Party Like It’s 2015

The situation on the border between Hungary and Serbia has deteriorated to the point that it looks like we will soon be seeing a reprise of the Great Migration Crisis of 2015.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Illegal migration: Hungary’s southern border “under siege” — soon scenes like 2015?

The number of illegal entry attempts into Hungary has increased by 90% this year compared to the same period in 2021. Apparently the Balkan route is moving again. Will we soon experience a reprise of scenes like in 2015?

In Hungary, “siege-like conditions” prevail on the southern border with Serbia, as Balázs Orbán, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s political director, said on his Facebook page. According to Balázs Orbán, the number of border violators in Hungary has increased by more than 90%. He explained that the food crisis caused by the war is already showing its effects and illegal migration is increasing. As early as June, Budapest reported that the situation on the Balkan route was deteriorating again.

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Balázs Orbán also shared some research in his contribution, according to which no fewer than 36 million people have fled their homes in Africa this year due to worsening economic and political instability, and many of them have already made their way to Europe.

One of the main destinations for migrants is Germany, which, according to critics, is already experiencing a population exchange similar to Austria’s as a result of the mass immigration that has been taking place for decades.

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The political director explained that the new wave of migration has now reached the borders of Hungary: they are trying to cross the border using increasingly violent methods, and armed clashes have already erupted on the Serbian side, resulting in one person’s death. He added that border guards have arrested more than 150,000 border violators in this year alone, a more than 90% increase from 2021. Orbán added that the government has already started strengthening the country’s southern borders and is building a border hunting system.

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The training of 200 contract border guards has started in Nyírbátor, whose task it will be to ensure the inviolability of the Hungarian state border and prevent illegal border crossings. The director concluded his speech with the words: “In the long run, however, only restoring peace can provide a solution, because only then can food shortages in developing countries be ended and another migration crisis avoided!”

Afterword from the translator:

All this could be so easily avoided if they only would stop the incentives for these armies to go on the move. But as we all know by now that this is part and parcel of the “Great Reset” and the enslavement of humanity by a new feudal system.

Anyway, it’s mostly the utter dregs that make their way towards Europe, while the good ones stay behind and try to make their countries better places. Although that’s getting more and more tricky with the globalists pulling the strings of the African puppeticians.

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  1. As soon as countries experiencing this 3rd world invasion start using the iron fist, this will stop.

    • This isn’t happening against their will. This is happening precisely because their governments and majorities of their populations support being replaced by orcs.

      I doubt Europeans will ever rise up in meaningful numbers or with the methods needed (deliberate killings of elites, government officials, and indeed neighbors and family members who support the Great Replacement) to put an end to the importation of orcs, let alone eliminate the ones already present.

      The western spirit is broken, and the European one in particular far more than any other western population. Historical context is necessary to see where this is ultimately headed. Before islam turned the Middle East and North Africa into islamic Shiite-holes, the lands were prosperous parts of the Byzantine Empire or independent nations that were part of a vast Mediterranean trade network. Today, it is difficult to imagine that such a thing was fact; that it wasn’t always populated by ignorant cousin-marrying goat herders and boy molesters. Perhaps future historians (if there will be economic surpluses for such luxuries) writing on animal skins with feather quills and homemade ink by the light of animal dung fires will marvel that the European population was once white, intelligent, and had once colonized and brought civilization to most of the planet. If Europeans want to commit cultural suicide and are determined to do so there is little that can be done to stop them from doing so.

      • Moon, what you say is completely correct, but the one thing the western European man has that the other tribes don’t have, is that brutal gene in our DNA of conquer and kill all in our way, and it takes a series of events or moment to unleash it, I believe we are at those times. the majority might be defeatist, but it takes less than 1% to lead and put fire in their bellies to unleash hell upon all that vex us. Whether we go back to the dark ages after all is said and done sure is open to debate though, but life always finds a way.

  2. The so called West is plunging the Islamic dagger into its own heart. How bloody terrible thanks to Angela P-ing up a Pope.
    When will the the Muslims members of the the police and military turn to shooting Christians in their ranks? Just like the incidents before the war in Yugoslavia. An abundance of non compliant females this time round? Silly me – just a thought.

  3. 36.000.000 Mio refugees? And only 150.000 on the hungarian border? Where is the rest of 35.850.000 of them? Something is fishy here.

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