Culture-Enriching Nightmare in Piacenza

Early last Sunday morning a 55-year-old female Ukrainian refugee was raped by an African culture-enricher on the street in the Italian city of Piacenza. Giorgia Meloni, who is the leader of Fratelli d’Italia and will likely be prime minister after next month’s elections, used a video of the attack in one of her campaign ads. By doing so she caused a storm of controversy, with critics accusing her of “electioneering” with the Ukrainian woman’s suffering — as if the horrific incident were something voters should remain unaware of.

The following video report provides details about the incident in Piacenza. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For an English-language report on the controversy, see this article from The Daily Mail (hat tip Reader from Chicago).

Video transcript:

00:00   We are dealing with the shocking video of a woman who was raped on a sidewalk, in Piacenza.
00:05   The rapist, an asylum seeker from Guinea, has been arrested.
00:09   The man who recorded the attack made an emergency call, immediately.
00:12   Elena De Vincenzo reporting. Footage showing a nightmare:
00:15   A 55-year-old woman from Ukraine lying on the ground, on a sidewalk.
00:20   While a man, a 27-year-old from Guinea, was successfully immobilizing her, in order to rape her.
00:25   We have chosen not to broadcast the frames of that video.
00:29   You can hear the desperate cries for help, which fortunately a neighborhood resident heard.
00:35   Here is the testimony of the person who refused to look the other way.
00:39   It was 6am; I was half-awake.
00:42   I heard those screams. I did what I thought was the right thing to do. I saw what was going on,
00:48   and I called the emergency number right away. I was recording the video in the meantime.
00:51   I couldn’t bring myself to stop that person.
00:54   Firstly, because I didn’t know whether I would have made it in time,
00:57   and also because I would have put my own life at risk.
01:00   Thank God law enforcement intervened at an incredible speed,
01:06   and arrested this person. The windows were still closed.
01:10   The attack took place yesterday, at around 6am,
01:13   early on a peaceful morning, in Piacenza, a few paces away from the city center.
01:17   The victim, in a state of shock, was entrusted to the care of medical personnel.
01:21   The attacker, an asylum seeker, has been jailed on charges of sexual assault.

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  1. Dette er et resultat af EU s kujonagtige politik overfor migrant invasionen, jeg mener at det er på tide at de europæiske politikere vågner op af Tornerose søvnen og tager affære. Hvad har den ukrainske kvinde dog gjort den sorte slyngel. Intet andet end at være hvid.

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    Machine translation:

    This is a result of the EU’s cowardly policy towards the migrant invasion, I believe that it is time for the European politicians to wake up from their Sleeping Beauty sleep and take action. What has the Ukrainian woman done to the black rascal though. Nothing but being white.]

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