The Balkan Route Heats Up Again

A new wave of culture-enrichers is attempting to reach Austria and Germany by taking the Balkan Route overland to Hungary and/or Slovenia. What distinguishes this group from previous waves is that it seems to be notably well-armed — or maybe the soldiers of Allah just happened to get caught this time.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Asylum migration continues to rise

Heavily armed “refugees” wanted to go to Germany


Asylum migration is currently increasing massively. In the first half of 2022 alone, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) recorded an increase of 44 percent. But that seems to be just the beginning. All hell is breaking loose on the Balkan route, according to Hungarian and Serbian authorities. Around 45,000 people, mostly from Islamic countries, are there on their way to Germany these days.

Not far from the border between the two countries, Serbian anti-terrorist units had to intervene, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports. They arrested around 40 heavily armed migrants near Subotica, ten kilometers from Hungary.

A veritable arsenal of automatic assault rifles has been reported. In addition, the “refugees” had four pistols, twelve knives, machetes, sabers and 182 rounds of ammunition of various calibers with them. The officers also seized drugs and forged ID cards and passports. [I guess that’s the expertise that’s really needed now in a Demockeracy]

The violence is already escalating

The focal point of the new migration wave is the Serbian-Hungarian border. From there it is not far to Austria and Germany. The violence is already escalating there. Two hostile Afghan groups recently met in a forest. Result: one dead. [What a pity.]

While the looming wave of immigration in Germany is being tacitly acknowledged, Austria is now reacting. There is talk of a “threatening situation”. That is why a high-ranking delegation from the country traveled to Hungary yesterday with officials responsible for internal security and combating people smuggling.

Austria wants to cooperate with Hungary

There they exchange information with the Hungarian police. Together they traveled to the Serbian border. Austria will increase the number of its border guards there to up to 50 officers. [Against 45,000? WOW, are they armed with teddy bears, candles and flowers?] The country also uses drones and thermal imaging cameras.

The Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) is alarmed. He said that “in the fight against human smuggling and also illegal migration, close cooperation with our neighbor Hungary is a decisive factor”.

Afterword from the translator:

Why did the illegals arm themselves heavily? For example, for storming the border, to defend against the “Nazis” in Germany or is it the equipment of another clan? Or do they want to wage “holy war” against the infidels…? In Germany after all, everything is allowed as long as it is AGAINST the German people.

Also, where did the 45,000 people suddenly come from? Are they fresh from Turkey and Greece, for example, or have they been staying on the Balkan route for months and now want to make the leap to Western Europe or Germany?

Due to the energy crisis, high fuel prices, inflation, stagnation, increasing poverty and a lack of housing, everyone can imagine how long this uncontrolled immigration of people looking for supplies can go on.

6 thoughts on “The Balkan Route Heats Up Again

  1. I wonder how many of the weapons they were carrying are from the western taxpayer meant for Elenskiy’s press-ganged volunteers which were then subsequently sold to more willing soldiers of Allah?

  2. I say we better get tooled up and show these traitors you have gone too far.Do it or die.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me when the Serbs get busy dealing with islamamaniacs, this is the only news you hear, it is the silent times that the fun really happens. The Serbs got really good at digging graves and hiding them.

  4. If’n I were a refugee I’d want to be armed, too.
    If I were the country admitting the refugees, there is no way in hell I would admit any armed refugees.
    Of course I probably wouldn’t let them in, period.

    • What better way to get rid of them by allowing them in so they never leave? The Serbs and Croats are very good at making 3rd wolders disappear.

  5. Just imagine you could take a paid vacation in Serbia.
    In return you just stand guard at the border for a few days protecting Serbia (and all the counties behind) from invaders.
    And yes, you wear the complete uniform, including arms, like a borderguard of Serbia.

    “You shall not pass!”

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