RBB: A Family Affair

Below is another article in the “Nice Work If You Can Get It” series, this time focusing on the corrupt use of taxpayers’ money by the employees of German public broadcasting.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Nepotism and lies: RBB [Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcast] has been paying employees who have left the company salaries for doing nothing for years

The public ulcer seems to be hemorrhaging: the affair surrounding RBB boss Patricia Schlesinger is expanding. Internal documents now incriminate the longstanding administrative director and new director Hagen Brandstätter. It seems that employees who have left the public self-service shop have been paid for doing nothing for years.

The news site Business Insider — operated by Axel Springer SE — not only brought down the top parasite Patricia Schlesinger, but is now also revealing a secret bonus system. After Schlesinger’s departure, RBB is said to have promoted the wife of legal director Susann Lange to the management board, despite internal criticism. Susanne Lange’s wife, HR manager Sylvie Deléglis, was responsible for the bonus system, from which the RBB executives benefited like leeches. Only recently, due to Schlesinger’s departure, the head of human resources was promoted to Administrative Director. The lesbian couple is now jointly on the management board.

Nepotism also seems to be an essential element of everyday work at NDR, which is affiliated with ARD. There, the partner of the director of the broadcasting center in Hamburg, Sabine Rossbach, has received up to €50,000 a year for “external advice” since April 2018. As Business Insider further reports, the Public Broadcaster — i.e. the compulsory fee collector — has been paying salaries to retired employees for years for doing nothing under the responsibility of the impertinent and aloof Mr. Brandstätter. People familiar with the process confirm to the intelligence service, under assurances of anonymity, that internal plans are in place to continue this practice in some cases until the beneficiaries retire. [No wonder they need to squeeze more money from the people all the time.]

In the meantime, new anomalies come to light every week, all of which prove how the public broadcasters are leeching off the money of the contributors and have long since made the shop their prey. It is the management team and not the little cameraman who, in shameless self-enrichment, stuff their pockets full. Apparently one has gotten rid of all control mechanisms. “Forcibly financed broadcasting is morally and politically finished,” sums up the AfD Politician Wolfgang Wiehle. It is a system — funded with €8.4 billion from compulsory contributions in 2021 alone — that has degenerated into a largely uncontrolled self-service shop for decades.

Afterword from the translator:

You get thrown in Jail in Germany for refusing to pay this License — it doesn’t matter if you do NOT own a TV or Radio — so that these thieves can live in style. What can one expect from a system that has been designed from the start in such a way that it can be easily abused for self-enrichment on the back of others? Also, I noticed, most of the perpetrators and beneficiaries in the higher echelons seem to be “women”. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

“Little villains must submit to fate, that great ones may enjoy the world in state.” — Samuel Garth, 1699

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  1. Axel Springer Group is George Soros’ mouthpiece and is tied to him:


    So what is this whole story really about, with Axel Springer attacking the Goebbelsian German state media that is a globalist propaganda arm that is friendly to George Soros?

    ARD seems to be protecting Soros:


    Add this:


    Plus this:


    Taking down someone using scandals of corruption is a known Soros hitman style.

    So what is going on?

    You tell me, I am just asking questions.

    • thats an interesting question. I guess, one hand does not know that the other does. Additionally its internal fighting, mainly because no complex system is perfect, but when it goes against their real anti-globalist enemy then both hands make immediately peace and cooperate again.

      • It’s all about the centrality of narcissism in systems that exist strictly to garner or support power. Dogs in a pack will fight over the possession of a bone, but at the end of the day they are still a pack.

        When I was young occasionally enough loose dogs would accumulate in my home town to form a pack and that usually ended when they started, inevitably, raiding local sheep herds and chicken coops. Everyone kept guns in their pickups in those days and any dog in the pack that one could get a sight on was fair game. Typically a feral pack would be eliminated in a few days. As my Grandad explained, “It doesn’t matter if they have blood on their snout or not. A dog that runs with a sheep killing pack is a sheep killer nonetheless and can’t be allowed to escape. Choose your friends with wisdom, fun is a poor yardstick for companionship.”

  2. A clue: an RBB article on 22.08.22:


    “Majority of East Brandenburg companies consider Russia sanctions excessive — Companies from East Brandenburg are in favor of easing the sanctions imposed on Russia. This was the result of a survey conducted by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The import ban on Russian oil is seen as particularly harsh. […] According to the report, four out of five companies surveyed considered the sanctions against Russia to be unsuitable for ending the war in Ukraine.” etc.

    Another clue:


    “Woidke questions coal phase-out in 2030 — In view of the dependence on Russian gas, Brandenburg’s Minister President Woidke is questioning the coal phase-out planned for 2030. A decision on this must be made before the end of this year.”

    — These seem to be the original sins of disrespecting the globalists’ sacred cows of Ukraine and Agenda 2030.

    Thus my theory: RBB may be a dissident local division within the German state media, that represents the interests of the dissident district of Berlin-Brandenburg, and they give voice to locals who are not so enthusiastic about getting poor, hungry and cold for the game of the US deep state mafia in Ukraine and Agenda 2030.

    So the federal branch of the German state media (ARD) is pro-Ukraine and pro-sanctions — which means basically anti-German. While the local branch (RBB) is more pro-German.

    Therefore Ukraine-invested CIA-owned George Soros’ Axel-Springer hits RBB.


    Just my conspiracy theory! Germans are invited to challenge it. There are many gaps in it — primarily the connection of the story to particular persons like Patricia Schlesinger. Was she pro-Russia, pro-Germany, pro-Ukraine? No idea. But it seems to be more than a story about nasty corruption.

    • well is they destroy each other some good may still result. “Divide and conquer” still works. All we have to do then is get them to turn on each other. Now the fuel and money are running out that is happening. “dog eat dog” as they say. When everything runs out there can be cannibalism.
      Russia is inadvertently exposing all the lies as food and energy shortages bite. That wasn’t their main goal, their goal is to have Russian language and culture survive. They would have settled in February for Minsk; independence of the two republics and freedom to speak Russian.

      • I subscribe to two Russian citizens YouTube channels.

        There is absolutely no shortage of food in Russa. The grocery stores are stocked with everything you can find in American grocery stores. They even have imported food.

        I assure you there is no food shortage.

    • Again: there are no state media in Germany, though it looks like it. The boards are publically controlled,… well they are supposed to be controlled.
      An article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine raised some sarcasm in me: Schlesinger had some local bigshots for dinner and sent the bill to her employer.
      She made 300K € plus, her hubby too.
      The bubbly served was Veuve Cliquot at 43€ , a staple but pleasant enough grocery store champagne, plus some whites for around 23€ each. Had I that income, I would neither drink nor offer that stuff to my guests.
      Have pity on their styles.

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