The Four Great Lies of the Globalists

The above graphic was Vlad’s idea. He asked me to make it for him yesterday, and I was happy to oblige.

He thought the Eye of Sauron at the center would have been equally appropriate, but the eye in the pyramid seemed to me to be more suitable for the young global alumni and alumnae of the World Economic Forum.

11 thoughts on “The Four Great Lies of the Globalists

  1. You could have added Solvet Coagula. Maybe it is generic enough you can see it anywhere but I see that principle/philosophy in a lot of things which are destructive. The most blatant is redefining men and women. Packaging the wording differently, erode the definition based on sex, dissolve the old meaning, and form a new definition based on the prior existence of the word and make a new meaning. I see it in some of the contorted rulings of courts.

  2. I see the globalist as a bigger threat than Islam. They create division and threaten our liberties and very existence. Most Americans are ignorant about their true agenda and threat. Gates of Vienna helps to make us more aware.

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