were victims of a German suspect was 120.

The newspaper report explicitly points out that in the criminal statistics all suspects who (also) have German citizenship are considered German. In addition, reference is made to a statement by Berlin’s Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD), according to which three quarters of the members of so-called clans in the capital already have German citizenship. [Well done! Morons.]

Are there more criminal segments in certain parts of the population?

The BKA defines immigrants as asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum, persons entitled to protection, quota refugees or people with the residence status “Duldung” or “illegal residence”. According to the Migration Media Service, in 2021 the population in Germany was divided into 72.8 percent Germans without a migration background, 14.4 percent Germans with a migration background and 12.9 percent foreigners. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the official population in 2021 was 83.7 million.

In 2021, 2,635 crimes against life were solved. In 366 cases (13.6%) at least one suspected immigrant was involved. The crimes were committed by 3,519 suspects, including 450 immigrants (12.8%).

Last year, 90,362 offenses against sexual self-determination were counted, including 6,906 involving at least one immigrant (7.6%). These sex offenses were committed by 81,646 suspects, including 6,224 immigrants (7.6%).

Among the immigrants, suspects from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were involved in sexual offenses by a clear margin. These top three countries were also reflected in the general crime figures and in general in the numbers of asylum seekers.

Unpleasant details: Crime and Criminals

After the publication of the PKS 2021 in April, the AfD opposition pointed to many unpleasant details: Its deputy federal chairman Beatrix von Storch pointed out on her news blog that the number of suspected foreigners was “disproportionately high”. The MEP highlighted the group of immigrants, at 12.1 percent, as “particularly massively over-represented” — “measured by their proportion of the population”. Von Storch also described the proportion of suspected foreigners in the homicides as “particularly high” (42%).

Particularly in the crime category “rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault, especially including death” there was an increase. For some, an increase of 1.5 percent over the previous year may not sound like much, but in absolute numbers it looks different: In 2021, 9,903 such cases were registered, or around 27 per day. [They will be giving South Africa a run for their “blood money” soon.]

Two gang rapes every day

Further details could only be discovered when the AfD asked the federal government — for example, on the gang rapes, which caused great public outrage. The response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior revealed that the police had registered 677 gang rapes last year. Almost every day in 2021 there were two gang rapes (1.85 on average). The opposition party also noted that only 462 cases had been solved. Around a third remained unsolved.

When it came to personal background, it turned out that 47 percent of the identified suspects of gang rape were non-German. With regard to the proportion of foreigners in Germany of around 13 percent, the initiator of the inquiry, Stephan Brandner (AfD), pointed out that this was about “imported crime and criminals”. Brandner also indicated that these ratios may increase again if possible dual citizenships were also assigned. So far, the federal government has classified “suspects who have other nationalities in addition to German citizenship as solely German,” according to the member of the Bundestag.

Afterword from the translator:

These statistics are just as dishonest as those for the vaccine damage, because they want to sell Germans the ideal, colorful and healthy world for the Great Reset. All lies and deceit… and even then, they still show a frightening reality. And the list of suspected German nationals also includes those with a migration background and foreign-sounding first and last names — if you remove them, you get a completely different picture of the situation. My personal thanks go out to Führer Merkel and the other Greens and Leftists.

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