Criminal Lunacy All Across the West

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the dramatic increase in excess deaths in the UK beginning in early 2021. The explosion in mortality stands in stark contrast to the “plague year” of 2020, which was much less deadly:

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4 thoughts on “Criminal Lunacy All Across the West

  1. Ukraine Donbass – no masks, no vaccines and people not talking about Covid because of the war. If it was so bad the Ukraine war couldn’t continue as they would all die in the trenches from infection.

  2. Yes, as Paul indicates at the end, the real problem is the media; the whole COVID hoax was a media job. Boris Johnson, Trump, and various other leaders, did not want to lock down, but they were blackmailed into doing so by a mass media working in lockstep to create an atmosphere of terror. The newspapers and television news channels made it absolutely clear that, if you don’t lock your country down, ever single death with COVID will be your fault. Since the whole hoax was a media-creation, we cannot look to that same media (all owned by the billionaire class via Blackrock and Vanguard) to blow the whistle on the catastrophic consequences of lockdowns and experimental “vaccines.” The media is not our friend here; it is our enemy. We need to try to find other ways of getting the truth out.

  3. The Latter-Day Monkeys are: See an Evil, Hear an Evil, Shout as you report an Evil. The positions of the hands are reversed from what they had been.

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